Hello everyone.  I’ve added a new category today I’m calling “Visitors”. The purpose of this new blog section will be to post the videos from YouTube and many other sources of possible galactic visitations caught on film.  What’s the use of an “awareness” blog anyhow without displaying the best of the thousands of good sightings caught on film each year.


I will do my best to only show what I feel resonates and appears to be authentic.  Although this is a task that will be very difficult.  There are so many editing tools these days it’s hard to tell the real videos from the fakes.  And I am by no means an expert at breaking down these films.  I’m simply going to post what looks good.


Out of the thousands of videos, 99% may be false.  But if 1% are authentic or even only 1 of these videos, that proves without a doubt that we are being visited by intelligent life forms from another world.  Or to put it simply, intelligent galactic civilizations are fact. I do not need vindication from my government and neither should you.

I would like to include any of me readers to participate in these posts for this section if you are interested.  If you have a video, or personally know of anyone else that has a video and would like to have it posted here in the “Visitors” category please email me the link or the information about the video to [email protected]. You may also feel free to message me on Facebook at the Resonation page here:

Please include your name and any other names associated with the film.  Also please include the date of the film and location.


First I want to start with the top 10 UFO sightings of 2013 posted by a source known as AnonymousFO.




The second video is the top 20+ sightings of 2013 from Third Phase of the Moon.




Please enjoy and don’t forget to send me some videos if you have them!

Have a great day!




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