Your Body is a Spaceship Destined for the Stars, and Both God and the Devil are the Astronauts

Written by Jennifer Sodini

In our current paradigm of thought, the illusion of separateness still runs rampant. Separateness leads to a polarization of “ism”/”ist” labels, which perpetuates continued discrepancies between opposing poles.  Creationism vs. evolution, science vs. spirit, this vs. that, good vs. evil…

The juxtaposition between diametrically opposed archetypes can trick the brain into believing that they must sit on one scale, instead of remaining balanced. Balance is understanding that in order for there to be balance, both hot and cold must exist in order for there to be a happy medium, both good and evil must exist in order for the way of the world to become known, and (the seemingly most controversial idea) science and spirit are actually both one and the same.

A common theme we discuss on the site is the idea of the “is”, and the notion of “as above, so below”. These theories we support stem from studying Hermetic texts such as The Kybalion, in particular. First published in 1908, this book discusses several different principles of spirit, which coincide with principles of science. The Kybalion’s Principle of Polarity states:

“Everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature, yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

How this applies to our understanding of the balanced scale of science and spirit both being of equal weight, in the importance of one another, can be understood in a poetic sense that we will try to explain best by using this example…

Intuition lead to science, science did not lead to intuition. Science has yet to quantifiably prove the importance of intuition, yet it continues to dismiss the notion that its very existence stems from an intuitive need for knowledge/understanding. Our space program built rocketships to explore space, all materials to build said ships were made manifest from a desire for exploration of the stars. Through our desire, we discovered the proper mathematics, materials, and men (astronauts) who shared similar desires, which built upon the original intuited idea that we should travel and explore our galaxy. All began from desire, and came into existence because of an intrinsic want. It did not exist first, it was created because of an internal need.

The paradox of the need to explore the outer worlds/the stars, is that our inner worlds are actually made of the stars, as we are the universe made manifest in a temporary human body. Our body is our biomechanical “spaceship”, and our purpose on Earth is for exploration. The “astronauts” of our spaceship are both “God” and the “Devil”. Language clouds the meaning of both God and the Devil, through the continued illusion of separation, in that many have been indoctrinated to believe that God is a bearded man in the sky watching angrily as you live a sinful life, and the Devil is a monster waiting to claim your soul in “Hell”.

In our understanding (which you can take as you will), God and the Devil are yet another principle of polarity – and are not separate. God is your soul, and the Devil is your ego – both drive your body to make decisions. If you are too much in your soul, you can be disappointed/hurt by others, if you are too much in your ego, you can be lead to make disappointing/hurtful decisions to others – both need to exist in this dualistic plane of reality, and they co-exist to create balance.

When you allow God-ness, “God” as the verb, to be the fuel for your “spaceship”, you are allowing your soul to be the astronaut/driving force. When you allow the Devil to be the fuel of your desire, you are being driven by egotistical and selfish gain. Balance allows you to feel good, and to make good decisions – awareness of the opposites, allows a synthesis that fuels a successful exploration here on planet Earth.

Science and spirit both need to exist because spirit drives the desire to know, and knowledge drives more desire. While purely scientific minds thrive on data, and the purely spiritual mind thrives on experience…data only can come through experience, experience can not come purely from data.

Life is a game, which we did not design, yet we are still learning the rules, and laws by making sense of the nonsense – the key is to play this game by exploring, experiencing, allowing, and not taking anything too seriously.

Even if the “theory of everything” is proven, every experience can not be, and it is far better to just enjoy the ride, because we are all destined for the same destination when our game of exploration is over.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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