Does Water Have a Memory and if so How Might its Memories Help Animals, Humans and Plants


Written by David Getoff

(NaturalHealth365) Before I cover the premise of water having a memory, I must dispel an almost universal belief by physicians and other educated skeptics. They incorrectly believe that we have the ability to measure, with scientific instruments and accuracy, all energies of any kind that would or might have any effect on animal or plant life and health.

This is a nice pipe dream but it simply is not true. Many energies have not yet even been discovered and so no one has made monitoring instruments for them. Others are known, but since we are not sure what all their variables are, we cannot determine with an instrument, what effects they might have on living things.

Before we talk about water – let’s take a closer look at energy…

Chi, Ki and prana are all words from different cultures which represent what is referred to as “Life Force Energy.”  If you were to completely analyze, in every known way and with all current technologies and equipment, a human body a few seconds before death and a few seconds after death it would contain all the same substances and yet one is alive and one is dead.

Other than calling it life force, what “force or energy” has left the body and why can we as yet not measure it? If we could, a whole new field of medicine would open up and we might learn what changes or out of balance conditions are actually causing numerous diseases and possibly how to re-balance the body to eliminate them.

Decades ago, Dr. John Nash Ott completed full lifespan research on the effects of different sources of lighting (electromagnetic frequencies of both visible and non-visible energies) on the health and lifespan of rats. His findings were incorporated into a fascinating documentary entitled, Exploring the Spectrum.

In order to determine whether this one variable, light, might alter health or lifespan, he did not use measuring devices to examine the variations in the emitted frequencies of the light sources. He instead constructed an enclosure where he could supply all the animals with the same food, the same air and the same water, but where he could illuminate each otherwise identical enclosure with one of many different types of light sources such as sunlight, coolwhite florescent tubes, pink fluorescent tubes, etc.

Only actual experimentation, like Dr. Ott set up and completed with his rats, is a valid method to determine whether this type of variable, in Ott’s case, light spectral energy, will have an effect and if so, what that effect might be. I highly recommend the reader to view this important documentary.

Truth revealed about the “energetics of water”

When it comes to water, we currently have the ability to test its pH, conductivity, resistivity, oxygen reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen content, temperature, hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), and surface tension. We can also have the water analyzed by any of various laboratories each of which will have differing abilities to test its content of: minerals, toxic metals, PCB’s, THM’s, MTBE, as well as numerous different pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bacteria and other pathogens, and many chemical agents such as solvents, pharmaceutical residues etc.

Of course we can easily test for chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride. Many of these can be tested fairly simply with proper equipment and in fact I can test for about 6 of the above with equipment I own. We cannot however, test any energetic component of water with any universally accepted equipment with the exception of temperature which is in fact an energetic component.

For those readers who have looked into some of the scientific research done by Konstantin Korotkov with Kirlian photography, you will understand that his testing devices (Kirlian cameras) can in fact register energies that cannot yet be tested with any other equipment. This lack of availability of testing equipment simply requires actual live experimentation be carried out with plants or animals.

This is the only way to see what possible results, as compared with controls, these alterations might produce. If you wish a short journey into this field, I suggest you read The Field by Lynn McTaggart and at the very least, watch the documentary on water entitled What We Know is a Drop.

Why should we care about the memory of water?

If water has a memory, which is documented fairly well in the movie referenced above, in what ways might that information be of use, and how might we be able to test the premise of its existence? Could or would the memory of water be harmful or helpful to humans, other animals and plants and if so what might we want it to remember?

How could we test the effects of water whose memory we believe we have altered? Here is where many skeptics and scientists diverge and this is sad, as this divergence has often slowed progress in many scientific fields.

There are numerous quotes which pertain to this problem. My two favorites are: “What gets us in trouble is not what we don’t know it’s what we know for sure, that just ain’t so.” (Josh Billings, but incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain) and “It Is impossible for anyone to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows.” (Epictetus (55 Ad – 135 Ad) – a Greek born Roman philosopher)

A skeptic or “know it all” simply says something is not possible and dismisses it. The true scientist might more likely say, “that is very unlikely, let’s set up an experiment to see if it is true”.

