The Importance of Raising Kids into a Culture of Awareness

Written by Cassius Methyl

Today in the United States, most parents feel there are few options available when it comes to schooling their children. There’s public school,  private school, or homeschool; all of which generally follow the same common core curriculum, or stray not too far from common core.

In our quest to shape our society to be a place where people have critical thinking skills and good common sense, we must create new sets of ideals that we teach to our children. We must shape our children’s educational systems with intent- create new templates for education, structures of our own creation. This means every parent creating their own curriculum.

I’m speaking of creating a paradigm where parents take time to make personalized curriculum for their children; where parents spend that much time ensuring their kids receive the right education.

These would be carefully-constructed, personalized systems of homeschooling that may teach a child about all the things that are necessary to understand functioning in the world.

This home-made curriculum could include information about how the world really works- how a person goes about finding an economic niche with a job or their own business, information on real history, and anything the parent feels inclined to teach.

The simple act of a parent creating this curriculum is an excellent step towards having a society that makes moves with intention; a society that intentfully educates its children and advises them to act with intent as well.

However, parents creating their own curriculum for home-schooling isn’t enough.

To truly keep the young 2000-2015 born generation conscious, we non-parents and activists must find creative ways to reach out to the youth; to build community between the youth in public school and the young, conscious adults.

We must find ways to speak to the kids and their parents, to educate them about the way the world works (how we perceive the world to work) before they are nudged into the philosophies preached by the public school system.

So how do activists reach the youth? Create art and music. Simply have a conversation with a kid, or his parents. Get creative.

Recognition of the civic duty to speak to the youth is essential; recognition that it is our duty to look out for the mental and spiritual well being of the youth.

While “consciousness”, “truth”, and “well being” are subjective opinions, it would benefit all of us to form a connection to the youth in this societal transformation. With full consent of the parents, of course.

Originally posted @ Era of Wisdom

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