This Short Film Reveals a Powerful Lesson in the Alchemical Understanding of the Heart


Written by Jennifer Sodini

The initiate’s will seeks powerful mediums that can tickle our senses and awaken our imagination. Finding that piece of art, whether you found it, or it found you, is the reward best left within the spoils of our heart. The greatest art will introduce hallucinations in our mind and the heart will lead us to find a greater perspective in the poetic allegory that’s hidden, yet causing a great effect. This is the great work, being communicated throughout the ages through an evolving door of art and entertainment. The complicated nature of a lesson is sometimes best “felt” through sight and sound – and sometimes, all we need is a feeling, because its more than a feeling. Understanding through the experience of what’s felt and understood.

The alchemist knows the powerful mystery of the heart, as something that sets great intention into all things is the key of transformation.  The ‘gold’ is but an allegory of what an be made sacred and valuable through the intention of the “alchemist”. Whether it’s something deified like the dollar bill, which is only paper, but through it’s alchemical evolution, it’s transformed to symbolize wealth, fortune, freedom, and “gold”. We see money as something so much more than what it is materially. The philosopher’s stone is the heart, an all powerful machine of magick which  allows the manifestation of the mind beyond the material world, giving life, history, and value to anything we can pass on to our fellow man.

This incredible short animation, The Alchemist’s Letter, found usA last life lesson from a father to his son through a machine powered by his memories. An astonishing and visually remarkable work brought to fruition by a kickstarter campaign, directed by former Student Academy Award® finalist Carlos Andre Stevens and narrated by John Hurt.

Bonus : behind the scene.

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