The Importance of Water


It’s common knowledge that humans can’t survive more than 3 days typically without water. In fact, every living organism on earth requires water to some degree. We learn early within schooling that water is comprised of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen aka “H2O” and that our earth is covered by a body of at least 70% water. Then, as we get older, we learn about environmental and social attributes such as droughts, contamination and clean water limitations in certain areas. At some point our learning curve is dwarfed down to measuring how many ounces we need each day for principle health benefits. Water preservation should precede our own as a primary resource for growth and sustainability.

Ancient Futures Festival from the NewEarth Nation will devote day two of the festival focus to this incredibly complicated and precious element. The festival aims to educate its audience on how water represents the ebb and flow of external reality moving further away and then closer to its centre or “self”.  The ocean tides are continually changing the shorelines, which also parallels the changes in our own personal emotions and impermanent state of being. Humans and the earth are both comprised of a majority of water and vibrate at the same frequency; this connection will be further explored to share and show water’s importance as the principal element that defines us. There will be workshops to help explain the true power that water holds transcending almost every field of study from health and wellness to technological advances.

Our relationship with water is constant and water knowledge is constantly evolving. Just think about how many ways we use water in our every day language …”water under the bridge”, “keep your head above water”, “test the waters”, “in deep water” and my favourite, which I’m sure we can all relate, “fish out of water”.  Water is used to describe forgiveness, perseverance, adventure, guilt, depression, awkwardness and maybe this breadth in connotation is part of the reason why its’ cry for help is so easily dismissed.  We are simply overwhelmed. Water not only has many meanings in common phrasing but can also be antagonistic in its real life effects. Natural disasters caused by water are not to be underestimated and can take out entire cities, yet living by water has always been a key for many cultures pertinent survival. Water has unfortunately been used in torture, however, is alternately seen as pure when it is used in cleansing or baptism practices. In these ways, water can be both a blessing and a curse but is always a huge responsibility.

It is with intention that Ancient Futures Festival takes place in Bali, an island surrounded by water, to show us how much respect this resource truly deserves. The festival will take full advantage of its surroundings to explain topics in depth and give tangible examples of waters undeniable power. NewEarth doesn’t just stop at informing its audiences of the issues, but rather goes that extra step to find plausible solutions. They will educate festival goers on the progress being made in the fight to cleanse our oceans. The collaboration between NewEarth and the Ocean Care organization has recently launched a clean energy device that is already successfully used in cleaning hundreds of tons of trash from the ocean. Ancient Futures will spark conversations that will lead to not only a better understanding but also provide a response to the needs of our time.

Water may always be a mystery in part to us as a species, but that just adds to the urgency of learning all we can about its encompassing power. We should never feel like we are in control of its expanse but rather learn from it and work alongside attempting a harmonious relationship with its incredible uses.



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