The Information Field and Homeopathy

Written by Jayne Marquis

I am always thinking of ways to describe how homeopathy works. When you have used it and seen the incredible affect it has, like I have, sometimes immediately, you don’t question IF it works, but I am always questioning HOW it works.

I think we will have the answer soon as we become more open to teachings like Nassim Haramein’s teachings in Unified Physics. Everything is infinitely connected, we are connected to an endless source of information, and energy, and we ourselves are “all knowing,” if we listen. A paradigm shift is upon us, the science of how our universe works, the knowing of the innate intelligence of the planet and all within it, and how everything is connected is becoming understood in a way that is truly exciting.

I believe much of what we encounter as illness, derives from a belief, a program, a glitch, which starts somewhere in the physical, the emotional, the mind, and/or simultaneously affects the field of energy that surrounds the human body. Whether the mental/emotional affects the energy field or the energy field affects the mind is the question. Which comes first? It’s a chicken or egg question, but both affect the physical.

This field is energy, or information, so it makes sense that if there is a glitch, a dark spot in the field, it could be corrected by something of similar energy, or information. And it makes sense that this would come from something organic, from our planet. To work on this energy glitch, it too would have to be of the same frequency, or reduced from its physical form to that of energy. This is homeopathy. Not only does homeopathy work at this energy level, but, it can be fine tuned, much like a tuning fork, matching at a very precise note. The organic substances are made into many different frequencies, in homeopathic terms these are called, potencies. These different potencies are, frequencies of energy, some denser, some lighter, some work better than others, for an individual.

This is the most basic and important premise of homeopathy; Treat the individual, with something that matches the need for the correction of imbalance of that individual, at a specific frequency.

Imagine that an illness is simply an imbalance. That it has no name. That’s how homeopaths like to work. They just look at the imbalance. Imagine as well that with no name, there is no real concern that the illness can be healed. Of course it can, the human body wishes to be perfect and can return to perfection, its just a matter of reading the signs, sending the right signal and allowing it to do so.

On the level that homeopathy works, it actually looks at just that, at the imbalance. This imbalance can be corrected using a homeopathic that matches it. It works on what scientists are now calling…the information-field. Simply put, every human being has an information field, similar to the energy field. Just like we all have an energy field, we also have an information field, which is a reflection of and contains all the information of the human body. Homeopathy works with the field, sending a message, the information field reflects back a new message, and the body then uses its natural ability to heal itself.

Whether the physical ailment happens because of a bee sting, a sprain, an environmental toxin, a vaccine, a virus, a bacteria, an emotion or a thought, a past life pattern, …it doesn’t matter, it is all stored in the information field.

Through an interview, and through listening and watching the signs that appear in the physical, through seeing the imbalance, a correction is made in the human information field. With the correction made, the body returns to health.

It’s why the individual must be treated, with a remedy that matches that individual, at the place where the original imbalance began. We are all unique beings, with unique paths and frequencies. The individual holds the information in the physical, in the sub conscious, in the information field. The Information field is the original blue print, containing all the information needed for every living organic being to come life. Its how we know to grow into a human, how a tree knows to become a specific tree, an eagle to become an eagle. It contains the details of each of us, and it is infinitely connected to all that is.

Homeopathy is a beautiful medicine using this knowledge. It is natural; it looks to the deepest reason for illness and works at the level of the blue print. For that reason the benefits are long term and lasting.

Homeopathy looks into the incredible intelligence of all that lives on this beautiful planet. Exploring that intelligence, understanding it, blending it, and using it to create thousands of remedies. There is an innate knowing that everything is connected, and also at the same time, like us, each remedy has a unique blue print, each has a unique set of characteristics. When the remedy is matched, to the exact imbalance, it mingles with it, and cancels it out; it changes the information field back to a more perfect blue print and allows for perfect health.

What an incredible, synergistic medicine. As Lynn McTaggert says:

“Informational Medicine.  Medicine that takes
information and changes disturbed information. 
That is going to be the future of medicine.” 
– Lynne McTaggart

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Thank you and much gratitude.

Observations related to Information Fields:

  • Just as water is influenced by much energy, so to is the Information Field and vice versa.
  • Thought and emotion create an Information Field.
  • The human aura is both electromagnetic bio fields and the informational patterns that organize them.
  • Non-Local properties can be observed in remote influencing – both positive and negative.
  • Information Fields react with consciousness.
  • The brain is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of the brain.
  • The regulation of a whole organism, including the coordination of its cells, is accomplished with Information Fields.
  • The Information Field is always instantly being updated by the stronger influences of our sub conscious mind. Thus, Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony is created and directed in our co-creative life experience.
  • The degree of influence by Information Fields upon our consciousness depends upon our belief systems of that very same consciousness.
  • All beings in an unstressed state have an innate ,self-healing ability that is virtually limitless.
It is suggested that Information Fields are like templates or blueprints as organizing principles of energetic matter. Change the readout of the blueprint and you can change the material energy.
Matter and Field are linked – All physical manifestation has Information Fields associated with it and any change in either will effect change in the other.
Old physics views recognized the first 5 of the 5 fields of energy, recently the information field has been recognized.
1.     Electric
2.     Magnetic
3.     Gravitational
4.     Weak Nuclear Attraction Forces
5.     Strong Nuclear Attraction Forces
6.     Information Field

More recently, the 6th type of energy category was observed and classified as the “Information Field.” Though technically, it is said not to be energy at all but simply an organizing principle as information.

“The actual regulation of the whole organism
and the coordination of the cells is accomplished
with Information Fields.”
– Dieter Cimbal PhD


Originally posted @ New Earth Institute – Academy of Health & Wellness


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