The Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol

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This post will detail what Gregg Prescott spoke of in his summary of Corey Goode’s recent interviews on the GaiamTV series Cosmic Disclosure. The text of this post will be in black, contrary to our usual commentary in green.

Prescott’s piece, details his healthy skepticism about what are they [Sphere Beings] waiting for and what the Harvest is. In applying aspects of the Law of One and Natural Law to this notion of Harvest we are attempting to offer a clear understanding for who they are and what they are waiting for.

Being skeptical as to what is really going on, considering the majority of us don’t really know firsthand, certainly seems like a healthy reaction. The information revealed by Corey Goode seems to be the most comprehensive presentation of what has been and is happening within our solar system to date. With the reality of energy harvesting via the Babylonian Money Magic System, the term Harvest, left undefined, can be very unsettling.

The following analysis will attempt to define Harvest, and why it is a consequence of Natural Law and why events are unfolding in a precise way.

The Conceptual Basis For A Harvest

This idea incorporates who we are in relation to the whole of universal affairs and activities, the so called Absolute Plan of Creation.

Firstly, the physical creation – Galaxies, Star clusters, Star Systems, Planets and Life on those planets, can be thought of as the creative working of the Logos, a specific archetype of the One Infinite Creator, becoming, in our local region of the universe. The Logos is a real personality, and has the ability to create and grow, just like we do in our own sphere of influence; as we find love and engage in a union to bring about children, so does the Logos. The fruit of this vast intelligence is the physical world as we know it, and in this sense, our bodies and by extension our minds, are a co-creative aspect of the mother Logos. The popularized Divine Feminine concept, that of Nature in totality, is essentially the Logos; the womb of creation.

The Sol system, our solar system, is a sub-logos or child of the Logos, who has children of its own; the planets and bodies surrounding our Sun. Our solar system, along with the surrounding area in our local star cluster is moving into a highly energetic and coherent field of energy, that will up-step the energetic expression of all things in it. This Harvest is therefore not for humanity alone. It is a transformation of our local universe of star systems; the Sun, Earth and all who dwell in the System of Sol.

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Secondly, there is our unique essence, that which indwells the community of living things known as our bodies; the spirit or soul. We could think of this as the ‘god spark,’ that eternally perfected higher self which reaches down into the time-space and space-time universe; the Father fragment. This is the aspect of ourselves we make contact with in dreams, visions and intuitive experiences. In other words, our bodies are a product of countless eons of evolution and work by the gardeners or custodians of the local universe, with our spirit as an aspect of the Divine Creator, emerging as a result of the conditions created by the Logos. The fruit of the Logos’ labors is embodiments of the Creator coming into being. These custodians are massive archetypal intelligences, like the Sun and planets, as well as all of the races who contributed to the ecosystem of the Earth. The 40 some odd races who contributed genetic material as well as the guardians of this region of the universe in the ‘angelic’ realms. Whether or not these races have honorably followed the will of creation is debatable, but those in the higher realms presumably are; the Sphere Being Alliance.

This principle of genesis of consciousness has a microcosmic human manifestation. When a woman and a man come together in union, the fruit of their labors is a child, a bonafide and real personality, with its own unique and sovereign beingness. The harvest in this microcosmic example happens at the moment of birth. After 9 long months of loving care and tireless devotion a living being is born, free to explore life and co-creatively express the plan of creation uniquely entrusted to it.

Who Is Being Harvested?

The Law of One describes the Harvest as the time when the solar system and planet itself will shift, like a child who goes through puberty. In this sense, the harvest for the planet and humanity is just as inevitable as becoming an adult is to a child. The 3rd density is this phase of growth that is coming to an end, with 4th density as the age that we are transitioning into.

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Since we are children of the planet, which is a child of the Logos or our local universe, we too are offered evolution by extension. In this way, the Harvest is a time when the Sun and Gaia herself will ascend or graduate to a new level of personality expression. And since she is aware of the life that she is responsible for, she will work with the cosmos at large, the custodian races, to ensure all other life that is affected by her transition has a genuine chance to choose Harvest as well.

