The Sovereign's Way

Written by Greg Paul – Director of New Earth Project

Once upon a time I, like most people in this world, believed that I had a name and that this name was my identity. I believed that money had intrinsic val- ue and I believed that if I had enough of it I could positively affect the world. I believed that everyone ought to pay their taxes for the greater good. I be- lieved that statute was law, and that those laws were there for the benefit of all. I believed that the health service would fix my ills, that the education system would impart knowledge, and that the police force would help me in my hour of need. I believed that war could be just, that the news told the truth, and that there really was a free market economy. But most of all I believed that I was a free man.

As many of us now begin to discover the truths of our times we come to see that most if not all the beliefs which have hitherto comprised our reality framework are false.

And as this blazing light of truth casts no shadows behind which we can hide, we are faced with a simple choice; to pretend as we have done before that we are not the problem, or to quit feeding the beast and become the solution – the solution that requires nothing more of us than to embrace our sovereign birthright and to act in each moment ac- cording to the dictates of our conscience.



The ‘system’ which we have hitherto sanctioned is predicated on fear and conflict, it rewards service to self, inspires hostility toward our brothers and sisters, and stimulates the secret yet constant battle for a limited source of energy; the only intelligible reason for its existence is that through relentless exposure to its apparent evils, it may eventually come to show us that which we are not – the necessary catalyst for our voyage of self-discovery.

And as it fulfills this most noble of purposes, and as we resultantly endeavour to withdraw from its psychosis, this ‘system’ simply pulls us further in; the more we resist it the stronger its grip – eager to retain its psychological stronghold; to harvest one’s energy; to limit one’s potential.

The only way out, ironically, is to go within – this system thrives on mind, in fact it is the mind – existing nowhere but the collective minds of those who empower it. The only way to rise above its perceived control, is to cease to identify with that which it controls – mind… to discover the majestic stillness underlying all experience and embrace its perfection as the core of what and who we are – where the simple truth that it never existed in the first place becomes the cosmic joke of life on earth.

This is all very well I hear you say, but how do I attain the peace of mind necessary to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat? What practical steps ought I to take to alter the way I am viewed by a system which seeks to limit this evolution? How
do I break the chains which seek to bind; media propaganda and manipulation, the unconscious fear tactics of those around me?…

The questions never stop, and the answers, such that they are, lead only to further questions… but what if we stopped for just a moment to ask the only question that matters – who (or what) am I who is seeking the answer to these questions?

This self-inquiry is the nexus point. Unfortunately many of us do not wish to know the answer, para- lysed by the subconscious fear that when we look deep enough we will find that nothing is there. The amazing thing is that when we do pluck up the courage to take a good hard look we discover that, in the abject aloneness, beneath all the layers of the proverbial onion which make us weep, exists infinitely more company, support and strength than in the sum total of every temporal experience or relationship combined – what remains is a unified self which is superior in every way; stronger, wiser, undivided, and with a capacity for love and good will that is nothing short of biblical.



The sovereign condition then, is one where all questions have fallen away; where freedom is not something I attain but something I recognize to be what I already am and have been all along; where I need not seek permission in order to live according to my conscience; where love and compassion are my guiding force…

Because the bottom line is that I am freedom, I am the law, I am compassion, I am love and I am you and as soon as this fundamental truth becomes a living part of my reality framework, I will have all the tools I need to walk through the world as a king – now at last I have set foot to path – now, at last, all other questions answer themselves… What gives others power over me? I do… Why is the world I live in coloured by war, fear and scarcity? Because I permission it.

I Am the Source, I Am the problem and I Am the solution!



Waiting until we have all the answers before taking any action is not the solution – our lives are our teacher; our experiences the lesson. You want a life of prosperity, harmony and abundance – create it, here, now…

Fear does not subside until we face it, and face it we must, for only in pulling back the curtain do we see the wizard for what he is. And when we do, with full faith, make a concerted effort to take conscious action in the face of fear; to engage in meaningful self-inquiry; to engage the creative process, we are assured to reap the fruits of what we sow.

As with everything which is worthwhile, a leap of faith is necessary. Prior to making that leap, the
gap which we wish to bridge is unfathomable – the imaginings of our rational mind envisage a chasm requiring an impossible leap. This is a lie – the leap is but a step; the chasm but a crack. And all we need to make that step is a little trust; trust in our self as creator of our own reality, and trust in the power of the universal to deliver our creations.

Put the kettle on – I’m coming home!


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