The Real Value of Mothering


Written by Linda Hamilton, former faculty, School of Health & Wellness at New Earth University

Can we put a price tag on a hug, or a kiss? On the symbiotic connection between a mother and her baby?

What about each breastfeeding session? Could we put a price tag per minute, per let down, or for the “down time” when a mothers body is producing milk that will be given to her baby later?

How valuable would it be that I breastfed my baby on demand exclusively for one full year, including endless night time feedings, for example.

Can we put a price tag on growing a baby inside your own body? Giving birth to it, nourishing it, caring for it, carrying it, sleeping with it – and being forever connected on a deep soul level ?

I wonder what it would be if we could…

I’m specifically wondering today after a mother recently brought it to my attention during one of my classes.

She was in her last trimester and made the decision to stop working. She really needed to – but because of her decision, the only income to the household is through her partner. According to her, he is very happy to support her, and that she is free to take money as she needs it, from the “community” bowl of money that they have in the house.

I applaud this attitude from her partner, giving her free space to just grow their baby, without the financial worries. She will sort this out, with a man who sees the value in her having the freedom to focus on their baby. And there will be life long positive results from his wise decision. “Accept it!” I told her. “With gratitude – and focus on  you and the baby…”

Not every mother is in this same situation though. So many times, a mother is given very little to nothing as far as financial support. This detracts from the most important responsibility she has – caring for her growing baby or child.

Sadly, the things that we do as mothers are not given any financial value – and yet hold so much REAL value.

I wish we could all just get it – and shift into a better way. NOW. It’s so simple really…


It would be ludicrous to put a dollar sign next to the potential value of our future. It is priceless – and at this point in history – our survival as a species may very well be dependent on it.


Every mother needs the support whether she chooses to live with the father, or not.

For too long women have compromised their living conditions, the quality of time with their children, and pursuing their own happiness out of sheer fear of not being able to survive financially outside of the relationship. In fact, many women also stay in clearly abusive environments for the same reason. I know we all know this – but do we really recognize the implications of it? The long term effect that we will all experience that will come from the effects these life choices have on the children and babies?

When the father of a child disregards his important role of supporting the mother, and providing the nurturing and safe environment for his child or children, he is acting in what I would consider the most brutal, narcissistic manner possible and one that is detrimental to the future of humanity.

A mother and child should have 7 solid years where the mother is focused solely on creating the optimal emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual environment that her child DESERVES.

When she is financially constricted and has to focus on earning the resources needed to pay for food, shelter and basic needs – this creates an environment that is stressful and harmful to her and to her child. And on a mass scale, has huge ramifications on a societal level.

The stress trickles down and is fed to the children. On so many levels. And when the parents engage in a battle that involves financial resources, specifically the finances which are tied to custody – the battle tends to turn into a bloody ongoing war that leaves no survivors.

I propose that we adopt a new understanding of the value of mothering. And as a group of consciously awakening people, that we do whatever we can to make sure each mother is physically supported during the first 7 years of the life of her child. I’m suggesting complete physical support so much so that she does not have to work away from that child for the first 7 years. In an environment of her choice.

It is possible.

Originally posted @ Birth Without Boundaries


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