The Sphere beings are 6th to 9th density life forms, who possess this knowledge of creation, and are entrusted to watch over it in the realms of their purview. The Sphere Beings, and any other being who acts in harmony with the Plan of Creation, is co-creatively playing a role of custodianship via their own evolutionary choice to Service Others. In other words, anyone who gains knowledge of the truth now has the ability to choose their destiny; either working with creation or against it.

The Harvest is first about Sol and Gaia’s evolution, and second about offering us a chance to evolve with her. Since they have already made that choice, we must make ours. The way we make ourselves harvest-able is by what the Law of One calls polarization; either Service to Self or Service to Others.

As a general premise, defined by the Natural Law principle of Correspondence (Fractality or as above so below) the Creators desire to be perfect is made manifest through and by us. In this sense, the goal of the Creature is to become perfect even as the creator is perfect, within our unique embodiment; to honor ourselves and other beings in divine service. Divine here simply means unification or coordination of intent and action. When we realize our unique purpose, we become aspects of the divine.

3rd density, the vibratory state the Earth is leaving, is the plane of personal choice; where we decide which path of self exploration to take. The Principle of Polarity states: all things that seem separate and dualistic are actually differences in degree of the same, unified thing. Hot and cold are polarizations of heat, light and dark are polarizations of luminosity, life and death are polarizations of animation, etc. The choice which is offered in this density is morality – will we honor the truth and become moral beings who service ourselves and others, or will we dishonor the truth and service ourselves at the cost of others. These are the two paths described by the Law of One, and contemporaneously spoken of by Corey Goode and the Sphere Beings as Service to Self (STS) or Service to Others (STO). Additionally, the Golden Rule, spoken of by countless spiritual schools of thought reaching back into antiquity, is the same concept. All are different expressions of Objective Morality.

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The Earth is also making this choice, and according to the Law of One, has chosen the STO path. As a result, if we want to evolve with her into 4th density, it must be in harmony with this choice; STO.

Hence the Sphere Being, Law of One and nearly every other Moral message to humanity:

“Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes. This sounds to many like a “Hippy Love and Peace” message that will not make a difference. I assure you the “Path” they lay out in “Their Message” is a difficult one. Even on the unlikely chance that these technologies stay “Suppressed”, imagine what a world we would live in if everyone made these changes to their selves?- Source

The answer to this question: who will be Harvested and how – is this: those who have polarized themselves enough to resonate with Gaia’s choice. Polarization in this sense means how much wisdom about the path of STO have we attained within our personal experiences. This can be understood as a choice to honor the truth with others, to form honorable and trusting relationships with all life.

For example, if we lie, steal and cheat from our fellows, we are not honoring the truth and have not formed trusting relationships. Conversely, each time we choose to act out STO modalities of being, we attain wisdom and this polarizes our beingness inline with the Earths choice to be STO; our vibrational quality of consciousness is raised, elevated or expanded in-tune with creation.

According to the Law of One, those who do not polarize enough or who chose the path of STS will be allowed to experience these choices on another world after the Harvest. While some will think this is a cruel set of circumstances – that we are forced to make these choices – since we are one with Gaia and the Creator, we presumably agreed to these circumstances.

If the concepts of harvest herein described are accurate, if they reflect The Truth, then it is our failure to recognize the truth that causes us suffering; a feeling of dismemberment. And our refusal to make this choice, our refusal to acknowledge the truth, can not trump the choices of others who do recognize the truth. We cannot force Gaia to hold herself back based on our uninformed choices, hence the SSP alliances desire to have full disclosure so we can make an informed choice.

Finally the Sphere Beings, or any other beneficent race, assuming they recognize our soul choice to be here at this time during harvest, can not ‘save us’ from ourselves. In this way they are not waiting at all because it is our choice to make. We cannot be forced to ascend or evolve, nor can we force others to make this choice because we already have. The Law of One states at the end of the previous 26,000 year cycle those beings who did polarize STO decided to wait and help those who had not yet polarized; they chose to service those others who were still making their choice. In this way the Sphere Beings are doing what they can to provide the best possible conditions for all to make a choice.

