Turning Illusions into Solutions on Social Media


Written by Jennifer Sodini

Artwork by: Chris Collins | nonsensethoughts.com

Artwork by: Chris Collins | nonsensethoughts.com

A few weeks ago an Instagram model named Essena O’Neill decided to quit Instagram, after revealing the “life” she was living on social media was a lie (see video below).

Opinions of her decision were polarizing…ranging from some calling O’Neill “brave” and “inspiring” – while others questioned her true intentions. Wherever you fall on the spectrum in relation to her choice, O’Neill’s change of heart is something that struck a chord with our own experience.

Social media can become an addiction, as bad as any other drug. It’s intoxicating, hypnotic, habit-forming, and at times completely detrimental. While it has the power to influence, inspire, change lives, and connect you to new friends – finding balance between the good and the bad…the virtual reality and this reality can be a challenge.

It’s so easy to get lost in the illusion of numbers, likes, and comments. The bigger the numbers get, the easier it is to begin experiencing feelings of fear, judgement, and worry – it can be incredibly exciting, yet simultaneously overwhelming. However, it’s important to find the solution to the illusion(s), to breathe and know that “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

Every day is a chance to learn something new about yourself and to discover where there is room to stretch, grow, and expand – the contrasting experiences are what allow you to become a powerful teacher, so you can share your lessons with the world.

Social media is an incredible platform that provides us access to millions, and if the millions we influence continue to influence millions – we each can claim our power to create something beautiful, to be agents of change…and that’s where the illusion dissolves, and the solution comes forward.

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution


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