Why the Rod Class DC Gun Case Lays the Foundation for the I.T.N.J

Over 2,000 researchers observed the Rod Class Washington, DC Gun Case determined to answer this question:

What Foundational Law underpins the current Judicial System in the United States?

The case was heard in the UNITED STATES DIS-TRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF CO-LUMBIA. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was the Plaintiff. RODNEY CLASS was the Defendant. Case Number Criminal Action CR 13 – 253 (with Judges Initials added later to designate a superseded case number.)

The first question the scholars wanted to know is how UNITED STATES OF AMERICA could bring a criminal charge against a civilian. There is no Constitutional mandate of any kind to allow any Court to charge a civilian with a criminal offense. Who is the injured party? A criminal charge, ac-cording to the rules, has to be heard before a “Jury of his peers” and only when someone has been injured.

Why was Class charged on a DC city gun ordi-nance that had been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? Was the City of Washington, DC, and their courts, not under the supervision of the Supreme Court?

By what authority did UNITED STATES OF AMERICA presume any jurisdiction over a civil-ian? Further, WHICH ENTITY was bringing the charge?

Most people miss the significance of this study. Let me explain: Rod Class is best known for his North Carolina Ruling in 2010-2011 that got two Judges to admit on the public record that the Agents working for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA were NOT Public Officials but were in fact, private entities, Corporations. The ruling went so far as to state that ‘the elected Governor was not under the Executive Branch’ and therefore not classified as a Public Official answerable to the people of the State.

We now had it on the Public Record: The Judges, Court Officers, Law Enforcement, City Municipali-ties, DMV, STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, even the Governor’s office, were NOT part of the Execu-tive, Legislative, nor Judicial Branch of Government under the Constitution. They were Administrative Agents under the jurisdiction of a foreign power. Our “government” was not what we believed it to be.

The question was germane: Who is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Who pays the salary of the Court Officials? How does a private, for-profit Corporation presume to have jurisdiction over a peaceful inhabitant, a civilian? If you visited the parking lot of Walmart, and you weren’t an employ- ee of Walmart, you would look at the security guard with disbelief if he arrested you for not following one of the rules and regulations of Walmart. Only the employees of the Corporation are subject to their rules and regulations.

The NC ruling caused the 2,000 Researchers to put a laser focus on the Rod Class DC Gun Case.
The researchers were legal and law scholars. They knew the rules and regulations under which the Judiciary are mandated to act, according to the Constitution, according to American Jurispru-dence, and according to the Fiduciary duties of the Judiciary as defined by their Job Description in various legislative acts, congressional records, and under Statutory Law. Many of the scholars were well-versed in Contract Law, UCC Law, Trust and Equity Law, Common Law, Natural Law, even Ecclesiastical and Canon Law. Most had a working understanding of the Rules of Probate. Many were well-versed in the Laws of War, the Leiber Code, the War Powers Act, and more. Most understood the difference between Admiralty Law, Roman Civil Law, Jurisprudence, and Common Law.

None of the researchers were lawyers. They were not under Oath to the British Accreditation Regis- try. (BAR Association) They were impartial observ-er’s intent on understanding what form of law was in operation in the DC Court room, whether or not the Court Officers followed their own Rules, and what Jurisdiction and Venue they claimed as their authority over a civilian population.

There were some major surprises. The conclu-sions were devastating to the American people. It explains why the prison population of America has exploded. It explains why there is no remedy and no relief, and why pro-se litigants only win 3% of the time. It explains the explosion in foreclosure cases where many have lost their homes while the banks and their cronies create millions off of the paperwork; why Child Support Enforcement often ends in Debtor’s Prison; why a simple traffic viola- tion can land people in prison, result in exorbitant fines, support a rather large outgrowth of “sup- ported services” like probation officers, for-profit prisons, ankle bracelets, DUI schools, and more.