The Creator-Creature Trust

The relationship of the Creator to the Creature is a Trust relationship, within a Natural Law perspective. This is because all aspects of ourselves, as they are made manifest within the illusion (our present reality) are ‘granted’ to us. The body is the vehicle for experience, granted from the mother of creation; the Logos. The higher self or god spark is granted from the father of creation; the One Infinite Creator. This is why our free will is not absolute or omnipotent, it is ‘stepped down’ with attributes entrusted to us. And since we are all ultimately one being, we are in a trust relationship with all other beings in creation, just as intimately as a parent with their child.

Extending this premise to the whole of planet Earth, what is harvested is the fruit of these two unified aspects of creation; the becoming universe as mother and the eternal essence or spirit as father. The whole physical universe of planets, stars and galaxies provides the conditions on Earth to produce a unique ‘brand’ of living organisms. Those who incarnate as a result, are entrusted with a body, mind and soul – a powerful tool for affecting other beings. When our actions affect others, a relationship is formed that is based around the principles of Natural Law or Trust; honor, duty and morality.

Just as the child of two parents is harvested at the end of a 9 month cycle of development, so are the children of the Logos and the Infinite Creator harvested. In this way the harvest is an inevitability, just like a new born babe is the inevitable result of sexual union. And if this interpretation is correct, we must have agreed to this experience at some level; the so called covenant of god in modern Christianity.

Honoring The Creator-Creature Trust

Given the available evidence – that of countless spiritual works, scientific studies, and philosophical extrapolations – then our estate is the thing granted to us from the universe, and held by us in trust as our body, mind and soul.

Who we are now is not separate from the Creator, as if we must do the bidding of an unsympathetic master, as if we are only subservient slaves. but instead is a co-creative union of all that IS. In this way Natural Law and the principle of Causality, ensures that what we came here to do, our unique spiritual purpose described as our dharma in the Vedic tradition, is revealed to us by the consequences of our actions; Karma.

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Since our free will is ultimately one with the Will of creation, the Infinite Creator, we learn our unique life purpose by making choices and contemplating the consequences. This is why seeking the truth ultimately reveals who we are and what we came here for, whereas holding on to the past or half truths, has the effect of limiting us and producing a deterministic experience. In this way the ultimate goal of our life can be generally described as ‘becoming perfect, even as the Creator is perfect, within our sphere of influence.’ This is a fractal relationship – as above so below, as within so without – and since the Creator is sovereign, loving, truthful and honest, so must we be in order to honor the creator-creature trust. This is the path of STO, which moves towards the Creator in likeness, whereas the path of STS denies this essential reality.

Dishonor and ET Intervention

When we dishonor this trust, it manifests as so called negative experiences. For example, the Earth is a co-creative community of living organisms – our brothers and sisters in creation. Since our bodies are one with the Earth, we must honor them or suffer the consequences. When we eat poisonous food, holding on to limiting dogmatic beliefs about ourselves, we experience diseases, which is a cosmic reflection of unwise choices; our errors. When we pollute the planet and use life as a mindless resource, we fail to recognize the truth about what these other living things are (aspects of the One Infinite Creator just as we are) and this manifests as environmental destruction and a slow dissociation from the natural world. We need only look out into the world to see the results of how poorly we have managed our estates entrusted to us by the creator.

In other words, our bodies and minds are powerful, and if we do not use them wisely, this will harm other beings. This harm is what has nearly destroyed the planet, imprisoned humanity and caused much suffering for life on Earth; and presumably beyond. As a result, there is a Natural Law duty to defend oneself and the life within our custodianship, from any beings who either consciously or unconsciously misuse what was entrusted to them by the Creator.

Harm is therefore defined as the chaos created by errors in thinking or the willful choice to disregard the creative essence in other beings; all of which dishonors the truth. When we seek to withhold the truth from others for personal gain, we allow them to unwisely take actions that create chaos and we harm them and ourselves by extension. This harm is a dishonor and breach of trust with the Creator, and as a result, if another being comes into possession of this knowledge of our incompetence, then they now have a moral obligation to take action.

This is why when humanity developed the atomic bomb in the mid 1940’s, a series of major ET contacts began. Because our choices have a very real affect for other living things, and our incompetence to honor other life, including our bodies, provides a venue for the more wise intelligences to intervene.

