The Wake Up Call


Written by Melissa Booysen

Present reality is the manifestation of past thoughts and actions. As a collective consciousness, we have created this world we call home, and even though we’ve created some amazing diversity, in its current state it’s not hard for us to see the chaos we’ve conceived. We all know that our planet is going through a lot of turmoil, but my message is not to spread that fear any further, so please bear with me.

If you turn on the news each day, its easy to see how the media attempts to control the masses through the spreading of fear.

“Everybody run! Bombs are flying and the planet is dying. Cruelty and hate are rampant and the safest option to survive is to stay in our homes, locked away, disconnected and trembling in fear, but hey, buy this amazing new hair product to look great for that next date because obviously your natural raw beauty is lacking without this product in your life.”

Yes, these things and a lot worse are happening, and so many souls are looking for answers. We ask why, and how we can “fix” it, but we find ourselves in an endless loop.  We repeat the daily activities of mindless self indulgent, robotic living, because what other option is there?



The truth is that this constant spread of fear is fabricated by those that carry the most fear. They fear being at the “bottom”, so it’s a constant struggle to stay at the “top”, and how better to do that than to keep those “beneath” them blinded?

The truth is that WE hold the power. The truth is that nothing material on this planet makes any one of us less worthy than the next sovereign Soul, even those spreading the fear. Money and status mean nothing when you look at the Soul. Even those in spiritual sanctuaries are equal to everyone else on this Earth.

Does this make those inflicting fear “bad”? Absolutely not! They are driven by the same fear that drives us, it just manifests in a different manner to them. The illusory power pyramid is in a constant struggle. The ones who appear to be on top, fight those beneath them to keep them where they are, and those who think they are at the bottom, desire the worldly things that the top possess; and it’s out of want instead of need that this illusion is maintained.  As a collective, we have forgotten who we truly are, but empathy and compassion will soon be remembered, because WE ARE ONE. We are eternal reflections of each other, designed by infinite love in it’s purest form. It is our nature to establish connection and harmony with all that is.

The good news doesn’t stop there. At the present time, the world as you know it is in the process of exponentially growing beyond the old paradigm. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said it best – “ The only constant is change”, change can be hard, but to refuse change can be fatal.

Many people in the spiritual community have heard the phrase “The Paradigm Shift”, but if you’re new to it, let me tell you, we are living in exciting times. The phrase originated from the scientific revolution of new discoveries, but has grown to mean much more in the spiritual community, and it’s being driven right now by many agents of change.

The spiritual paradigm shift is a revolution and transformation into a new way of thinking and of higher consciousness.  In this new era, our societies become integrated in love, sovereignty, genuine expression, compassion and innovation. Human kind has gradually been waking up and remembering our true nature over thousands of years, and that process is now moving at a rapid speed that will shake every concept of reality ever created.

Up until recent years, our spiritual consciousness has been driven by religion, preaching rules, dogma and obedience, but this is all changing. New agents of spiritual change with innate timeless wisdom have been showing up since the late 70’s called ‘indigo’, ‘crystal’, and ‘star’ children.  I encourage everyone to research and learn more about this amazing new wave of souls, as they have been working closely with many other brave individuals in driving the change that we are now seeing and feeling. We are all reflections of each other, because the universe dwells in all of us; thus we are all directly a part of this collective shift. Yes the world is in turmoil, the conspiracy theories are somewhat true,  but none of it has power over us if we all decide to create something new.




First, start acting compassionately. Too often I see people turn a blind eye to suffering because of fear and comfort. Let’s be honest, no one really likes to hear about starving children, or to see videos of animal cruelty. Too often people lash out in anger, “We don’t want to see that, it’s too depressing, we can’t handle it”, and then they go back to their meals, and their constant consuming while the world needs an act of compassion, and why? Because it’s uncomfortable, confrontational and painful to know and witness the truth. I myself have been there, but I made a choice to learn, and to discover what was necessary and right for my personal journey. It was not easy, and many times I found myself heart broken at what we have created.  But in not knowing, and in doing nothing, we are sending the message to the universe that this is okay. Then there are those of us who do know, but don’t know how to help. For these ambivalent souls, change must come from within!

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation”  – Lao Tzu

It is time to create something new, and to do that, we first need to reach a new state of being and find clarity within ourselves. Begin meditating, and if meditation does not come easily to you, you may want to try out different positions or supplement with ambient music.  There are a variety of free guided meditations online to help you reach deep clarity. The self-discovery will unfold at the perfect time if you are patient in your efforts.

Connect with other souls who resonate with you, they will assist you on your journey as sacred mirrors, reflecting aspects of you previously unseen. If your passion is to see change in this world, your role in all of this will be shown to you as you look within. Allow your mind to open, hear that inner voice, heal what is internally broken, and when you find that undeniable peace, share it in whatever way brings you joy.

Reconnect with nature and humble yourself before all lifeforms. The power pyramid needs to be broken down. Why do humans assume they are superior on Earth? How is it that animals understand us, yet the majority of humans don’t understand them or each other? If that’s truly the case, who is more intelligent?

