Truth Is…


Truth is a personal journey. Only the inner

Self knows what real truths feel like. The path

of enlightenment will ultimately lead

One to seek out truth.

Truth is light. Often one is

unaware of truth’s absence, until it

illuminates the soul. It will shine abundantly

once the quest for it begins.

Truth is empowering. What the

mind can comprehend increases

exponentially, after the realization

that it is available to be sought.

Truth is inspiring. Along with truth comes

the knowledge that many others have dedicated

much effort into learning that which has been

hidden, in order to share with the universe.

Truth is tantalizing. Obtaining truths

creates a desire to share what one has found.

Keep in mind the significance that the receiver

must in turn discover their own craving

to initiate that personal journey.

Above all Truth is acceptance.

It requires a responsibility to take action,

armed with truths newly found.

For what good is Truth if it is not used

to benefit the universe?

~Peace, Love & Namaste