The Language of Freedom – by Greg Paul

Ending the New Age Religion/New World Order agenda and realizing your own enlightenment through the power of the word.

As we begin to awaken from our slumber, challenging the beliefs that we have for so long held to be the truth of our existence, we are at first blessed with the enlightening scenario of not knowing the truth – why is this so enlightening? Because, for the first time, everything is possible.

But whilst we may have freed ourselves from some of the illusions that have controlled our lives, we invariably overlook the greatest illusions and at the same time have not necessarily acquired any of the skills or broken any of the conditioning to prevent us adopting a whole new set of illusions…

For as long as humanity has existed on earth, it would appear that a select group of people have controlled the population through the propagation of various belief systems. Those belief systems may change periodically, but the common thread is that there is always a belief system in place. When one set of stories begin to lose their power, new ones are provided in such a manner that the people believe that they, through their own wisdom and diligence, have broken the spell and are therefore now in control of the new reality. You need only look out of the window or switch on the TV to see how wrong they were… So how do we ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen this time? How can you know that the new stories that are currently permeating the alternative media are not just more of the same?

You don’t, you can’t, because you have no first hand knowledge… and that’s the whole point.

I’m not telling you to stop researching content, or to stop creating or sharing the amazing works of those brave and pioneering souls whose hard work and dedication has brought forth the information that caused us to break our old belief patterns in the first place. Far from it – explore every possibility, discover all that is to be discovered, marvel in the majesty which is the infinite possibility of creation… but when you’re done with a given question, and you think you see what Humanity’s history might really be, or what extra-terrestrial influences may really be at large on planet earth, or any other remarkable answer to an equally remarkable question, just make sure to add four little words to the explanations that you give to yourself and others. Four little words that change everything about your relationship to the information you have learnt…

“It would appear that…”

These four little words break every spell, they preclude conflict between men and women, they cast the light of Truth on the steadfast illusions of others, but most of all they free us from any and all possible attachments to stories and beliefs, rendering powerless the efforts of any covert agenda to control our lives.

Language is one of, if not THE, most powerful forces in the human experience – more than any other single thing it has been used to enslave our entire species, but language itself is indifferent – it cares not whether it is used for nefarious agendas or to facilitate enlightenment. Once the power of this indomitable force becomes present in our experience we may use it effectively to facilitate our own enlightenment and the enlightenment of others. We need only learn how to use it properly and it will cease being the yoke of our bondage and instead become the key to our freedom.

There are endless other examples of how one can employ language to expedite their own enlightenment – the power of a question, for one – but language as a tool for enlightenment is something we each must explore for ourselves. Care and attention is all that is required – listen to the words that you use; take time to reflect on what each word you use really means; notice how the language you use reflects how you identify with yourself; reflect on who or what you wish to evolve to become; consider what language your evolved self would use in a given situation and use that language yourself – used in this way language itself becomes the driver for your own enlightenment, lifting your state of awareness to match the harmonic you have diligently set as the underlying note of your life.

Should you embark on this most wondrous journey, remember above all to have fun – when my wife and I were exploring the art of asking questions we devised a game where we were only allowed to speak in questions. The only rule was that if one of us answered the others question instead of replying with another question we had to put a pound in a swear box. It was that much fun that we would be doubled over, for hours on end, trying to squeeze out the next question over the roar (and pain) of uncontrollable laughter.

Devise your own games, with others or on your own; cast new spells over the direction of your life; take responsibility for every word that you speak; believe nothing; enjoy your self – become a master of the language of freedom…


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