The Secret of Attaining Inner Freedom

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We are all seeking inner freedom from our negative thoughts and emotions. Some seek this freedom through religion which promises salvation to those who live an honorable life – a life of self-sacrifice, kindness and charitable deeds for others who are less fortunate than us. Others seek inner freedom by living authentically and connecting with divine source in their own way. On some level, we are all seeking the promise of peace and happiness that a few rare individuals in our lives seem to embody, but how do they attain it? What is the magical formula which will allow us to fully realize our inner freedom? What if I told you that this formula doesn’t really exist? That the only thing that you need to do is release all of your negative thoughts and emotions using a very simple method that will give you the golden ticket to your inner freedom right now. Would you do it? Would you invest your time in you to have this freedom?

Lester Leverson, the creator of the Release Technique™ knew all about inner freedom. At the age of 42 his doctor told him that he only had a few more days to live. He went home and pondered this diagnosis and thought, “Well, it doesn’t look like the doctors are going to help me, so I’d better figure out how I can save my own life.” Being a scientist gave him a keen analytical mind that allowed him to go over his life and carefully analyze every detail. He realized that he was the healthiest during the times that he was happy and in a positive mindset, but he was often sick when he was in a negative mindset. This led him to the understanding that there was a direct correlation between our negative emotions and thoughts and how this leads to the creation of illness. He decided to test his theory by spending the next three days and nights releasing all of his negative thoughts and emotions – every judgment about anyone, any considerations that were locking him up, all his anger, disappointment, etc. It may seem hard to believe, but after three days of releasing all of these thoughts and emotions, he was no longer sick. In fact, he stayed healthy for another 40 years, never seeing another doctor again. Lester died at the ripe old age of 82.

Many people say he lived a magical life because from that day onward, Lester radiated love and positivity towards all beings and never wanted for anything. He discovered true inner freedom for himself, but he didn’t stop there. He wanted everyone to have the possibility of attaining their own inner freedom too, so he created an amazingly simple system for clearing our own negative emotions and thoughts.

I have recently begun using the Release Technique™ on myself and I’m truly amazed by the results. In one instance my two dogs got into a serious fight. They were tearing into each other and one of the dogs had the other by the throat. I was panicking as I tried to drive them apart. After several minutes of screaming and throwing water on both of them, I managed to separate them. I sat down on my sofa breathing heavily, heart racing and hands still shaking. At that moment, I was at a level 15 with my anxiety. I decided to try the Release Technique™ inviting the anxiety to come up. This is done verbally by saying: “Would you be willing to accept even more? Yes. And more? Yes. And even more? Yes,” until you can feel a perceptible shift. I still felt about a 5 after this process, so I asked my anxiety, “Would you like to go?” I got a yes, as all negative feelings and thoughts usually want to go. Then I said, “Anxiety, I totally love you. I love you no matter what. I’ll love you if you stay and I’ll love you if you go.” I took another deep breath and I realized that my anxiety was completely gone. I almost felt like I was in a meditative state. It was pretty incredible that something so simple could be that effective. There was a part of me that almost didn’t believe that it was possible, yet here I was sitting on the sofa totally at ease and breathing completely normal now. I felt so grateful that I had learned a technique that could help me in such a powerful way.

So if you don’t know where to begin, here’s Lester’s Self-Growth Yardsticks:

  1. We know only that which we can do. What can I do?
  2. Am I completely at peace?
  3. How loving am I? Do I love all beings?
  4. Do I accept full responsibility for whatever happens to me?
  5. Am I desireless? Do I have no attachments and no aversions?
  6. Am I free to do or not to do the things I want or don’t want to do?
  7. Do I grant others their beingness?
  8. Am I accepting of the world and the people around me?
  9. Am I accepting of myself?
  10. Am I completely free from reacting to people’s wishes and thoughts?
  11. Am I disturbed?
  12. Am I able to express myself clearly, freely and truthfully?
  13. Am I able to be alone and at peace?
  14. Is my life simple? (The further we are from the One, the more complex everything is.)



Michele is a Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine practitioner, Transformational Coach, Teacher & Writer who specializes in transforming people’s lives using a variety of tools. She receives direct transmissions from her guides, enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues and assist them with resolution. She has lived on Bali for 11 years & incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique healing & coaching practice, providing a transformational healing experience for everyone she encounters

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