Zero Point Economy – From another perspective

Our current economy is based on fear. The worth of things is based on a perception of lack or scarcity. We label elements of our world and call them resources and continue the idea that once they are used they are gone.

Now we know that everything is energy, and that energy can only change form and cannot be destroyed. Therefore nothing is ever lost. In fact our universe is infinitely abundant and there is never scarcity. There is only the turning of cycles that continuously changes the forms of energy.

Let us examine water as an example. Water exists in more abundance in our universe than most of us can imagine. On our planet water has many phases and forms and flows through these cycles magnificently. We can “pollute” water in many ways but either by letting the natural healing cycle take its course or by helping to energetically realign the water structure ourselves, water is returned to a pristine state. There is no scarcity. Once you drink water it does not magically disappear, it flows through you and continues on its own spiritual journey just as we do.


Once we understand this we can begin to paint a picture in our consciousness of what a zero point economy will look like. The necessities for living will be a group effort and will be lived in such a way that reflects the continuity of life. For example houses will be built to last to be shared as needed for current and future generations. Food forests will be grown close to natural cycles to harvest the abundance of our generous sun. When the necessities are taken care of then what will be of value? Experiences. Creating things, providing services, and just plain experiencing the wonders of co-creating in companionship.

The very important difference here is how the worth of something is backed up. In our current society the economy is based on fear and backed by the illusion of scarcity and the emotion of greed.

In a zero point economy the worth is based on the whole sum total of all “things and services”. It might be more precise to call it an “ALL-point” economy! This is backed by the sovereign knowledge that the universe is abundant and promoted by generosity. I firmly believe it will lead to a gifting based economy in which there will be no need for currency of any kind.



Written by Lee Nelson who is a spiritual being experiencing the human vibration. He is a yogi, reiki practitioner, tai chi practitioner, shaman, athlete, dreamer, nature lover, gardener, crafter, experimental nutritionist, sometimes hermit, playful philosopher, and lover of life. He serves as a channel for healing and the guidance to raising vibrations to any who ask.