The ‘Eye to Eye’ Project Hopes to Dissolve the Illusion of Separateness Through Eye Contact


Written by Jennifer Sodini

Our eyes are the window to our souls, a portal to our inner-space, which is a reflection of the universe as a whole (see: Cosmic Consciousness Explained).

Paradoxically, what divides many from this whole, is the very thing that “created” us. Discord between various religions has wreaked havoc between opposing sides, causing war, violence, and murder. Bringing forth the most inhumane energies within humanity, making many forget that we are all brothers and sisters in this experience called life, and we are each a reflection of the universe’s grand “hall of mirrors.”

The video below called “Eye to Eye” is a project which brings strangers together from different faiths and backgrounds in Israeli society. The task is simple, look each other in the eye, silently, for five straight minutes.

The results of this experiment are a reminder of our humanity, of the importance of appreciating each reflection within the universal mirror – because, if you look close enough within each “window”, you’ll find a reminder of our oneness.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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