The Fellows of New Earth Nation

MIAMI- The Fellows of the New Earth Nation give the project its “flare.” These are the individuals that come from different walks of life to engage in and make New Earth Nation as great as it can be.
Among the fellows are: scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, educators, and guides. Their goals are to serve the New Earth Communities with their own personal experience and expertise. This eclectic bunch lends their talents to improve the New Earth. And that’s what makes this group special.
How can you help? That question belongs to you alone.

A Few Fellows

Dr. Brooks Agnew (Within the realm of Science)

Dr. Brooks Agnew was born and raised in Pasadena, California. In 1973, he became an electronics engineer during his sojourn with the Air Force. Later in life, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Statistics, and a PhD in Physics.
In addition, he has devoted a considerable amount of time researching the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to see what exactly the US military is funding. He appeared in a 1997 documentary on HAARP entitled “Holes in Heaven”.

Perhaps his most interesting venture to date was the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, a project dedicated to discovering whether the Earth is hollow. He commandeered the project for 8 years, scientifically investigating its plausibility. In the coming years, an expedition will be lead to the North Pole for further investigation, reports Coast to Coast AM.

Currently, he is the President and Founder of Vision Motor Cars Inc., an organization dedicated to manufacturing affordable electric automobiles.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (Within the realm of Science)

Dr. Korotkov is a pioneer in medical science. He has published over 200 papers in academic journals ranging from Physics to Biology. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved in scientific research. His most notable invention is the Electrophotonics or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Considered the next step in Kirilian Photography, he argues it can measure one’s bioelectric fields. Possessing a higher degree of accuracy, modern medicine can give more precise treatments and diagnoses. Considered a breakthrough by many, this technology is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health and is in use worldwide. To date, over 150 papers have been published on Electrophotonics/GDV, says the Humanitad Foundation’s NWO Core Administration.

Senator John Vasconcellos (Within the realm of Politics)

Completing 30 years in the California State Assembly and 8 years in the United States House of Representatives, Senator John Vasconcellos retired on November 30, 2004, cites The Politics of Trust.

As a Senator, he always considered self-honesty his platform, for the betterment of himself and others around him. Today, he continues along that path. After retiring as a Senator, he founded the “Politics of Trust.” This organization is dedicated to instilling trust back into politics in California and, in the future, the rest of the country.

The Politics of Trust pledges not to vote for anyone running for Public office that promotes hate-speech, the manipulation of emotions, or anything else that could give politics a dirty name. Instead, those that believe in his organization’s message would be encouraged to vote for public servants whom have not forgotten their power comes from their constituents.

Asha Deliverance (Within the Realm of Entrepreneurship/Sustainable Living/Spirituality)

Asha Deliverance is the founder of Pacific Domes. Founded in 1980, its goal is to provide sustainable communities across the planet.

Her New Earth Nation biography reveals she has been a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Currently, she enjoys studying and teaching Vastu Shastra and Unified Field Theory. In her home in Ashland, Oregon, she teaches Sacred Geometry to further understanding on how to generate a positive life.

Still curious?

New Earth Nation has over 100 Fellows to date. To learn more about these fellows and all the rest, view their biographies for yourself!.

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