The Holy Grail?

By Malakai Aleo Azure – photo shot by Tariq Amawi

Whether you know it or not, a revolution is taking place, one that will challenge everything we thought we knew about life on earth.

We live in a time where true science, forged by those brave enough to venture past the boundaries of conventional thought, is beginning to discover and validate what mystics have been saying for millennia, that we are much more powerful than we have been led to believe, and that we are by our very nature, inextricably interwoven into the fabric of life itself, limited by nothing aside from our own perceptions and beliefs.

Is it then surprising to learn that a shattering health-science development has recently been made that could quite literally be the key to immortality?

The culmination of 35 years of research and work as an MD, PhD and radiologist, Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s Immortalis Klotho Formula is truly a Nobel Prize worthy breakthrough which signifies the dawning of a new age.

Introducing quantum biology…..the true shift, where cutting edge bio-science steps into a new domain and human life expectancy is now immeasurably extended to unimagined lengths.

The science behind Immortalis Klotho Formula synthesizes advanced knowledge regarding the true nature and function of human biology, with groundbreaking insight into the relationship between man and the cosmos.  Discoveries into the vital role that the microbiome plays in the maintenance, restoration, and even activation of DNA is at the crux of this breakthrough development, and will be the center of much discussion in the weeks and months to come.

The purpose and function of the Klotho gene has been understood by the scientific community since 1997, but there have been little developments in applied science that have led to any significant increase in Klotho levels in the human body…Until now.

Dr. Ruggiero has discovered how to effectively stimulate rapid endogenous production of Klotho, possibly leading to a drastic increase in lifespan, and this is only the beginning.  Not only does Immortalis naturally increase Klotho production, but the formula also activates an innate bio-energetic function of DNA expression at the quantum level through the breakthrough process, which Dr. Ruggiero and his team describe as:

‘relativistic time dilation and biological quantum entanglement at the level of DNA’.

This means that on the quantum level of genetic expression, time will move much slower, allowing for such things as near-instant healing, enhanced cell to cell communication, and an overall impeccable self-governance of all biological systems in the ever present now.

Think of it this way: via the electro-chemical process and its instantaneous broadcast throughout the entire cellular matrix, each cell in your entire body is now granted an extension of ‘time’ to be able to fully repair itself and restore to its innate default: which is always a state of perfection: youth, beauty, acuity, vitality, fertility and virility!

Let that sink in for a moment…The implications of this statement are vast, innumerable, and truly unimaginable.

Collectively, with the help of Dr. Ruggiero, we as a humanity, have ventured deep into the realm of quantum biology, where lie the codes to complete restoration of the human genome.  While modern mystics postulate what it means to identify with a self that lives beyond the confines of human perception and capacity, we now have the keys to make these abstract notions a living, breathing reality.

When our bodies have the potential to regenerate instantaneously, the power of our thoughts increases exponentially. As sparks of the creative life force, we are endowed with the power of creation itself. Only until now, we have been limited by the sluggish, bio-computational processing capacity of a depredated genome, effectively weighed down by the passing of time, unable to remain fully alive in the present, due to a fragmentation of spirit and matter.

I now invite you to ask yourself whether aging as we know it is even a natural phenomenon, or something that a damaging environment is wielding on our collective operating system, leading to a systemic deviation from our original human template or blueprint.

Dr. Ruggiero will be presenting his cutting edge research at the upcoming RAAD Fest, taking place in San Diego Sept 19th – 23rd, alongside other well-known figures in the fast-growing radical longevity movement.

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Immortalis Klotho Formula has been available to a small, private network since March 2018. Larger scale distribution is planned for 2019/2020. To become one of the early adopters email [email protected]


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