The Head vs. The Heart

Written by Billy O’Brien

The last year has proven to be one of the most insightful, and revealing times I’ve experienced. I spent 50% of my life dedicated to the music industry. After working in various fields of the business, I looked for a “role” that would best fit with who I am – or who I thought I was. I left feeling as if it was not meant for me. What got me interested initially, was how music was such a strong definition of someone’s identity. It allowed a culture to grow from the minds of the participants, and found it’s impression in Art, Fashion and Film. I came in to music as a punk looking for social change, equality and a conscious lifestyle. Yet, what  I ended up becoming was a corporate “lamb” in wolf’s clothing, surviving on the surface alongside popular music and culture.Once I returned home from tour over this past summer, I knew something had to change, or I would be consumed by the darkness that surrounds the business.

I let go completely, and spent a few months questioning everything in my life. Each decision, each mistake, and every business endeavor had come to the surface and needed attention in understanding why things didn’t work out the way I was imagining them to be. With each effort, I was met with resistance. With each goal, I was met with disappointment. I felt defeated, and needed answers to understand my purpose. So began, the deconstruction…

I had always had an interest in ancient teachings and sacred wisdom. So, I spent the next few months studying and practicing what I was learning –  as a means to better understand and heal myself. As you start to decipher the meaning, you come to connect many dots, which puts together a clear picture of what “it” all means.

Well, I’ve found out about what the “it” is… Or at least have a better understanding of what “it” is.

Each day is a lesson, and our lives are the greatest test of our true spirit and potential. No one person is greater than the other, we are all fulfilling our karmic path in life towards our destiny. It’s up to us to be aware of the lessons presented to us each day and through each interaction. You must fully learn from them in order to further yourself. As we apply our understanding of these lessons, the journey seems to reveal more to what our true purpose is.

With understanding comes love. Love is the goal that we are striving to reach. With love comes acceptance, support, happiness, and moral ethics. When you fully come to embrace love through understanding, you soon make better decisions that will lead you to your greatest potential. It’s when that potential is reached that your destiny becomes clear.

When trying to understand your path and destiny, you must take into consideration your intentions, and be mindful of the ego. You must ask questions with your heart, and not over analyze it with your mind. The heart and the brain are very powerful organs. The simplicity of the heart, allows blood to flow in, and flow out through the body to keep us alive. The heart is simple in appearance with 4 major components, while the complexity of the brain, is a labyrinth of mystery, where we only understand a small fraction of it’s potential. In appearance the brain looks like a maze. When making a decision, I have come to understand that there must be a balance between the mind and the heart. The mind allows you to apply logic and analytics, and the heart allows you make a decision that is from a place love. If you choose to only use your brain, you will be met with neurosis, and potential insanity. Or, you can make a decision with your heart, which can potentially lead to heartbreak. You must find balance between both in order to fully realize the power of your decision. If your heart is in the right place, your mind is aware of it’s affect on yourself, others, and the world.

One of the major things I’ve come to understand, is that its not about me. It’s about everyone and everything. And when you love everyone and everything, you have no fear. When you have no fear, there is nothing that can stop you from creating whatever you feel is best. It’s the best you can offer yourself and the world. Give in to love, and not the love of your ego, but the love for those close to you and the world. It’s at that point you can make an impact globally.

This post was inspired by a conversation I had this morning via text with an artist I once managed, who currently resides in Denver, CO. The advice I shared with him, is exactly what I want to share with you.

“Life is only as difficult as we make it. Advertising and media only make it more complicated. Need vs Want. Keep working, keep writing. When you fall back in love with writing music (good music, that you LOVE – not music that you think is cool or trendy) You will regain your stride. You are in your own purgatory. The drugs led you to your prison cell. Now that you are clean and getting better, the universe still has you on ‘probation’, you are still in a stunted state of advancement. It’s because your intention and behavior in the present will affect your “release” from prison. Check your ego, and cast that side of ‘self’ toward the shadows. Rediscover your intention and it will modify your behavior. Don’t let go of writing or creating music. Let go of your previous ‘self’ and intention. You wanted quick money and an easy life, which is only going to set you back on a darker path. Easy money allows you to afford it. Keep dreaming, it’s the imagination that will drive you further. When you let go, you will break down the walls that kept you captive. You can then create from space that has no boundaries. It’s the blessing of understanding what you want to create and why. Once you create from your heart, you can utilize the brain and apply logic and analytic that will protect the investment you made with your heart”.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you are supposed to do, or who you are supposed to be. You can do whatever you want, and the universe will allow it,  if its coming from the right place. Allow your heart to guide you, and let your brain protect you.

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