Rod Class is a teacher who can quote Statutory Law, Constitutional Law, Military Law, Common Law and more, with precise definitions and full un-derstanding of any paperwork a Prosecutor might write. Class was arrested in May, 2013, on a routine visit to the capitol to visit what he thought of as his Congressional Representative. He parked in his usual spot. When he returned to his Jeep, it was surrounded by numerous law enforcement person- nel.

Rod Class has a Concealed Carry permit from the State of North Carolina. He has a Congressional appointment as a Private Attorney General, and is a designated Constitutional Bounty Hunter whose main duty is to hold Public Officials accountable. He had no weapon of any kind with him. They were in a gun locker in his jeep. He did NOT have any “firearms” as defined by Statute. Yet he was charged with two violations of “possession of a firearm” by the Capitol Hill Police. The charge was serious, carrying a 10-year prison sentence and a possible fine of $250,000.

The bizarre case that unfolded is typical of current- day courtroom behavior in the USA. Except for one thing: a trained group of observers could document exactly how and in what manner the various Court Officers violated the rules of conduct that laid out their duties and responsibilities, and the Rules of the Court. Class filed the evidence of their errors into the Court record. The Judge found ways to deny the filing, even though this is a viola- tion of due process and makes any court official who has participated in such attempts at evidence suppression guilty of numerous crimes.

The most significant point is that Rod Class acted as his own counsel, but as a Third Party Interve-nor. Class, the Civilian, represented the GOV-ERNMENT COPYRIGHT TRADEMARK NAME RODNEY DALE CLASS. Some people refer to this entity as “The Strawman.” It is the corporate fiction created by the birth event recorded by the Depart ment of Health/Vital Statistics by the Constitutional “government” Corporation and then transferred to the Administrative Agents who supervise the Bank-ruptcy under the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 for the Banking Cartel.

The SOURCE DOCUMENTS that Class introduced as evidence into his case show how the people of America have been under siege as an occupied na-tion since 1933. The complete takeover by a foreign power occurred without the people’s knowledge. HOW the birth registration creates the methods used by the various Administrative Agencies to “harvest the resources” of the “human capital” un-der their management is at issue in this case. How the Administrative Agents have embezzled those funds, stolen them from both the American people, and the “government” by failure to pay off the Public Debt, is also at issue.

This detailed study was carried out over a two-year period.

I was one of those researchers ….here’s what we learned:

1. When Judge Kessler warned Rod Class he had to know their rules and their laws in order to represent himself in her courtroom, Rod chal- lenged her to reveal what law was in operation in the courtroom. He filed the Constitution, the com- plete annotated book of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the local rules of the court into the case record. He also brought up American Juris- prudence. This was in July, 2014.

2. Judge Kessler was removed from the case, the second Judge to fall under the relentless on- slaught of Class’s efforts to hold them accountable to their own rules. Two prosecutors had already left the case.

3. The buck stopped with the arrival of Chief Judge Roberts. So did any semblance that any Rule of Law would be followed in the DC Gun Case. Stunned observers were left with one irrefutable conclusion:

a.     Chief Judge Roberts was presiding over a War Crimes Tribunal. USC 50- War and National Defense – Chapter 3, Section 23 carries the only judicial reference that would allow a Judge to prosecute such a frivolous charge as a serious criminal felony.

b.     The ONLY EXPLANATION for the case could be found under the Laws of War: Rod Class was being charged for a BREACH OF THE PEACE DURING A TIME OF WAR.

c.     How could a civilian be picked up on charges and treated as if he was a prisoner of war? Vietnam came to mind.

d.     It slowly dawned on the observers: War on Drugs, War on Drunk Driving, War on “Deadbeat Dads,” War on Terror: Endless War! Finally, the form of Law was starkly revealed: ALL TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS, ALL HOME FORE CLOSURE CASES, ALL CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT CHARGES, ANY CIVIL CASE THAT CARRIES A CRIMINAL PENALTY falls under the Laws of War.

