Zero Point Time – An Introduction

When reading a chronograph,

do you see the time now,

or until a future event?

Central to any civilisation is their reckoning of time, for scheduling of agreements, contracts, marriages, trade, birthdays and safe navigation around the globe. We all learn the local system in our formative years so we can function within society.

Most of the western world uses the calendar implemented by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, to replace the Julian due to a leap error and bring it back in step with annual seasons. Specifically, setting the date of Easter using the Sun and Moon.

There are myriad other time systems, many of which use the “Luminaries”, the Sun and Moon to track seasonal changes in weather and optimise planting and harvesting cycles but this phenomena applies to more than just agriculture.

Fishing fleets have been sailing on the high tide for centuries, consulting Lady Lunar for when to cast their nets and in days long passed a pagan bride took note of when the next “Honey-Moon” might bless her union with a boy child.

The planets, heavenly bodies or “Gods” in several cultures have a perceptible effect on Earth. Like light we cannot see it directly, only it’s reflection on people and things in our environment as they ebb and flow on the frequency waves.

Observing The Behaviours

What we can see on a clear night with the naked eye, like a sit-com in the sky is the actors on the heavenly stage, pulsing with an energy wave. Where the invisible ripples intersect they create the interference patterns all life exists within.

The archetypes of each planet will be discussed at greater length in the future, as will the Sun signs they rule over and form a basic overview of astrology. This will help with optimal use of certain functions and settings on the ZPTime device.

For those who question astrology, we present a riddle; If the oceans are 100% salty water and the Moon drives the tides, what effect does the Moon have on people, who are about 80% salty water? The answer is, more than you know.

It is well known in the emergency services to be on standby for extra ‘loonies’ when the full Moon rises at Sunset. Another visible effect and Lady Luna lending her name to the human conditions diagnosed and recorded through the ages.

If we take it as a given then, as a fish accepts the presence of water, that the massive planetary bodies orbiting the Sun with us have an energetic effect on every moment of our lives from our very first breath, would you like to see it?

Intuitive Not Knowing

Of course you would, you already read the horoscope or, ‘picture of the hour’ for your Sun sign in your daily email, right! But, I hear you ask, how does this thirty word summary apply equally to roughly one twelfth of the world population?

The answer to that is, more so when you know how to align it to yourself, like you would rotate a map to north, and read not one but all twelve of the forecasts. This can be further customised using your precise time, date and place of birth.

Much of this knowledge has been occulted or, hidden away by parties who might exploit it over those uninitiated, using it to plan and execute world shaping events since it’s more efficient to ‘go with the flow’, riding on the tides of change.

Regain Balance And Unity

ZPTime is designed to put this data at your finger tips. One planetary heartbeat, tracking Earth’s rotation, naturally synchronised with human circadian rhythms and developing to be a digital astrolabe with a multi-cultural calendar.

The key is as plain as night and day. Is the Sun down, or up? Fundamental dualities of feminine and masculine, Eve-ning dreams, Ada-manifestation by day. Knowledge of evil and good. A new forbidden fruit, updating in real time.

Just like an orchard won’t grow over night, ZPTime is a work in progress, Your questions and feedback would be greatly appreciated of course, to help ensure most frequently asked questions are addressed, included in the manual and supporting media.