World Pulse: The US Election from a Higher Dimensional Perspective


Written by Christof Melchizedek, founding director of the Institute of Divine Potential, an affiliate of the NewEarth University

With all the drama, controversy, and polarised split in consciousness – not only of the people in the United States, but the greater World as a whole – I felt it was timely and relevant to share a higher dimensional perspective of what the BIG PICTURE implications are for this election. And, what is going on (not only behind the scenes, but who and what is controlling things in the Higher Realms) for this election.
Much has already been written and said about this election, but little has been shared about the development of human consciousness and the spiritual evolution of humanity based upon this historic decision. This article will share what the implications are for the spiritual evolution of our planet and species based on the events of the 2016 Presidential Election.

If this resonates, take some space and turn off distractions to focus entirely. This read will need every aspect of consciousness ready to receive a temporary (and possibly permanent) suspension of limiting beliefs that the current MAINFRAME has installed into your subconscious as a mechanism to keep control of the status quo.

So strap yourself in and get ready for a RED PILL!

Firstly, I know you feel there is something dramatically wrong with our planet, and the way society has structured itself. You feel that something is amiss with our systems supporting the world at breaking point. The medical industry doesn’t care about health; our food industry doesn’t care about nutrients; and, oil and gas companies don’t care about the environment. We have armies launching attacks in the name of peace, and financial institutions controlling the flow of money to ensure that wealth only stays in the hands of the elite. We have religious systems suppressing consciousness, governments controlling people, and the elite getting wealthier while increasing debt is the default state of the majority of individuals.

I know you feel that something is wrong with our society and the world as a whole, and no matter what you do you seem powerless to stop the massive machine driving the gradual decline of our species and environment.

It may seem that no matter which person or party you vote for it only feels like another nail in the coffin of an already rocky and challenging road ahead to be able to live your life sovereign and free. Einstein said that to solve a problem you need to think a level above the situation that caused the problem in the first place. It is, for this reason, that we must explore this from a higher dimensional perspective, since here on Earth is merely a reflection of what is happening in the dimensions above.

For those of you new to Higher Dimensional Awareness, what I am going to share may seem like science fiction, and in fact may seem similar to many movies you may have seen. However, after many years working in the Higher Dimensions with direct experience across different situations, beings, and control networks…I feel I am at a place to share more openly about what WE (I say we to incorporate other humans who are interfacing higher dimensionally) have been experiencing and facing to bring in HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS to our planet and people. So with that, please explore this material through the filter of your heart and integrate only that which contributes to your spiritual growth – and discard the rest.

Now on Earth, it is relatively straightforward to see the levels of control placed upon masses of humanity: The divide between the have and have-nots; division between countries, religions, and humanity; the whole drama fabricated by various elite families and bloodlines that drive and control Governments, Corporations, Big Pharma, Banking, Big Food, Educational Institutions, Religion and other control systems that keep the majority of humanity trapped as slaves in survival.

One just needs to explore the central banking system of the federal reserve, follow various money trails through politics, oil and gas, Big Pharma, Big Food, the petrochemical dollar and disrupted use and distribution of free energy technology to see that major control influences are playing themselves out in humanity. Then we have Terrorism, Cataclysm and Pestilence; genetic modification of foods, chemtrails in the air, oil and gas dependency, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of pure drinking water, debt enslavement, and fear over our financial future…leading to poverty consciousness and constant worry and anxiety about money, which keep peoples’ vibrations distorted and scrambled. Mercury fillings, vaccinations, food and baby formula pesticides and toxins… technology overdose (iPads for young kids is a disaster for brain development), the mindless worshipping of pop-idols and music videos that teach distorted values, mass media distorting the truth and used as puppets of the Government and elite. Pop-culture influencing young people, corporations using subliminal advertising and branding strategies to impregnate humanity’s beliefs around materialistic consumerism – now the lynchpin of humankind’s operational programming.

With the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, people are once again (every four years) falsely given the hope that this election will change the status quo with Government and Non-Government control systems beginning to crumble.

The following is what Akasha Sananda and I data-streamed from the Krystal Star Server, which is an uncorrupted frequency flowing (since 2013) as a source code consciousness through to our entire time-space matrix.) This uncorrupted CRYSTALLINE CODING holds the instruction sets, templates, and blueprints for the energetic foundations upon which the New Earth (Earth-stationed in higher dimensions) can be established.