e.    The Constitution had been suspended during the Civil War, a new Constitution similar in name had been substituted by the Corporations posing as Governments, and the American people had never been told.

f.     The population of America was “captured” in 1933, converted to Enemies of the State by the Amendatory Act of 1933 (Trading with the Enemy/War Powers Act), all their property had been “conscripted for the War Effort” (War Powers Act of 1917) and they were no longer treated as civilians of an occupied territory. They were “enemies of the State”, duly conquered by the Bankster Corporations posing as governments. They were reduced to slaves and war criminals.

g.     The SOURCE DOCUMENTS put all this into perspective as the case unfolded. HOW the American people have been pirated and plundered by the Courts and put in jail so that for-profit prisons can proliferate was more than the Researchers could handle at times.

h.    Under the War Powers Act, during a National Emergency, anyone deemed a “war criminal” was subject-to the Jurisdiction of a Martial Military Procedure with no rights nor remedies available to any one so charged. It appears that any one who claims to be a “US CITIZEN” as the court defines that term is a WAR CRIMINAL subject to their jurisdiction.

i.    The substituted constitution spells it out that an enemy charged as a war criminal can be treated as a slave with no consequences to the one levying the charge.

4. The observers were horrified as this mild- mannered Southern Gentleman was literally kid- napped from the VA hospital, shackled, and thrown in jail for 21 days for a “contempt of court” charge that could not then be explained.

5. The observers were surprised that Karen Hudes appeared at the Court hearing, and visited Rod Class in jail. He was told by Hudes that ‘the people could not expect the criminal justice system to reform 100%. They would be lucky if it reached a 70% level of fairness.’ In other words, Class stand- ing up to “The System” would result in more har- assment for him and his followers.

6. It was later learned that the arrest warrant came from a new case. All the paperwork from the original case had been sealed, his filings kept off
of Pacer, and a new case by the same number, but adding the initials of the Judge, “superseded” the original case. The arrest warrant had proceeded from a secret Grand Jury hearing that Class was not informed about, and a new charge “superseded.”

a.    Hint: 2000 observers downloading both sides of all the paperwork now know the truth – with such devastating evidence of prosecutors tampering with definitions, tampering with the Grand Jury, and Judges nullifying the right to Trial By Jury. Not to mention proof that Class was being treated as a WAR CRIMINAL.

7. When he reappeared before the Judge, Class noticed the new case number, clarified that a change had been made, but was forced to accept a “plea agreement” if he was to ever get out of jail.

8. The observers watched an out-of-control system use force, fear and fraud as their only “authority.”

9. An appeal has been filed, following this method: Keep it simple; Go after the lowest com- mon denominator first. This filing could literally bring down the BAR Association’s hold over the American Legal System. Perhaps that is why it has not yet appeared on Pacer, even though it has been received.


For details, www.talkshoe.com/AIBRadio; Conclusion: It was a very sobering process to watch court officers who did not even attempt to follow the Rule of Law. Instead, the Judges and Prosecutors acted like war profiteers drunk on their own power. They were. The War Powers Act of 1917, as amended by the Banking Emergency Act of 1933, had put the Federal Reserve and their sub- sidiaries, the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF, in charge of all “government services.”

The people themselves have never been told the truth. The courts knew. The BAR Association knew. Those at the head of the municipalities and States knew. They failed to inform the people that, as “Enemy of the State,” the rules had changed. The Judges, Prosecutors and Public Defender took ad- vantage of the game. They felt entitled to the “spoils of war.” The people were fair game. Any agent posing as a public official who has taken advantage of the civilian population is guilty of crimes against humanity. Nothing excuses the deceptive acts and practices carried out in broad daylight upon an unsuspecting population.



ontwikkelenExposing the methods used by the Courts to claim authority over the people is the first step. These agents have no more authority than a Security Guard at Wal-Mart. When the people fully under- stand the mind game that has been played upon them, they will be so shocked that they will do whatever it takes to create a truly fair and equitable justice system. That system does not currently exist within the Courts run by these Corporations pos- ing as governments. Instead, government has been reduced to it’s latin roots: Gubernare – to con-trol – mente – the mind. The Courts rule over the people through use of extreme violence and force. The absence of respect for the Rule of Law was the greatest shock to the Research Team. We must learn to act with integrity ourselves. The first act is to hold those agents posing as “Public Officials” accountable. How?

