What Will the World Look Like in 2025? Here Are 8 Major Predictions!


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  1. Yohiel 5 years ago

    I Am Yohiel. Aloha readers All! The Mother World humanity shares with all life upon Her surface world Earth Gaia, and the Her within world of Agartha, is in Her 265,000 year “expansion event.” Mother worlds mass will be an 8.5 to 9% increase within Her Agarthan world and Her Surface world on Earth Gaia.

    The Celestial Federation of Intergalactic Multiverse Council will make its presence known soon through the One on this world designated to fulfill its commissioned purpose from before its human birth as one of you. This will be completed on, or, before 2033, in the month of April, at sunset. The rebuilding of the surface world will be utilized through the “Venus Project,.” co-created by Jacque Fresco, that will be the cultural awakening of humanities true potential and purpose for being. There are young ‘out of this world’ brilliant, gifted, and purposeful men and women who will, and already are, clean humanities arrogant and ignorant unconscious sleepwalking footprint.

    Humanity is at a crossroads. It can choose ‘Oblivion,’ or ‘Paradise.’ It can not have both. Humanity will be best served choosing “Paradise!” Choose “Paradise ” humanity. I Am Yohiel.

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