Why are plants inferior because they don’t display intelligence on our level? They are still able to communicate with nature and each other, therefore they must have some sentience, right? What would plants and animals say about our level of intelligence? What would they say about us poisoning ourselves and each other, and killing out of fear? What of our constant struggle for power and superiority?

I think there’s a lesson we can learn from looking at nature and its connection to all things. We can see how the natural world is holistic and integrated in every way, and it has thrived for millions of years. We’ve become disconnected from this whole, and it happened through deliberate and subconscious manifestations. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reconnect. All living beings are a part of Source Consciousness, and every being, plant, animal or human, is equally important in the unfolding of creation.




To live purely from the heart, we have to demote the brain as the dominant influence over our beings. The brain is a beautiful organ, and it plays it’s part, however it is given far too much value over the importance of our heart. Did you know that our hearts actually have their own neural network?

Recent research in neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ- a sophisticated centre for receiving and processing information. The nervous system inside the heart (much like the brain, if not more sophisticated), enables the heart to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brains cerebral cortex.

The signals the heart continuously sends to the brain influence the function of higher brain centres which influence perception, cognition and emotional processing. The heart is also the first organ developed in utero. Before our brains, bodies and limbs are developed, our hearts are beating. Please take the time to watch this short video on the science of the heart, and do more research for yourself.

Surely we can see how important the heart is for our journey through life. If emotions are processed by the heart, then start asking yourself why it is that these emotions of love, kindness and empathy have been dulled in our world today? The only reasonable answer I can think of is because of the knowledge that so much power comes from living and giving from the heart, and to anyone fearful of that, the heart is a dangerous weapon of change.

Treat your heart like a friend. When something doesn’t feel right, or when making decisions, run those thoughts and feelings by your heart like you would a trusted friend.

Take all concerns and hurt into your heart space. That sacred space knows all, and will guide you to where you need to be in that moment. Speak from your heart. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, despite the warning signs your brain will send you.

The brain is what tells you that you are alone, but your heart knows the truth is connection to all. As the vessel that carried your soul into this reality, trust that your heart knows all, including your origins. There is a reason that the heart is the centre of the Chakra System. Many people refer to the heart as the seat of the soul. It is there because it acts as our balancing point and our guide, learn to trust it and the intuition it provides.

Allow some silence into your life. Be still and listen as intuition speaks from your heart. It will be the small quiet voice that your brain usually overrides. Intuition is never pushy in nature, and can easily be lost in the chaos of the mind. Allowing yourself some quiet time to reflect and listen will enable intuition to be heard, and when trusted, it becomes louder.

Meditation is the best way to quiet the mind. It allows us to be an observer without judgement. It allows us to feel our thoughts as opposed to entertaining them. This act immediately takes power away from any thoughts not serving our highest good. Thoughts are energy, and if you entertain thoughts that don’t serve your highest good, you end up manifesting undesired outcomes in your life.


Allow yourself the freedom to express. The mind holds back our truest nature, and that which our heart truly needs. Start listening to others from the heart, truly understanding what is being communicated to you. Try to feel their words and emotions. Remember not everyone around you will communicate from their hearts, which means their own minds may cause confusion and miscommunication. This is why it is vital to feel before we think.

This is how we practise healing, compassion and forgiveness, as well as discernment of truth. Living from the heart bares the fruit of humility, which brings knowledge that we truly are one, without judgement and preconceived ideas formed in the mind. Knowing that we are nothing more or less than another soul is true connection and a reminder that we are eternal reflections of each other. Getting closer to the heart is a way for us to reconnect with the universe in which we came from and carry within us.

So how does this help change our world? Well put simply, the heart controls the processing of our emotions and feelings, and the most important of those is LOVE, and when you see love in its purest raw energy, you see that it is the opposite of fear. In a world driven by fear, one simple change that everyone can do, is to love. Love yourself, and with all your heart love others. I’m not talking about the love portrayed by the world, the love that has been twisted into quotes such as “love kills slowly”. That is not love, that is the mind putting up walls by twisting the truth.

The love I am referring to is unconditional love. The love that doesn’t judge, or love on the condition that it receives in return. Many people have a formed idea of what love is. What they don’t see is that unconditional love is prevented from manifesting when it is controlled by ideals, because the conditions we place on it stops it’s natural flow. Love seeks understanding and embraces differences. It is authentic, healing and it sees you where you are in this moment, just as you are. It embraces wholeness, likes, dislikes and should be the intention of all creation.  Regularly ask yourself what you love, and why you love it, allowing yourself to feel.

Healing, happiness and abundant living will follow. It won’t always be easy, but I promise you it will be fruitful, satisfying and world changing. By all means follow other paths of change that you feel resonate with you. Join organizations that promote change in an area you’re passionate about, but let your heart be your guide through all.

Namaste, beautiful Souls.

Originally posted @ New Earth Institute – Academy of Consciousness & Spirituality


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