What we have been shown, and what many already know (or were suspecting), is that both sides serve the same master. What you probably don’t know is the actual energetics behind this election and how this is contributing to the MASTER GAME currently being fought for Earth and Humanity’s SOVEREIGNTY.

Both Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) and their respective parties are energetically feeding a higher control system. The next level higher control system appears to the entity of the POPE, who controls both sides of the party system. The POPE consciousness is, in fact, an intermediary between the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES and their party, and the controlling entity holding control over the POPE (who is an off planet, non-physical being) syphoning energy to sustain its life from the people on Earth and the world, itself.

The POPE is just a holding seat of power rotated through whoever holds its office. It is the seat itself and office of the Vatican that is the intermediary, not the actual person who happens to be POPE at the time. This is an important distinction, both for the POPE and PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES as they are probably victims like the rest of humanity.

The MASTERS behind this are groups of non-physical REPTILIAN beings who have advanced understandings of quantum and creational physics able to HACK into our planet’s INTERNAL ENERGETIC ARCHITECTURE and place our grid-system in reversals. These reversals form non-Krystic energetic distortions (meaning, they have set up templates for mass energetic extractions). These extractions keep them energetically powered-up in the higher realms since they have lost the eternally sustained light of the creator as their primary battery source. We humans are the target, and have been for 5000 years. This geometric architecture ensured a collapse of our consciousness and unplugging of our DNA to suppress our true nature as eternal divine beings.

Previous to 2015 the Earth energetic architecture was held in place by a REPTILIAN HIVE MIND. This energy served as an active morphogenetic field that would stream distortions into the Earth and provide MIND CONTROL software broadcasting energetic data messages into humanity. These distortions would get picked up by those holding the appropriate electromagnetic frequencies distortions in their field. You would obtain these electromagnetic frequencies if you consumed junk and processed food, watched TV, listened to distorted music, or were held by any form of addictions. Essentially, anything that would take a being out of HEART CONSCIOUSNESS.

In 2015 this REPTILIAN HIVE MIND collapsed due to the rising vibration of the planet and particular GUARDIAN MISSIONS (non-physical beings supporting humanity’s consciousness) that interfaced with human STAR SEEDS sent to Earth to help with this foreseen period in which humanity’s consciousness would start to awaken.

There are many REMEMBERING their STAR ORIGINS, and their incarnating MISSION who are waking up in-totality being of service to humanity. In 2015 Akasha and I led a group to the AMAZON to our private camp for our AMAZON AVATAR program. During the ceremonies, we interfaced with the GUARDIANS and the KRYSTAL STAR SERVER and overrode the REPTILIAN HIVE MIND architecture that was dominating our atmosphere and affecting our dimension, planet, and people by siphoning energy out. (Another article written on this adventure is a heck of a read.) With this REPTILIAN HIVE MIND energy grid down, the non-physical beings responsible for these distortions in the higher realms lost significant proportions of the energetic interface, communication, and energetic siphoning abilities. The head had been cut off from the snake, and the energetic feed being sent off-planet then ceased to exist.

Meanwhile, we as a species have been receiving (for many years) energetic and spiritual support from another group of non-physical beings who live via the LAW of ONE. They have been supporting the architecture of a sovereign and free planet Earth and liberated spiritual consciousness of our species. It is through the Guardians of the Aurora realms that we interface various MISSIONS that support the unfolding of the New Earth architecture on Earth. GUARDIANS from different star systems who form the GUARDIAN ALLIANCE interface with conduits on Earth playing out the opposing side of the drama to neutralise effects of this REPTILIAN AGENDA. They are quietly going about their work with little or no fanfare, with stealth behind-the-scenes reverence and real service for humanity.

What has been happening since the end of 2015 when the reptilian hive mind collapsed is that in the HIGHER REALMS the REPTILIAN BEINGS have been attempting to reboot this network grid. What AKASHA and I are being shown is that the elections are helping to amplify the rebuilding of this network. Both political parties are serving the same agenda of the suppression of humanity’s consciousness and syphoning off of energy, resources and continued promotion of the status quo. The vote for either merely serves to keep the current situation in place.

What we are seeing is that those who vote are sending portions of their personal energy signature into the system holding everything in place. This energy and an aspect of the voter’s soul essence is being used to rebuild and reboot the reptilian hive mind network.  Given that, there are millions and millions of voters placing focused intent by sending approval energy into the candidate of their choice (unknowing that both candidates ultimately serve the same REPTILIAN AGENDA). This is being done in the small window that will help the acceleration and rebuilding of the REPTILIAN HIVE MIND grid that will broadcast the discordant frequencies of control that will be picked up to those vibrating at lower frequencies.