I have also found that the most intelligent people seem to be the least interested in discovering when they might be wrong and this includes numerous scientists and even more physicians. The book Science For Sale will give you a small journey into some of these issues.

Getting back to the memory of water…

There are a handful of “devices” which have been manufactured over the past few decades which claim to be able to alter the “memory” and/or energetic state or structure of water. I have looked into the research, experiments, trials and testimonials attributed to a number of these devices over the past 25+ years.

It was the movie on water, that I mentioned earlier, which really got my attention and opened me up to the belief that water might in fact actually have a “memory.”

Some of the more well done research studies in the field of homeopathy have also had a similar effect on my beliefs in this regard. The best book in that area is The Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman. I put memory in quotes just then since batteries and capacitors also retain energy but we don’t generally say that either one has a memory. It is simply a convenient way of stating that water appears to be able to retain the imprint of different energies and that once retained, the water may have its abilities to support life altered or improved.

Unlike scientists, who require extensive controlled research (often poorly done) before they consider believing something is true, business owners in industry are completely different. If a business owner, in any industry, tries something (such as a water energizing device) and the results that they believe they have received create an effect from which they derive huge or very noticeable financial benefit, they will be very happy.

If their production costs go down appreciably, or their quality goes up noticeably, or their need for cleaning their equipment is reduced, or their vegetable or fruit production increases, or their customers ask them what change they have made since their product tastes so much better, etc. These are just a few of the noticeable benefits which have been observed by industries using the better quality (stainless steel) water structuring/energizing devices.

The units I am the most familiar with and have looked into the most extensively are the Grander Water devices from Austria and the Crystal Blue devices from the United States. Their methodology for generating informational energy into the water which flows through them is quite different, but the idea is the same.

That being, that water passes through a stainless steel semi-hollow device, in such a way that it is in close proximity to a reasonably strong source of what is believed to be or contain or emit beneficial energies. That the water will absorb and retain these energies. Also, that this energy will remain in the water for a sufficient length of time, so that whatever the water is then being utilized for (watering fruit trees, vegetables, grains, flowers or other trees or supplying water to various farm animals or swimming pools, or supplying water for some business or industrial use etc.) may gain various benefits from this “energized” or differently structured water.

It does indeed appear that water has a memory and that at least some of these devices being used around the world are greatly benefitting their users.

Why you should NOT ask your doctor about “Energy Medicine”

Medicine has been using energy in various forms for a long time. We use sound energy in sonograms, we use magnetic energy in MRI’s, and we use ionizing forms of radiation for X-rays, PET scans and CT or Cat scans. For some reason, these do not get referred to as “energy medicine” by physicians or the public. SO what then is described as energy medicine?

When energy is being used for therapeutic or healing purposes rather than for imaging or diagnostic purposes, it takes on an entirely different “look” to both physicians and the public. Somehow, when used for healing, it becomes ‘woo woo’ instead of science.

Why this has occurred is not totally clear. Likely, this is due to the fact that those who utilize energies for healing are often not physicians.

It is now well known by a large percentage of our population that physicians are taught close to nothing about either nutrition or energy medicine. Sadly, the ignorant consumer “patient” still asks their physician about the efficacy of these and then even more sadly, believes their physician’s ignorant completely unresearched response.

I compare this to asking your accountant a question about plumbing, electricity or auto mechanics.

When you ask the wrong expert, you are the one who is to blame, since physicians, more than any other occupation, seem unable to say “I don’t know, as I have no expertise in that area.” A great quote I wish all physicians and scientists would live by is “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

The healing benefits of “Tribal Medicine”

A large problem is that when you graduate from a university with an MD, PhD, masters degree or other advanced degree you would like to, and generally do believe, that what you were taught were not opinions, but were facts. Only the best professors, even some in medical school, are willing to tell their students to keep learning with an open mind, since possibly a great deal of what they are teaching you will be proven wrong in the future.

