Why Arts in Education? – PEACE School Video

The left-brained paradigm that has dominated this planet’s education curriculum has perpetually decreased the importance of the arts in our development.  Hard science fields are favored because of their currency generating capabilities and most parents want their children to make a good living so they can be happy and continue to thrive, but is this really a resonant way to raise our young?  Must we base all of our time off of the accumulation of an illusory form of value in order to buy more time to continue accumulating?

It’s understandable that one would wish to advance society’s understanding of the physical universe in order to progress the species, but when we endlessly peer outwards, we begin to lose touch with our internal feeling-based expression.  Our natural creativity extends from our ability to love, to explore our emotional perceptions through artistic avenues.  When we only search for an understanding outside of ourselves, we cease to understand what lies within.

If our brains consist of two equal hemispheres, wouldn’t it make more sense to balance their respective faculties for the most enriching growth?  Take a look at this video by PEACE School, which seeks to reinstate this balance in it’s educational platform.


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