The Lost Journey of an Awakened Heart: A New Hope

(Photo credit JD)

I’ve recently come across several posts on social networks that show many awakened hearts to be very alone in their communities and misunderstood. These human beings appear to be crying out for companionship and fellowship. Someone to speak with not on a computer screen or a phone but in the flesh and with enormous hugs and good conversation.

My thought is that many of us were strategically positioned throughout the planet to hold the light and to interact with those who have not yet awakened. Our influence, behavior, and values are to assist in transforming the hearts and minds of all of our fellow brothers and sisters. If we were all born into the same community it wouldn’t do much for the rest of society and very little would change in this world of duality. What I’ve found even more interesting is the amount of people that claim to want to go and live off grid. As we continue to manifest the New Earth Communities and step outside the matrix, a new paradigm and new way to live that gives us back our natural birth right is emerging. This global effort is about connecting with awakened hearts of our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.

But what I’ve come to realize is that initially we are to experience this alone maybe to experience heart break. I recently experienced tremendous heart break myself and what some have called the dark night of the soul. But it’s who you become afterwards that will set the tone for the rest of your days. As all of us may feel all alone in this journey and in your communities thus far, there is one thing you must all understand. You are NOT alone. When heart break struck my way several weeks ago members of this beautiful New Earth Community reached out to help and offered assistance and guidance in any way possible. My soul was very touched indeed by the love and support given by so many and that reside around the globe. And it is this type of compassion that will continue and will usher in the new era.

Sacha Stone mentioned in an interview on the Global Freedom Movement Radio this past Sunday the importance of experiencing this heart break. (1) This is about rising from the ashes to complete what’s necessary on your soul journey and to become stronger and more empathetic and even more compassionate to our fellow men and women. Those who have experienced this heart break are there to pick up and support those who are going through the same experience.

It appears many of us are going through this feeling of being alone. Perhaps even being laughed at and ridiculed for our beliefs in certain communities. As a collective from what I gather we are experiencing this heart break together and as a family of consciously awakened beautiful souls but who are here to fulfill a mission. That mission is to help humanity rise from our own collective ashes into a new awareness and a new purpose in life that revolves around love and compassion. A new hope for the future of our beloved brothers and sisters and for the planet. Let it be known that it is now our time to begin. This is the time to step up our roles in our communities as teachers and use our gifts and values to build a new and glorious world. Look into your hearts and search your truth to find what you can to today. If feeling guided to do so sign up and volunteer to help continue our efforts in manifesting the New Earth. (2)

This journey may be lonely for many of us now but this was part of a brilliant design. A design to keep us interacting and teaching those around us about truth, love, compassion, and Oneness. We are not here to convert these people by any means. For in the new paradigm we are not called upon to roam the earth preaching to everyone what’s right and wrong and persuade them into accepting our beliefs. But we are here to teach and help those who are willing to listen. Show our children and those around us how to act and behave by our specific actions of love. And to also experience this heart break of feeling alone.

New Earth Nation is providing a new source and a new means of connecting with like-minded people around the globe. This is about conscious communities, love, contributionism, fellowship as well as companionship. Stay strong all of those awakened hearts who feel alone and lost. The next phase of this journey is about to begin. You are never alone and you are loved and supported by a cast of beautiful hearts around the globe. Together we will build a new world around the most pure hearted human beings and we will all be together to experience this new world in the presence with others. So I ask you to please stay strong and be patient. You are loved very deeply.


Much love and blessings to All





(2)   [email protected]