A microcosmic example of this concept of Trust and Honor is within human life. When a parent has a child, that new being is initially totally dependent on that parent for education and sustenance. If a parent, for whatever reason, can not take care of this child, then another being who can, by way of their superior knowledge or dedication, can honorably take charge of this new life. Imagine if a parent decided they did not want to have a child anymore, and chose to kill their new born infant: do they have this right to destroy the fruit of their labors; a sovereign being and unique embodiment of the creator? Unless this new being willingly chooses to be destroyed, the parent does not have a Natural Law right to unilaterally destroy this new being.

By extension, humanity does not have a unilateral right to destroy the planet and all life on it. And as such any superior intelligence which has the ability to respond, can intervene. Hence the Sphere Being Alliance’s actions to down-step the Tsunami Waves of energy flowing into the solar system. As well as any ET effort to prevent World War 3 or a nuclear cataclysm.

Similarly, if we entrust a friend to take care of our home while we are away, and they choose to destroy it, they are in breach of trust and contract; and reveal their incompetency. Humanity has essentially fallen into deep ignorance and now creates chaos for themselves and all other beings affected. We are entrusted with powers of creation by way of our bodies, minds and souls, and to misuse them places us in a status of incompetency. But there is one more factor to consider; the Cabal.

Since humanity has been led astray by the Cabal, who presumes to be caretakers of humanity and the Earth, the intervention of wiser intelligence, whether ET, Angelic or Divine, can now take place as an inevitability. Just like the parent who in error thought they could kill their own child, provides a venue for another to stop them.

Possession Of Knowledge Creates A Moral Obligation

The Cabal, our would-be masters or partners in contrast, are this incompetent trustee over humanity. When knowledge of truth is in possession, when it has been received and consciously acknowledged within the mind, there is a moral obligation to act in accordance with it. And the Cabal has this superior knowledge, and consciously choose to use it unwisely.

Knowledge passes through three stages of progression: Awareness, Contemplation and Wisdom. The Trivium describes these states as Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric:

Grammar teaches the mechanics of language to the student. This is the step where the student “comes to terms”, i.e. defining the objects and information perceived by the five senses. Hence, the Law of Identity: a tree is a tree, and not a cat.

Logic (also dialectic) is the “mechanics” of thought and of analysis; the process of identifying fallacious arguments and statements, and so systematically removing contradictions, thereby producing factual knowledge that can be trusted.

Rhetoric is the application of language in order to instruct and to persuade the listener and the reader. It is the knowledge (grammar) now understood (logic) being transmitted outwards, as wisdom (rhetoric).

Initially we are unaware, ignorant or incompetent, that we lack knowledge of something. Our body provides a venue to come to terms with the truth, via our senses or awareness. For example we may not know how to ride a bike, but after practicing it, we develop those skills; we decipher the logic of how to wisely ride a bicycle.

After becoming aware we reflect the truth provided by way of the senses into the mind. There we contemplate the data and distill the logic of the corresponding relationships in the experience to reveal the principles at work.

Finally, after this synchronization process of truth is complete, after we have contemplated our experience enough to synthesize knowledge, we develop a relatively complete picture of it so as to make it real; wisdom. We can now use the bicycle with expert skill and it becomes reflex. Wisdom in this sense is the truth realized or personally attained.

This knowledge is now in our possession, and when we fail to use it properly, this lack of wisdom is reflected back to us; we may have an accident while riding the bicycle. In other words, the path of wisdom is narrow, with a chasm of potential error on either side of a bridge the thickness of a razors edge. In this way we are obligated to use the knowledge wisely, else we suffer the consequences of our actions. But to be clear, karma is not some cosmic punishment or suffrage, it is merely the errors of our own making reflected back to us, primarily so we can go within and distill the wisdom offered.

Extending this concept to society, imagine if we become aware of someone trying to set off a nuclear bomb in a city. Once we take hold of this knowledge, we now have the potential to respond; a responsibility. If we do nothing, the bomb will go off. If we take an action, the bomb may be prevented from killing millions. Lets say we choose to escape the city, but tell no one what of the coming cataclysm. We may save ourselves, but millions of other people are killed by the bomb. And we would probably feel incredible guilt as a result. We had the knowledge to do something and when we failed to take action this creates a negative experience.

