The Great Awakening Has Begun

Written by Billy O’Brien

The great awakening has begun. We are coming to realize that we are all one species. Each of us, an infinite soul, we define some as ‘old’, and say in small talk ‘this ones been here before’. We are beginning to understand ‘the end’ doesn’t really mean the end anymore. Time is starting to become the greatest illusion…it can drag, or quickly vanish before we measure it.

We travel time on the might of our vibration. We divided ourselves first through language, and then tradition…followed by race, and now class. We are connected through technology, yet divided and disassociated in our encounters. Love and compassion is losing the war against fear and greed. The systems of the past are about to collapse. In order for us to experience a revolution, we must evolve our consciousness, and elevate to a higher vibration. We must transform the darkness into light, turn fear into love and understanding, and practice gratitude to balance and ground our desires. All while using that principle to learn to embrace and forgive suffering through understanding, an alchemical practice of transforming the negative experience into a positive lesson.

This is no longer the practice of Mystics, and wisdoms teachers of our past. These are the principles that must be taught and shared to all – but, in order to transform our environment, we must first transform ourselves. We must break the pattern of thinking, and create our own ‘philosopher’s stone’, which is needed to navigate the darkness that humanity has cast upon our earth.

Our institutions and practices have poisoned the earth, our water, and the minds of the collective. We must dissolve the animal within that instinctually attacks with aggression and in defense. We have come so far in the last 2000 years as a global civilization, and yet…the last 100 years we’ve caused the most damage to our planet and the spirit of humanity. It has brought us now to a point of no return.

We came from Love, and the creative energy that is inspired through love…and now, we must return to love. We must complete the cycle in order for us to transform ourselves. If we keep treating each other like animals, we are going to keep acting like animals. If we want to free ourselves from the illusion of fear and control, we must learn to govern our minds. We are transitioning from primal, into ‘advanced’…will you choose to use your heart to guide you, or your loins? Do you want to fuck and fight your way through life or love and enjoy? These experiences are occurring to see if you can wake up the spirit that is in dormant in the collective, and bring that divine spark to life, through you words, actions, and intentions using love, and compassion.

We must let go of fear and anxiety and teach how to be present. If you are focused on winning, the human race is only going to bring you to the ‘finish line’ of this experience quickly. Take your time…love through experiences, appreciate the power of your words. The vibration manifests itself the more you say it…so, choose positive words versus the negative ones.

givemhellWe have become a society that has advanced enough to store the memories of our human experience, into a ‘cloud’, and monitor our relationships through a technology that is removing us further from nature. The irony is that we have advanced well beyond the natural environment, yet are unconscious to the fact that our natural environment has been destroyed.

We look into our phones and computers for platitudes, reading stories about climate change and environmental destruction. We petition against GMOs, and the freedom to use natural substances medically or recreationally. Science is starting the catch up to quantum concepts, thought of as ‘esoteric’. They are studying the affects of psychedelic substances that are providing the ‘spiritual’ experience that we’ve been chasing since the dawn of our existence. We are learning that these substances are giving us the feeling of ‘oneness’ and taking us beyond this plane to reveal the patterns; and archetypes that are written in the book of life we act out each day. The Internet has connected us to help us experience other cultures and explore information to help us better realize that we are ‘one’. We have the same ideals and  difficulties, and the only difference is our perspective. It’s time to do away with judgment of others, and the fear of how others will judge you. Use your heart, and envision your dreams to make it a reality. Use action, because being is doing. Transform your dreams into reality…laugh in the face of fear, because it’s a figment of your imagination. Control what you think and say because it will become a reality.  Things seem dark, but it’s time to shine by choosing how you want to live, how you want love, and what you want to experience. Because in the end, that’s all that you take with you.

The year is 2015, and the next generation to steer the fate of our civilization are called the ‘millenials’…we outnumber the baby boomers. They were given the keys to enlightenment, and they were to start the movement, but instead the truth became a fad that became materialized and then discounted. They used those teachings for greed and selfishness – only to use it against the population to further their control. They kept you asleep so they could practice the sorcery on you. Ego reigned and dissolved the light, it’s time to reignite that spark and see that these systems have only further deluded our spirit.

They perpetuated fear to enslave us. They deified materialism with religious consumerism to keep us caught in their cycle. They manipulated us by teaching us that our desires come from our loins and not our heart. It’s time for us to unearth these teachings and inspire us to find the wisdom of life by reconnecting to the nature of our environment and spirit. We need our spirit to take over our intentions. We need to use the natural magic within us to help shape the future so we can live without government, without big business, and without the systems that keep us asleep.

The sacred wisdom rose from a time of strife to help us find peace and happiness. There was too much hatred and misunderstanding at that time, but now is the time where we can be heard and understood. We can use the force, and the time is now.

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