Unwanted Houseguests!


Written by E. Cragg

These unwanted houseguests are parasites, the most common parasite being Giardia, which is very easy to “acquire”. They are unfortunately also very efficient at hiding in your intestinal tract and causing utter havoc in their wake! Unfortunately, many diseases are often incorrectly diagnosed, when in fact they are due to a severe parasitic infestation, apparently all too common these days not only in Australia but worldwide. Luckily, many an alternative health professional are now starting to checking the parasitic load of their patients, before they commence treatment for many of the 21st century common diseases they are presented with.

These little critters can take up residence in your gut with ease. For example, if you are eating some raw fish, which has not been frozen for at least 48 hours before consuming it, you have a very good chance of ingesting parasites. Of course, the most common way of acquiring these unwanted houseguests is via our municipal water supply. Either by drinking the water or (for example) when you are washing your lettuce with infected tap water, you can easily pick up Giardia. Another hazard is eating out, because if the restaurant staff has not implemented the necessary strict food safety protocols, they can easily pass on Giardia or any other variant of a parasite to you. Giardia is apparently very common in many local municipal water supplies here in Australia as well as all over the United States. We therefore always recommend only drinking, cooking and preparing foods with pure, filtered water.

The question begs: how to most effectively get rid of these unwanted guests. You could use an herbal formula or I myself use different protocols, such a totally natural substance called Diatomaceous Earth. I prefer the latter and use it every 6 months or so to facilitate a good cleanse of my intestines.

Fact – if you share your life with a member of the four-legged kind, then you most likely will have parasites and I would therefore strongly advise you to de-worm yourself and your pet every 6 – 12 months, making sure that your micro-biome can function at its best, without having to deal with the fall out of a parasitic infestation.

Please note that if one member of the family has parasites, then the rest of the family has to be treated at the same time, due to the fact that the parasites will most certainly have been easily shared amongst all the members of your family.

Be aware, an invasion of these intruders will leave you with their toxic waste to deal with. Consider the simple fact that you most likely already have enough toxic stuff to get rid of in the first place! Think of the xenoestrogenic fumes you are inhaling when getting into a car, which has been exposed to the full sun for a few hours. The heated-up plastic dashboard emanates these toxic fumes, causing the interior of your car to become a veritable xenoestrogenic danger zone. The definition of xenoestrogen is: “Any of the by-products of industrial or chemical processing that have oestrogen-like effects! Also take into consideration all the foods that have been sprayed with fertilizers and phosphates, turning your meals into a veritable xenoestrogenic disaster. Need I go on….? You most likely have enough toxicity to deal with on a daily basis, even if you are very careful about where your food and water comes from. It would therefore be advisable—health-wise—to try and avoid as much as possible the additional toxic load, which an infestation of parasites can unleash on your poor micro-biome. In simple terms, a healthy gut = optimal health.


The Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits can be explained as following:

When one magnifies Diatomaceous Earth 7000 times, it kind of looks similar to a cylinder full of holes. This cylinder displays a very strong negative charge and as these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, and drug residues, E-coli and heavy metals. These unwelcome substances are then trapped inside these cylinders and are simply eliminated from your body in the normal fashion.

Larger parasites, which happen to be found in your intestines or attached to the digestive tract, are cut by the sharpness of the DE molecule and eventually die-off due to the damage done to their outer lining, eventually allowing the dead parasite to be safely eliminated. Suffice it to say, that all of these clean-up activities result in an overall much healthier micro-biome, negating sickness and restoring optimal health.

Here are two excellent links to website articles, where the benefits of DE are further described:

https://draxe.com/diatomaceous-earth/ and here: https://diatomaceous.org/

Apart from being a very effective parasite cleanse, there are many other direct health benefits such as:

  1. Getting bowel movements to be more regular.
  2. An overall healthier colon, especially when one gets older. Colonics are great, but they are expensive and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) can achieve much of what a colonic will do for you.
  3. Can give you extra energy and assist in better sleep (parasites, especially around the full moon can make a restful sleep difficult). More energy could be due to the fact that your intestinal walls are cleaner and therefore maximum absorption of the food nutrients can get through to your blood stream, generating energy.
  4. Can help with acne and psoriasis.
  5. Can encourage healthy hair and nails.
  6. No need for fillings at the dentist and encourages better gum-health.
  7. Can help to relieve some of the menopausal symptoms.
  8. If you are suffering from urinary tract problems, this could help you to alleviate this insidious problem.

Dr. Barbara Hendel, author of the excellent book, Water & Salt, states that Diatomaceous Earth contains good amounts of silica and according to her:

“Silica is the most important trace element in human health.

Silica plays an important role in the many bodily function and has a direct relationship to mineral absorption.”

You can buy food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) inexpensively in powder form from various web-based companies. DE is a fine powder that dissolves in water and therefore can be swallowed easily. It may taste a little gritty, depending on the individual source of DE. We would recommend you to include it in a smoothie or juice, especially when you are trying to give it to your children.

Many websites recommend taking Diatomaceous Earth on an empty stomach, starting small…and slowly working your way up to a higher dose. Initially begin with one heaped teaspoon added to a large glass of water (min. 300 – 350ml) 10 – 12 ounces. Mix vigorously and drink immediately. Start with one dose a day and then slowly work up to two doses per day.

If your body is toxic and has to eliminate a lot of parasites, you may experience what is commonly known as a “die off”, which represents itself as flu-like symptoms, usually lasting only a couple of days. You can counteract these symptoms of toxicity by increasing your fluid consumption. We would also recommend reducing your dose of DE for a couple of days until the “die off” symptoms have stopped.

It is also recommended to check out the different websites of the companies offering DE for sale to double-check their dosing instructions for yourself and your pets. Yes, you can use this very successfully on your pets and I know some chicken farmers, who use DE on their free-range chickens with great success. I have also given it to our little Border Terrier until her recent passing, due to old age.

Most websites suggest a dose in the morning and evening, depending on the severity of your infestation.

NOTE: If you are on any medication, please check with your primary physician on whether you can take Diatomaceous Earth alongside your allopathic medicine.

This natural product is one way to make sure you and your pets can regain or maintain a healthy micro-biome.

Stay happy and healthy.


Edith Cragg

CoolWellbeing Foundation


Additional Resource:http://wolfcreekranchorganics.com/library/diatomaceous_earth_worming.html

Here is a link to an excellent website giving the dosage for animals:




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