The Sounds of the Planets: Meditate to These


Written by Cassius Methyl

I recently discovered a “Voyager: Symphonies of the Planets” series, on YouTube, in which NASA converted electromagnetic waves into sound and audio clips were created out of them; converting waves into sound to actually “listen to the planets.”

Every planet seems to fit its “sound,” and I think its a great thing to meditate to. Listen to the sounds of the planets in YouTube videos below.

Well put by Stuff to Blow Your Mind

“Yep, I’m listening to “Symphonies of the Planets,” the five-volume collection of ambient space drone music released in 1992 by Lasterlight Records. When Voyager I and II made their 5-billion-mile journey across the solar system, the probes recorded electromagnetic waves in the soundless void of space surrounding Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

For instance, the probes picked up the interaction of solar wind on the planets magnetospheres, which releases ionic particles with an audible vibration frequency. Essentially, we can then translate these waves into sound waves and put them on an album. The probes also recorded:

  • Waves from the magnetosphere
  • Trapped radio waves bouncing between each planet and the inner surface of its atmosphere
  • Electromagnetic field noise in space itself
  • Charged particle interactions of each planet, its moons and solar wind*Waves from charged particle emissions from the rings of some planets “





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