The Importance of Asking Questions

Whether it be questions directed at oneself in the form of self-inquiry or questions directed at those who seek to subvert one’s inherent sovereignty, the art of asking questions is the holy grail of absolute sovereignty made manifest. S/he who is asking questions is ‘as-king’.When one finds oneself being imposed upon by an actor seeking to assert their perceived authority, there are very few things one can say (aside from spending a long time learning procedure) which will not unwittingly grant that authority to the actor.In any given situation, there are only really five ways one can respond to a question:

  1. To answer positively, thereby acquiescing to authority or allowing the presumption of authority to continue and solidify,
  2. To answer negatively, often creating a controversy where before there was none,
  3. To maintain silence, which amounts to a tacit acceptance of whatever assumption the questioner elects to make,
  4. To make some form of statement, which one will now have the burden to prove, or
  5. Ask a question, to gain further clarity.

Asking questions to gain further clarity (which can only ever lead to more questions because ‘I know nothing’) is the only option one has which will consistently lead to a favourable outcome.

Because consent is always required, statutory enforcement has evolved such that the accused must first bear witness against themselves. The simple act of providing a name and date of birth is one’s primary evidence as witness against oneself. The only consistent way to avoid being kidnapped whilst also not providing a name is to ask appropriate questions.

To become a master of the art of questioning takes practice, but is great fun. Practicing with one’s family is a fantastic way for the whole family to learn the art of honourable, sovereign communication.

Once adept, one will find (provided the correct mindset and a peaceful attitude are adopted) that they become completely impervious to any attempts to enforce compliance. In fact in a very short space of time, one will find that it is the actor(s)/agent(s) who are consistently answering their questions. Once this position has been achieved there is nowhere for an actor to go; the game is concluded.

Once one has directly experienced the power of interacting in this way, one will become fearless in the realization of their inherent, absolute sovereignty.


Originally posted @ New Earth Institute


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