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(ANTIMEDIAEven as trust in the mainstream media wanes, Americans continue to fall victim to established narratives, waxing hysterical over everything from nuclear war and natural disasters to race wars and disease. But there is at least one voice of reason.

Enter JP Sears, the viral internet sensation who blends sarcasm with spiritually and humor with heavy topics. In his latest video — which is, unsurprisingly, going viral — he breaks down “How to be Mind Controlled.”

He opens the video:

Would you like the escape the horrible reality of thinking your own thoughts? Me too. Learning to have your mind controlled is your key to escaping the hell of thinking for yourself.”

He delves right into calling out the media for terrifying the population into obedience and submission.

Good evening,” he says. “Life is a dangerous tragedy. When you accidentally start feeling peaceful or start thinking about what’s really important to you, that’s your cue to turn on the news. We’ll make you scared instead. Then you’ll instinctively want someone to protect you, which will make you completely submissive and controllable to those who you think will protect you.”

Impersonating the average fear-mongered news consumer, JP Sears continues:

I live in a constant state of fear because scary things would happen if I wasn’t scared all the time.

Thinking for yourself is like going to the grocery store and bagging your own groceries,” he muses. “It’s just a lower-class way of thinking. It’s significantly more luxurious to have someone else bag your groceries for you.”

He also waxes existential, tackling the fundamental problem of consciousness in our modern society:

You’ll sleep better at night when you’re convinced to believe the thoughts in your head are your own. Because they’re in your mind, it’ll be easy for you to believe they came from your mind.”

You’re free to do anything we want you to do,” he says. “You need to be under the spell of fear to make you hypnotically suggestible.”

Poverty, disease, terrorism, war, nuclear war, cyber warfare, germ warfare, biochemical warfare, and death are all wonderful things to be afraid of. Then it’s much easier for you to be controlled because you’ll be convinced to do whatever they want you to do because you’ll think doing so will help you avoid one of the things you’re afraid of.

Sounds about right. This sentiment also aligns with what JP Sears, who started his career as an emotional healing coach, told Anti-Media in an interview earlier this summer. “We as a society, and I mean this in the most loving way … I think we as a society have positioned ourselves as helpless victims bleeding out of power,” he said, referring in particular to the chaos that has enveloped the age of Trump.

He also believes much of the strife we see in society is a result of people’s inner struggles, which are often projected back out into the real world and political world.

We’ll help you obsessively monitor large-scale politics because it’ll help you ignore your own life,” he says sarcastically in his recent video.

“If you feel worse after watching [the news], then you’re doing better.

As he said of political language during our interview:

I think it is an incredibly low vibrational, low consciousness trap of a languageI think political language is not engineered to understand, accept or connect. I think it’s a language based out of the building blocks of separation.”

This is, again, reflected in “How to be Mind Controlled.”

The scary thing is that if you went a day without watching the news, you’d start to notice that there are a lot more things to appreciate than there are to be afraid of,” he says. “That’s why it’s important to watch the news every day. Preferably three times a day.”

Imagine the disaster that would happen if you got in touch with your passions. It might lead you to want to do things that are outside of your thrilling coffin of conformity. Then you’d probably end up getting shot at point-blank range by a nuclear missile and eaten by wolves. It’s a scary world out there.”

As JP Sears told us:

To me, humor can be an awakening language where we listen and consider something that we otherwise wouldn’t even listen to in the first place,” he said. “So, how that works, in my delusional opinion, is that humor is a language of connection, full stop.”

He has made similar videos on topics ranging from the American Heart Association’s condemnation of coconut oil to the 2016 election, as well as the yoga and spiritual communities, vegans, and Millennials.

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