In a grand universal sense, we were entrusted with the truth and became an agent of universal intervention by possessing the knowledge. We could have intervened and acted to help our fellows. Using another example, if we see a child about to get kidnapped, and do nothing, we have some degree of moral culpability. Our failure to act ensured that the kidnapper’s goal was successful.

Therefore knowledge, something that is not tangible, a metaphysical possession, is the primary fulcrum of karmic affects. Knowledge once gained, creates a potential for the attainment of wisdom, and the universal mechanism for guiding this process is karma. The one who watches a child get kidnapped and does nothing, will feel the effects of their actions. Just as someone who unwisely rides their bicycle will feel the effects of their mistakes when they fall on the ground.

This universal mechanism of knowledge reflectivity, the Causality of the cosmos, operates at all phases of creation. Whether we are talking about stubbing one’s toe or enslaving humanity, the errors inherent in the fruit of our actions directly reflects the level of wisdom distilled during contemplation. These mistakes provide us with an awareness to then re-contemplate and learn, to refine the logical reflection of experience so as to develop wisdom.

And since the Cabal have this knowledge and willfully choose not share it, they suffer karmic corrections of their own. The nature of this control mechanism must take our free will into account. This is why the Cabal hide things in plain sight. When we fail to explicitly state our non-consent, we acquiesce to tyranny.

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The Cabal Are Morally Obligated To Produce Rhetoric – Share the Truth

Since the receipt of knowledge, that of information held in the mind, provides us with an ability to respond (responsibility), the Cabal’s knowledge must be shared freely with humanity as well. Rhetoric, using the Trivium definition above, is the process of sharing knowledge of Truth with others, principally those who do not have it.

This is not unknown to the Cabal, nor is it some deeply hidden secret kept from humanity. In fact the Cabal claim that their right to rule the Earth is a divine right; based on the idea knowledge creates a moral obligation. The Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie express trusts, scribes during the 13th – 16th century, unquestionably states that those who have knowledge of the truth are obligated to share it. Further, that since humanity does not have knowledge of the truth, those who do are intermediaries or transmitting utilities for the Creator. The Cabal literally claim that they are the custodians of all life on the Earth, and until the creator comes down from heaven to de-throne them, they have a divine right to reveal these truths as they see fit.

But since these interlopers do not honestly reveal the truth – since they seek to dupe us into falseness and maintain ignorance in humanity instead of dispelling it – they are in breach of trust and contract, and are incompetent. Since their lack of disclosure provides the conditions for humanity in general to act without wisdom, making mistakes that produce chaos for individuals and the natural world alike, then any being who has knowledge of this truth is also obligated to reveal it to those affected. Hence the countless channeled, prophetic and spiritual works attempting to warm humanity of the error of our actions. As well as the recent effort by the SSP Alliance to negotiate with the Cabal.

The Cabal in this sense is like the parent which seeks to enslave or harm their child, and in doing so reveals their incompetence as well as invites a more wise being to intervene on the child’s behalf. The Cabal knows about the coming shift in consciousness, and the so called Harvest. That our Sun is about to transition into a higher energy state, and when it does, the whole of life as we know it will be affected and up-stepped. This knowledge places an obligation on them to share the truth with those who do not know. And failing to do so, harms another being. Just like witnessing the kidnapping of a child, and doing nothing, will ensure that the child is harmed, so does the Cabal harm humanity by not revealing the knowledge they have in their possession.

The context of the knowledge, who or what is affected by it, is what determines the nature of this obligation. Using the example of a nuclear bomb above, by failing to reveal the truth to those who would die if it went of, we literally are morally culpable for their deaths. Similarly, since the Harvest is a time of graduation, whereby we ascend to a higher plane of beingness with the Earth (the sub-logos), if we are sufficiently developed or polarized, then the Cabal in a sense is morally culpable for all those beings who could have ascended but were not able to, due to their failure to share knowledge. And this means those beings who are able to share the truth can intervene on our behalf, hence the countless spiritual teachers who incarnated revealing the truth to humanity.

