The Vaccination Epidemic – Parental Rights Getting Shot Down


Written by Landee Martin

Today we live in a world where parental rights and freedoms are under siege. Laws requiring parental consent have long been a part of our legal system. However, within that system, the extraor-dinary legal scenario has been the one that bypass- es parental wishes in order to administer medical treatments deemed in the “best interest of the child.” So if the state believes a child is in danger, they abridge the authority of the parents, and or-der what they deem necessary medical treatment, such as a blood transfusion, and more recently, chemotherapy for a young teen. But are they tak-ing it too far with forced vaccination laws?

This movement away from parental rights is ex-ploding in recent legislation spreading across this nation like an infectious disease. There have been at least 110 bills introduced across 36 states since the sensationalized Disneyland measles story in Los Angeles, CA. Some states introduced Draconian legislation, despite having only 1 measles case. This appears to be an orchestrated attack on our rights. There were only 166 confirmed cases of measles

out of 320 million people in the population- some were vaccinated and some were not. Who’s sound-ing the alarm? There were no deaths due to this outbreak and there have not been any deaths in the US for over 12 years due to the measles. In contrast, preventative medical mistakes are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually. Where is the legislation for safer medical practice?

Despite the realities of deaths due to medicine and vaccines, and no true health emergency in the US, politicians and their cohorts at Big Pharma, are fast-tracking our rights down the drain. They are lying to the mainstream and blaming the measles outbreak on the unvaccinated population. They are throwing around terms and theories like “herd immunity” to convince the public more need to be vaccinated, when we are actually at an all-time high percentage of vaccinations. In CA, for in- stance, we have a 96% immunization rate for MMR. That should sufficiently meet the “herd immunity” requirements for this state. Herd immunity is a myth, which can easily be dispelled by documented outbreaks of measles in places like China, who have a 99% vaccination rate. If vaccines were efficacious, outbreaks like this would not be occurring.


We currently have a higher percentage of MMR vaccination, both as a state and as a nation(96.1%, 91.9%) than we did when measles was declared “eliminated” by the CDC in 2000(90.5%). If there are increases in outbreaks, it’s clearly due to higher vaccination rates. Every single outbreak has con-tained both unvaccinated and vaccinated persons. Without a true public health threat and with vac-cination rates at an all time high, CA Senators Pan and Allen have introduced senate bill 277, which removes a parent’s right to decline or delay vac-cinations for their children due to religious beliefs or personal conscientious objections. It is clear they will go to any length to pass this unnecessary Draconian bill.

I personally witnessed the underhanded politics taking place at the capitol during the education committee hearing on April 15, 2015, where around a thousand parents, Drs, lawyers, nurses, teachers, scientists, and even a former Merck employee, all showed up to express their opposition to this bill. It was clear our presence impacted the senators and Senator Pan could not answer the questions the committee had about this bill. One senator actually referred to the bill as “Draconian”. The committee chair, Senator Carol Lu, advised Pan and his co- author Senator Allen, not to take a vote and granted him another week to work on the bill. Instead of saying Thank you and moving on, they turned to consult with and get advice from two lobbyists at the hearing. Turns out, one of them is the senior lobbyist for the CA Medical Association, and the other, Jodie Hicks, is a special interest lobbyist who works for a private company. Her daughter can be seen in campaign commercials supporting Senator Pan. It is clear; Pan is taking marching orders from these lobbyists, something that is illegal according the CA law.

After postponing the vote in the face of opposition, the committee decided they would hold a “vote- only” hearing the following week and not allow any testimony from the opposition. During the week, they removed a Senator who was in strong op- position to the bill, and added two more Senators, one of which was Senator Bill Monning, who had already voted yes on the health committee. This also gave Senators Pan and Allen a week to lobby the other senators who had concerns and silence them before the vote only hearing. Coincidentally, Vermont did the same exact thing when faced with opposition from the community. They decided to hold a vote only hearing and passed it anyway. It

is clear our legislators are motivated by more than community interest. So what could it be?

It’s about money and lots of it. The problem isn’t unvaccinated children, it’s Big Pharma and their desire to get your money. Senator Pan has accepted over $63,000 in campaign donations just from pharmaceutical organizations. Several of these senators have received monies in the same way and this is a clear violation of ethics.


All these Draconian bills occurred on the heels of the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, being granted immunity by President Obama. Dr. Thompson admitted the CDC has known about and covered up a link between autism and vaccines for the last 13 years. Add to that, a whistleblower from Merck, who states they lied about the efficacy of the mumps vaccine, and the fact that every single pharmaceutical company has pleaded guilty to fraud in the last few years.

Last week, despite considerable opposition, once again, sb277 flew through the judiciary committee with a 5 to 1 vote. It seems sb277 has blown ef-fortlessly by three committees, but these Senators may have an uphill battle getting this bill passed as the CA Constitution grants every child the right to a public education. Children with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis are all allowed to move freely in society and attend school without question. These contagious children play sports, climb the monkey bars on the playground, and eat in the cafeteria, all freely. In fact, they are protected against discrimination and confidentiality laws re-garding their disease status. The US Dept of Educa-tion Office for Civil Rights states “Discrimination based solely on the fear of contagion is discrimina-tion.” How can Senator Pan justify denying healthy children, who are not contagious, their rights to an education, based on the false assumption that they may “someday” get a rare disease and become con-tagious? This is not exercising the least restrictive means to allow for children to be educated in the state of CA. This is segregation and discrimination on a minority of the population. As we all know, separate is NOT equal.

If these laws pass, the state will be able to coerce parent’s who cannot afford to quit their jobs and home school into vaccinating, which includes known risks up to and including death. The only other option is to allow their children to be truant. Thus, the state is making the conscious decision to murder and maim some children, no matter how few, who cannot qualify for a medical exemption even though they’ve had a past vaccine reaction. This is all to protect children in school who are 95% or more vaccinated (protected). There are only 2.5% of children in the state of CA with a personal or religious exemption to vaccination at present.

Who decides how many deaths, disabilities, or injuries are a fair trade for the “greater good?” The morality of forcing others to inject themselves to “protect” others, who are already believed to be “protected” by means of vaccination, must be weighed equally against the morality of mandat-ing medical procedures known to cause injury and death to healthy individuals.

This shift towards letting the state dictate what happens with our children’s bodies is a slippery slope the majority of parent’s prefer not to go down. These bills violate the first amendment and the fourteenth and fifth amendments of the US Con-stitution, as well as the entire Nuremberg Code. When we see medicine veering from the Hippo-cratic Oath, like we’ve seen time and time again in history, we should be alarmed. The atrocities that have occurred in history behind the guise of “The Greater Good” are far too many to list here, but they are real, they did occur, and they happened at the hands of the US and the doctors who served the state. We must confront the moral shortcom-ings in medicine, like vaccinating children without full informed consent, and refusing to provide credible, unbiased science regarding vaccines. We and only we are the voice of our children. They are being crippled by a system that is profit-driven and corporate owned, and it is clear the politicians are bought and owned by Big Pharma and are using the backs of our children to make their fortune.

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Landee Martin has a Bachelor of Science in Psy-chology focusing on research methods. While do- ing social work and planning to attend law school, she took a fresh turn instead and started her own business. She owned and operated that for about 10 years, and sold it in January 2011. She recently launched her website Landee is an activist for vaccine-choice and has been happily married for 20 years.

Originally posted @ The Sovereign Voice


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