The Future of Art


Written by Jane Evershed, faculty, School of The Living Arts at the NewEarth University

(Featured artwork and photo courtesy of the author, October 2019)


As with many “disciplines”, art is about to go spiritually rogue. The state of Art has been under siege for as long as education has been used as a vehicle for indoctrination. As humanity evolves we are collectively resonating toward inherent truths. We are collec-tively turning away from synthetic modes of existence toward organic intelligence.

Art, as in visual art, is popping its happy face out of the Jack-in-the-Box and laughing at the status quo of itself in the mirror. The mantra: “I can’t even draw a stick figure” is los-ing ground as humanity catches up with its supra-creative genome.

If you are human, you are a creator by divine right. Creativity, across the spectrum of life, enhances life. Any pleasing aesthetic enhances life. Art and imagination, hand-in-hand, are conniving to give us what quantum physics has given to science. The veil of grayness is lifting; we no longer accept our immediate environment to reflect a concrete, oil-stained factory floor.

How does this happen?

It all starts with art. It starts with art being taught correctly from a young age. It starts with teaching children that they have an inner connection to source, that they are unique and that from them come all things original.

The next step is to supply these little artists with the right tools to create their art. By this I mean the absolute basics. If you give a kid a million colors they will make mud-pie. If you give them the primaries and teach them how they work the child will produce a clean, crisp, colorful canvas.

From what I have garnered from students of “art” teachers, the state of teaching looks for all intents and purposes to be designed to deter creativity. An example of this would be a student who gets a failing grade for not copying a color in a painting they are copy-ing, correctly. First mistake: one cannot learn art from copying; second mistake: you have just destroyed the artist within the student. Another example I came across was that of “art” teachers performing what they themselves called, “Minor Surgery” on the face of student’s art! This Cartesian act not only violates the creative integrity of the stu-dent, it invades their artistic space and renders their art null and void, thus once again devastating the future artist.

Photo: Future artist with the author in Bali, Indonesia during the 2019 NewEarth Festival

Millions of art students are thus frozen in their creativity and may never return to their brushes. I call this syndrome “Art-Freeze.” When there are less artists in the world, there is more acceptance of the mundane. Add to this the hubris of the self appointed upper echelons of the art world who deem themselves proprietors of what is and is not “valuable” art, and you have an entire art “system” that is itself a mud-pie of investment, usury and money laundering.

I believe all this is about to change dramatically and humans are about to take the entire spectrum of the arts to a new level. Given that most of it is delivered en-masse as a propaganda AK47 aimed at our psyches. Really, how many times can one watch Les Misérables or the Nutcracker Suite? How many art galleries can one traverse that sport only benign abstract art that denies any social statements to be aired? Where is the di-vine in all of this?

With the advent of digital-art technology that can now reproduce a veritable “master-piece” with a few strokes of some laptop keys from a snapshot, the way of the master-craftsman has gone the way of the stained-glass window. This leaves divine inspiration now heading the pack as far as visual art is concerned. The divine inspiration coming from within must be nurtured at all costs right now. The future of art depends on it. There is nowhere else to go. Our brushes have become machetes forging a path through the twisted, hungry jungle that art has become in this age that perpetuates transhumanism on every level.

Where are the teachers of this new era in art?

Join me, I am one of them. Maybe you are, too?



Jane Evershed has been painting for over forty years. She successfully ran the Jane Evershed Art Collection Company for 30 years and now it is time for her to share her art secrets.

Evershed has created an online Workshop: Painting From The Soul, which she teaches at the NewEarth University (Recording Replay now available):

She has also written the book, SPLAT! Ten Basic Steps to Learn, or Learn to Teach Art. The focus of this teaching tool is to take the artist from sim-ple sketching all the way through to facing a canvas with confidence every time, using the ten basic steps. Evershed’s secret art-teaching ingredient is inspiration methodology taking the soul’s connection to source into consideration.

You can see her work at


OPEN Enrollment at NEU for her online Intro Art Workshop (Recording Replay + PDF):

Painting from The Soul: The Great Art Awakening



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