The Sphere Being Alliance and Knowledge of The Harvest

Given that knowledge, once possessed, creates a moral obligation, then any race or being which has knowledge of harm, must take some form of action.

The Sphere Being Alliance, like the Cabal, has knowledge of the Harvest and the plan of Creation in their possession. Therefore, when they observe that Gaia has chosen the path of STO, and that our would-be masters have failed to reveal the truth to us, they have a moral duty to act.

The Law of One or Ra Material is one example of this moral action. They began sharing the truth to humanity via a series of communications beginning in 1981 and ending in 1984, stating that approximately 30 years after that time, the Harvest would take place. We are now in that time window as outlined by the Law of One.

The Galactic Energy waves that provide for Gaia to ascend up to 4th density have been affecting the planet since about the 1930’s. Dolores Cannon in her work revealed that there were three waves of incarnations, from all over creation, with souls tasked to offer this truth to humanity, the ways of wisdom in servicing others. The Law of One discusses wanderers which hail from higher densities, tasked to offer wisdom and truth to humanity as preparation for this time of Harvest. Finally, the Sphere Being Alliance has even surrounded the Solar System with a dampening field, providing more time for humanity to polarize and make their choice. All of these are interventions in response to Gaia’s request for assistance, presumably sent out when the 4th density energies began their work in the 1930’s. But intervention can not trump free will, and this is why these high density beings cannot save us from the Cabal. That intervention comes from the SSP alliance who will first offer a chance to repair the harm to the Cabal, and is also taking actions to ensure full disclosure and justice occurs.

Because the Cabal has failed to honor the Creator-Creature trust, the Sphere Beings made contact with a contingent of humanity in the secret space program who had a desire to honor the truth. According to Corey Goode, several factions of the secret space program, mainly the Solar Warden program, realized that something must be done in order to free humanity. This choice apparently occurred in the mid 90’s. Later on, a direct series of communications between the Sphere Beings and the Solar Warden program culminated in a genuine agreement of mutual interest; an alliance.

The SSP Alliance is characterized as the human faction who has chosen to do what the Cabal was obligated to do, to reveal the truth about the coming Harvest, so as to offer a conscious informed choice to each individual embodiment of humanity. In order to honor all beings, the Cabal is given a chance to do the right thing, to disclose the truth. And for many who have been following the activity of our would-be masters, they have all but failed to take this second, merciful chance.

The SSP Alliance will provide what Goode calls Full Disclosure or the big Data Dump.


The question as to what the Harvest is, and if it acknowledges our free will, within the preceding analysis yields an answer of yes. Of course in order to understand these principles of Natural Law and spiritual evolution we must contemplate the logic offered therein.

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The awakening community has an enormous task ahead of them, and the Cabal has worked tirelessly to keep us divided. There are many who consider the notion of harvest as yet another Cabal program of control, that we are trapped in this material reality with no hope of escape.

In my view, the role of philosophy is to contemplate meanings of events and things so as to distill the wisdom of truth inherent in all things. Therefore, there is no absolute proof or evidence which will force someone to come to the truth, and there will be many people who without complete knowledge, assert that we have no real choice in this matter. But like a child who refuses to learn how to ride a bike and then blames the world for scraping their knee when they ride it unwisely, the culpability is ours alone.

Based on all the available evidence, reaching into physics, biology, spiritually and law, one can come to the conclusion that the Harvest is a natural consequence of creation, just like having a child is the consequence of physical union. And like all other times in life, when we seek to know the truth, it empowers us with knowledge, infusing us with an ability to respond.

If I was to predict what the future holds, assuming the aforementioned analysis is correct, we have a huge potential for personal growth and awakening coming our way. Once the the Data Dump occurs via the SSP Alliance and other undisclosed allies in truth, humanity will finally be able to make informed individual choices. Those who refuse to accept the truth will suffer the errors of their own missteps. Those who accept the truth will experience progressively trans-formative experiences made possible by their actions within it. Eventually humanity will be ready to shift with the rest of the solar system, and the so called ascension event will spring forth from the higher to the lower, from within to without, eclipsing the long ages of darkness endured by countless generations.

– Justin

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