1. 45 Court Observers filed in SF-95 Criminal complaints to document the procedural and due- process violations in the DC Court Case. How does one hold them accountable when the people who review the complaints get paid their salaries from the same pool as the Court? Some complaints will be heard, some have already been denied, one has been set for a hearing. It is a convoluted process not for the faint of heart, but a valid process that goes after their insurance bonds.

2. Our Research Teams have started a massive educational campaign to fully expose the Criminal Nature of the System of Corporations posing as Governments who hold our courts hostage.

a.     Posting THE SOURCE DOCUMENTS that Rod Class references in his court filings and in his teaching. Coming soon: www.naturaljusticeacademy.org

b.     Other researchers who have documented the Financial Corruption have joined the effort. Their research is now being posted.

c.     Judicial corruption is so widespread that the Judges believe they are above the Rule of Law. They are not held accountable because there is nobody with the power to challenge them. See Dr. Richard Cordero’s Report on Judicial Corruption. www.itnjcommitte.org It, too, will be posted on NJA.

3. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is an outgrowth of the Court Watcher Pro- ject. Researchers, Judicial Reform advocates, those abused by the system, and others came together to look for solutions. The same abuse is being docu- mented throughout the world.

4. The ITNJ is international in scope. The foundation has been laid to open an office in the USA, one in London, UK, one in Australia and Norfolk Island, and one in South Africa.



It will take the people getting behind this effort. We need your support in numerous ways.

1. SEND US YOUR CASES. The procedures posted on the ITNJ site will tell you how to post a case for review. Or, contact [email protected] to submit a case.

2. Sign the ITNJ Treaty. The more who sign, the more clout we have to be a force for good within the International Community.

3. BE ONE OF THE FIRST DONORS TO FUND THIS OPERATION! 5,000 people pledg- ing $25.00 a month for one year will put this initia- tive on the map. 10,000 people pledging $25.00 a month will give us the working capital to seat a full office in the USA, in London, UK, in Australia and Norfolk Island, and open a branch in South Africa. Visit the Committee to Support the ITNJ for more information. Be listed as a Founding Donor on the ITNJ website!

4. Your immediate donation will allow us to hold the Inaugural Ceremony simultaneously in the United States and in London, UK, on June 15, 2015, the day the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago at Runnymede.

5. VOLUNTEER! The volunteers have put in many, many hours to get this project so that the foundational structures are in place to move forward with all due speed. To volunteer send an email to [email protected] .

6. Become educated in the workings of the Law.


When we turned our courts over to the BAR Asso- ciation, we lost many generations of civic-minded individuals who knew the law and who could act as a safeguard to protect our liberty. unshackledOur researchers have proven that knowing the law is the first step. It is not that difficult to learn Natural Law, and to return oversight of government to the sovereign people.

Most of all, we need monthly donors willing to fund the International Tribunal for Natural Jus- tice. We have the foundation in place. We have the documents and the explanations by numerous researchers to prove the mind-games that have been deliberately perpetrated against the people of the world.


Now that we know, we have no choice but to find peaceful ways to hold each agent acting for any Corporation accountable to the Rule of Law. Our team has been tireless in our diligence to make the International Tribunal for Natural Justice a force for good. The next step is up to you. We invite your voluntary participation, your prayers, and your donations.

To find out how to get involved and become a founding advocate check out the committee to support the ITNJ: http://itnjcommittee.org

Further, learn about the ITNJ court proceeding by visiting the tribunal’s site: www.itnj.org

Email: [email protected]


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