Unity Consciousness – Another Perspective

I realize that the term Unity Consciousness is being used a lot lately. This can be a bit daunting or maybe even frightening to our egos when it is not explained or understood. Egos may believe that they will be consumed by a master will. Individuals may think they will lose their individuality. But it isn’t like that at all. It is a bit more complex but I would like to explain it in a way that should be easy to understand for everyone.

Let us take a journey into your consciousness. Imagine with me for a moment that you are in the middle of a calm ocean lying flat on a surfboard. This is the common consciousness that is mostly asleep letting the tides of the ocean determine the direction. Now let us stand up and get our balance here. Great! This is the beginning of awakening, becoming aware of your surroundings and standing in discernment. Knowing who you are and who you are not. More and more of us are reaching this stage every day!

Now let us look around. There are some small waves forming nearby. Let us call these waves: “family”, and “teams”. Use your balance and discernment to ride the waves of consciousness over to the “family” wave. This should be comfortable, feel what it is like to be your family unit as a whole. Experience your family as a living organism, each person a unique cell in the whole. See what you can do as an individual to help the family grow and thrive.

Now let’s surf over to your “team” wave. See your team as a whole organism and learn from the perspective as the whole. Really move into the consciousness of the whole with all of them together, all of you experiencing the whole at once. Imagine what this will do to the dynamics of sports as we know it!

Look in the distance there is a HUGE wave towering high on the horizon. Let’s surf over to this wave we will call “Humanity”. Yes, experience consciousness from the perspective of the Human organism as a whole. Can you imagine? We will get there someday and sooner than you might think. Now the beautiful part about this is that you are free to move around. You are always free to return to Yourself, alone standing on your surf board in awareness and discernment of who you are and who you are not. Bringing back the awareness and experience of the whole back to your Self the individual to further define who you really are.

This is what Unity Consciousness is all about. It is not about losing yourself but about finding out who you really are.

Surf’s up my friends get out there and ride the waves!


Written by Lee Nelson who is a spiritual being experiencing the human vibration. He is a yogi, reiki practitioner, tai chi practitioner, shaman, athlete, dreamer, nature lover, gardener, crafter, sun-gazer, vegan nutritionist, sometimes hermit, playful philosopher, and lover of life. He serves as a channel for healing and the guidance to raising vibrations to any who ask.