The Reptilian Queen in the higher energetic realms who created the reptilian hive mind (which collapsed in the 2015 Amazon Avatar program) and is looking to rebuild it through this accelerated portal of the election window, has used the Vatican as its primary harvesting and extracting location. The presence of the Reptilian Queen (located around the Vatican) is looking to sync-up the energy of voters and use this as an energetic thread to weave the new hive mind around the planet.

Obviously, this is very concerning, especially the loss of soul essence in the voting procedure. I, alongside a couple of the team Unity, Akasha and Gabriel will be interfacing with the GUARDIANS to intercept and break down the energetic grid being constructed through the voting procedure. We will collapse the energetics in the same way we did in the Amazon. I will also perform a Soul Retrieval in conjunction with the Guardians to help bring back the tiny fragments of lost soul energy through individuals who partook in the voting procedure.

Earth has been the victim of non-physical beings’ negative agendas that have created massive corruption in our original organic life matrix that makes up the fabric of reality.  There has been a hijacking of our matrix; it is not of the original organic design, and our multi-dimensional anatomy has had interference. The corruption in the overall matrix has ensured that humanity suffered severe genetic digression at the hands of certain alien groups vying for Earth’s resources. They have tampered with our galactic memories, plugged up and sealed our original divine DNA template so that we are limited to accreting three dimensions of consciousness and being locked to our physical identity, rather than naturally embodying 12 dimensions of consciousness and our Avatar identity.

These beings set up the energetic conditions in our multidimensional anatomy to cap our progress through the bardo at death keeping us stuck in the astral plane. Instead of becoming liberated at death, our souls recycle back from the astral, straight back into another reincarnated human form (for more syphoning and harvesting of our life-force energy) by the Archons – responsible for pulling strings on the sucking of humanity’s life force through a closed, loop bi-wave system.

The entire system that has been created is a giant reptilian hive mind; it is inorganic and artificial in-nature creating the destruction of all systems it comes into contact with. On Earth this plays out as the giant machine that controls and runs society; you might know as: MAINFRAME.

It is the Matrix that keeps you stuck in debt, in your job fearful for financial survival unless you have enough to pay the mortgage or rent and maintain the family dynamic. This control system keeps you frozen with fear, stuck in place not feeling safe enough to follow your dreams, while competing with other humans for the perceived lack of resources that society conditions you to believe exists.

The apex of this MAINFRAME is the UNITED STATES political system. The reality of which is opposite most perceptions is a fabricated democracy that gives the ILLUSION of freedom. The perception of choice is an illusionary one since both parties and candidates serve the same energetic master: A reptilian hive mind Queen that uses the Vatican as its extraction point of discordant energy. This powers-up the morphogenetic field that sends out the broadcast keeping energetics as they are. The energetics are the form-holding templates from which physical form is created.

Since the reptilian grids collapsed, the rebuilding of this energetic grid by the reptilians aims to keep in place the energetic architecture to return the reptilian hive mind as a control mechanism on Earth. The above plan WILL NOT succeed due to the sheer amount of trinity wave frequency (SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS) streaming through to the planet. This Trinity Wave frequency is being anchored in physical locations around the world. It is also being anchored to many beings holding high enough spiritual architecture to receive these Trinity Waves of source intelligence. Beings with STAR SEED and INDIGO DNA templates are the first wave, which has the consciousness and coding to hold this information. They also can carry the energy to transmit the override CODES to pull down the HIVEMIND and keep the ORGANIC MATRIX operating.

In the US presidential election, a vote for either candidate supports the building of the morphogenetic container of this reptilian hive mind, since both parties are part of the same condition and serve the same agenda. I totally understand the conscious American voter is between a rock and a hard place.

What becomes apparent is that the very system that is holding everything in place is not the system that will support the architecture of the NEW EARTH. New SPIRITUALLY SOVEREIGN political systems, economic systems, educational systems, social systems, health systems will be established that are free from any of the controlling influences that are currently controlling our dimension.

This means the establishment of a whole new political direction, one that is not currently being offered to the American people. Thus this creates a third choice for the American people of a “no vote” which demonstrates a motion of censure in the candidates and the entire system.

