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Written by Paul Conant

We are calling upon those of you who fully comprehend the purpose behind the ITNJ to help act as its collective midwife, as this initiative becomes a fully functioning court, ready to do its part to restore the law. Every initiative needs support and constructive contribution in its beginning phases, and the ITNJ is no exception – indeed, what gives the ITNJ its legitimate jurisdiction is the plain and simple fact that all institutions of law derive their authority from the people. And whereas the for-profit corporate “courts” of the world are, almost without exception, operating in total breach of trust with humanity, the ITNJ is not pretending to be something that it isn’t, nor is it here to operate as a business.

It is very simple: the ITNJ is simply filling the gap left open by the manifest absence of any valid court system operating throughout the world. If our courts were true institutions of law then we would not be seeing the systemic oppression and abuse at the hands of corporations that is so commonplace today, and there would be no reason to conceive and birth the ITNJ. A valid court is supposed to act as a place where evidence is presented and conversation is exchanged so that fists and bullets don’t have to be, but unfortunately today the courts act as the primary agents of slavery and theft, aided by mercenary-for-hire style “law” enforcement.


This can only continue as long as the people remain unaware of the fact that they live under corporate rule as slaves – and that this not a metaphor, nor is it hyperbole. Perhaps one in 10,000 people know definitively that we are not free people living in a developed world trending towards greater freedom and democracy, but that rather we are regarded as the property of undisclosed and private profiteers operating behind the corporate safety-net of our modern global economy.

But no matter what the legal landscape may have been manipulated into being, the basic fact of the matter is this: the system still needs our consent in order to operate and this is why they lie to us and tell us that we are free. The system cannot afford to have the masses wake up to their fraud because once that happens the fraud will be finished, never to return again to this Earth.

Towards this aim, the ITNJ promises to be champion of human rights in a world devoid of any true rule of law. We applaud all those who are willing to come forward and help this initiative achieve its mission. This is something we all need to see succeed and we WILL see it succeed! The days of fence-sitting are over, and the time to stand and be counted is NOW.


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Originally posted @ The Sovereign Voice


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