Want To Help The Environment, End Animal Suffering, And Improve Your Health? Become A Reducetarian!


Written by Alanna Ketler

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact factory farming has on our environment, and of the horrors animals bred for consumption are forced to endure. The fact of the matter is, no one who is aware of what is going on behind closed doors wants to support it, but not everyone wants to give up meat and animal products. What if you could drastically lower your impact without having to completely overhaul your lifestyle? What if I told you it was not only possible, but easy to do? All you have to do is cut down your intake of animal products, and the amount you do so is up to you. It’s called a “reducetarian” diet, which simply means to consume less animals and animal products, however that translates for you.

We at CE are therefore very excited to share the #EatWithLove campaign with you all, and hope you will give this more moderate approach to vegetarianism a try.

From Their Website:

#EatWithLove is a global campaign designed to promote more compassionate eating. For those individuals who do not want to be vegan or vegetarian, the campaign encourages them to be reducetarians, individuals who eat less meat with respect to their own diets, sparing farmed animals from cruelty and saving wildlife from extinction. From the intelligence of dolphins to the gentleness of cows, there are thousands of reasons to be kind to all animals and #EatWithLove.

How Will This Help?

I understand how this may upset some vegans and vegetarians, but when you think about it in this way, not only is this concept getting people to eat less meat, but it allows them to see how easy it can be to follow a plant-based diet, even if only for some of the time. Every little bit really does help, and it is likely that people who follow this reduced animal diet will feel healthier and maybe even lose some weight as well, inspiring them to reduce even further. There really are so many reasons to give this a try. If everyone drastically lowered their animal consumption, we wouldn’t have to clear cut rainforests to provide land to grow food for factory farmed animals. Without the need to satisfy an increasingly untenable demand for meat, animals could be raised in a healthful and happy environment. By consciously replacing animal products with plants, we might begin to see meat consumption, should we still choose to indulge in it, as an occasional, special treat, rather than a daily right. And we might begin to reduce the toll that industrial agriculture has taken on the environment.

Check out the Tedx talk given by the creator of the reducetarian concept, Brian Kateman.

The Challenge

If you want to sign up for this #EatWithLove challenge, you can do so by following this LINK. This organization is trying to encourage people to take the pledge to eat less meat for only 30 days; the more people who sign up for this campaign, the more good we can do for the environment, and the more animal lives will be saved. You can sign up to take the pledge on their website, and there you can also find some valuable resources to help you make the most of this experience, such as recipes and staggering statistics! There are also some memes like the one below that you are encouraged to share to help spread the reducetarian message.


If you are someone who understands the importance of lowering your meat consumption for the sake of the environment, the welfare of animals, and your own health, and if you aspire to eat less meat, then you already are a reducetarian! Take the pledge today and help spread the word. Let’s save as many lives as possible!

Much Love

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution


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