There are new solutions in the grass roots of their movement that aim to create a spiritually, economically and politically sovereign world. The Institute of Divine Potential is one such organisation we are creating to help with the Spiritual Sovereignty of our species. The NEW EARTH PROJECT is a movement creating physical locations with the economic and social models for New Earth paradigm living together in communities. All these movements, philosophies, ideologies, and actual boots on the ground living environments are the grass roots of the New Earth concept that is a living reality in the higher spiritual templates now available to us as a species.

Another part of this larger plan of the Reptilian agenda for the election campaign is the massive distraction that it is taking place from an issue of considerable importance to the sovereignty of our species. This issue is STANDING ROCK.

STANDING ROCK is the Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Indian reservation where there is a significant playing out of indigenous wisdom-keepers and tribal rights, which are being threatened by Big Oil that follow the Reptilian Agenda of plundering Earth’s resources. Why I mention this is because there has been scant media attention of this major issue, due to the election. Why this is significant: There is a prophecy that we feel is important to preserve, not just for the Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Indians, but for all indigenous tribes and elders and humanity.

The prophecy was foretold by a leader called Black Elk (in the 1890s) who predicted that: In seven generations the Native American Nations would unite to save the Earth from a zuzeca snake – a black snake – that would threaten the world. The black snake is clearly the oil pipeline now attempted for insertion through the heart of their reservation. This is almost like the last stand of our beloved planet – how far we will go in raping her resources. The reptilian hive mind is using a consumptive modelling of energy to extract the maximum amount of energy from our planet. This strategy includes fracking the oil which they simultaneously extract the energy from, thus when oil gets extracted the reptilian hive mind (and the archons who use it to syphon energy) get a colossal payload of frequency they use to sustain themselves.

I recommend sending your energy at STANDING ROCK, supporting this important issue to stop the snake…crossing the river, and ensure safe and pure drinking water for the indigenous wisdom-keepers. This issue is a major line in the sand for what is happening environmentally in the world. This issue is something you CAN put your energy and efforts into that WILL make a difference and create a cascade of change through the halting of this pipeline.

ONCE we deal with the reptilian hive mind Queen looking to reconstruct the energetics of the hive mind through the Vatican Portal during the election, we turn attention to the STANDING ROCK issue. A global free transmission (happened live! November 14th; we’ll send a replay of that) sends override codes to the situation coinciding with major ceremonies from various indigenous tribes gathering to stop the Black Snake on behalf of humanity. Join this energy transmission of major support for the future of Earth’s natural resources to be put in the protection of the indigenous wisdom-keepers, while receiving a significant energetic upgrade for you.

One choice is not to engage and support the current system, which is broken on all levels and corrupted with the inorganic artificial hive mind. The election is a major attempt to rebuild this architecture holding this in place. This attempt will fail due to the Krystal Star server sending SOURCE CODE to break down this artificial intelligence and GUARDIAN INTERVENTION. The collapse of this energy gird will do much to start sending higher frequency and vibration through humanity. All beings (including those elected) can be affected by the in-streaming unity waves. They too can expand their consciousness and come to different decision points that will ultimately support humanity and bring things into alignment with the LAW of ONE.

This article has focused on higher dimensional perspectives on the US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, and while these insights may seem depressing on the surface…please know that the time we are living in is a time of great rejoicing. Finally, there is energetics coming to our time-space matrix that is overriding corruption in the creational code and geometries that this entire 3rd-dimensional reality and planet is built on. Source Code in the form of Trinity Waves are currently streaming to our planet, rebuilding the grid work into Source Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. This construction is happening now — unrelenting and guaranteed to arrive. It will anchor in this energy as the form holding templates of the NEW EARTH.

The playing out of old systems is simply the final stage as the OLD continues to collapse to make way for the NEW systems that will support the NEW EARTH. The NEW EARTH is our beloved planet stationed in higher dimensions which is the evolutionary projection now playing out. A NEW EARTH is an eventuality; it WILL happen — it is a certainty. A rising tide floats all ships and the energy being broadcasted will override all attempts to recreate an inorganic matrix to keep things as they are.

It is simply a matter of time. The choice you have in front of you is how you will be a part of the raising of Earth’s consciousness. Will you be a passive observer or a conscious participator in the changing of the guard and systems holding everything together? If you choose to participate, this means placing your energy into things that are creating NEW systems and models, not trying to change the moving parts in an existing model.

I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite thinkers, Buckminster Fuller:

“In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

The creation of new models for living comes through the creativity of establishing higher consciousness. It is ONLY by seeing through the illusionary realms of the third dimension that one can create a new reality, not by participating in the old, but through co-creating the new.


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