What the Apple From the Tree of Knowledge Really Represents

Written by Jennifer Sodini

The imagery of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is something so familiar, it is almost encoded within our DNA. We all know the story of “original sin”, the sin that tempted Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, resulting in man losing it’s true power, only to become enslaved within our human bodies, destined to eventually suffer from death because of this corporeal temptation.

Popular interpretation of what “original sin” really is, gives a general consensus that the apple from the tree of knowledge represents the carnal desire of man to indulge in sinful earthly pleasures. The seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride enchain humanity to egoic based desires that inhibit our happiness due to “want”.

When you think of what each sin represents, and what it truly means to feel the pain of these desires…upon further examination, you can’t help but wonder, maybe the “apple” is just a metaphor for the material world.

We live in a world of consumption, we need, we want, we desire. We trample one another over sales on Black Friday, rationalize having to have the brand new iPhone (ironically by Apple) every time it is released, and celebrate Hallmark holidays that seem to have lost sight of their true meaning. We seek answers, pleasures, and fulfillment by consuming and “keeping up with the Jones'”. The reality is that we were not put on this earth to merely just consume, we were put here to create, and to perpetuate creation. Creation, not in the form of some completely deified concept, but creation in the form of art, music, dance, community…


Creation comes from within, and is expressed through the without. Consumption comes from without, and is coveted within. So, if you look at the metaphorical apple of Eden as something that was created from the Tree of Knowledge to represent the material world, Adam’s desire to consume the material caused him to lose sight of the immaterial that he contains within himself as a powerful creator. If “God’s” will was originally to create Adam and Eve to perpetuate creative energy, their desire to consume rebelled against their true spiritual nature resulting in the egocentric evolution that followed.

If you subtract dogma and denomination from The Bible, the concepts encoded from a metaphorical standpoint are a great work of art that represent what it means to be alive in the human body, and the challenges we face here in Earth School 101. It is my, personal, understanding that The Bible is more of a poetic handbook to help you navigate through life, to reunite with Christ as a form of consciousness that you contain within yourself, not necessarily as a person to worship as your only savior. While some may view this as heretical, the only real savior is yourself, as you are the universe expressing itself as human for the short amount of time you spend here. The Christ is within your consciousness, the divine spark of creation is always within your heart, the stars are a part of your DNA/what makes you human. You are a perfect expression of the cosmos (aka: “God”), and you were/are put here to create any life you choose from a heart centered place of desire, not from the want based in ego/the material world (aka: sin).

Living with a “lack mentality” based off of the material, is the true sin. Instead of feeling lack, look within. If you look within, you will never be without…

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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