Tribal medicine men (generally they were male although some are now women) use herbs, potions, chants, and energies to heal. Healing Touch, which I have taken 2 levels of training in, is a method of aiding the body’s ability to heal by balancing out of balance energies in the patient. There is so much published research on the medical benefits of this technique that healing touch practitioners are allowed to work on the patient in many hospitals.

Qigong (Chi gung) is a much older Asian form of energy medicine combined with a philosophy and a self-defense art. Qigong masters have been shown to be able to produce large amounts of energy projected from their hands.

Reiki is yet another form of energy medicine where some sing its praises and others consider it to be nonsense. Acupuncture, and centuries old healing art relies on moving, unblocking or redirecting energy in the body.

I lecture, that in order to make sure that I never miss out on a very important new area of science, I try to be an extremely investigational and open minded skeptic. Most of the skeptics out there (many physicians are in this group) including publications like the Skeptical Enquirer, are sorely lacking in the open minded investigational area. The In Search of Unknown Facts area of my web site, goes a bit deeper into the idea of how to make sure the “facts” you believe are actually factual.

The end result of all my research into water structuring “devices” is that they are real

These devices are beneficial. That the Crystal Blue unit is the most advanced one I have found, and that I therefore had one installed on the main water supply for my home in 2016. I also began discussing this technology in the 10 week health course that I have been teaching for the past 20+ years and showing a clip of the “What We Know is a Drop” video.

This rather heavy stainless steel tube is manufactured with multiple walls. In between the walls they have pressed and sealed numerous high energy substances including many gemstone crystals. These high beneficial energy emanating materials, in turn, somehow impart their energies into the water which passes through the device. The tube is also packed tightly with high quality glass balls so that the water must rush around these balls in order to pass through the device.

In nature, water does not flow in a straight line as it does through our pipes in our cities and our houses. It is believed that some of the “bad” energies that may be picked up by water, are liberated or expelled as the water rushes over, under and around rocks, around bends and through eddy currents in rivers and streams. This is simulated with the glass balls inside the device so the water can liberate any bad energies and “clear” the water as it picks up the new beneficial energies.

This “changed or altered” water has been shown to now possess new properties. As I mentioned earlier and demonstrated with Dr. Ott’s work and his “Exploring the Spectrum” documentary and also in the “What We Know is a Drop” documentary. The experiments on animals and many different agricultural crops around the world are quite amazing to read about.

I always look forward to seeing the next agricultural or animal experiment results as they come in from around the world and get posted on the manufacturers web site.

We have greatly altered the healthy life giving substance which we all simply refer to as water

We have polluted it and apparently also imprinted it with numerous detrimental energies from thousands of chemicals and other possibly as yet unknown energies. I fully understand that energy is something that we barely understand and that skeptics put down all day long without every doing any research to see if they might be wrong.

Energy can be good or bad and there is a huge difference. I recommend that all readers watch the documentary movie entitled Take Back Your Power so you can learn some of the bad things that energy is doing to us.

With the onslaught of harmful things that we are all exposed to, any time I find something which I am convinced will instead benefit us, I feel the need to educate people about it. I hope you (my readers) will further investigate what I have written about above and see what you think.

For further information and to read more about the science or to read some of the research which has been carried out in agriculture and farming around the world please visit:

About the author: David Getoff is a nationally Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Traditional Naturopath with a 25 year private practice in San Diego County, California. He is an elected member of the American College of Nutrition, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and the Vice President of the 65 year old Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

David is also an approved continuing education provided for the state of California Boards of Registered Nursing and Chiropractic examiners. He has been a paid presenter at numerous scientific nutritional medicine conferences and is in the process of writing his first book. David’s web site is:

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