Our Team

The NewEarth Media Portal has been run by a dedicated team of talented volunteers for many, many years. All have passion to bring you developments in the NewEarth Project 2.0 and our changing world. Working in tandem with the NewEarth University (NEU), the learning arm of the NewEarth Movement, our aim is to deliver relevant content: educational articles that inspire and encourage you to open your heart to new vistas of consciousness – and take affirmative action. Additional ways to receive news:

  • Subscribe (we were de-platformed due to egregious censorship!) to our YouTube channel (founder, Sacha Stone) for more programs, videos and news.
  • Read an issue of our complimentary magazine, NewEarth Oracle (known as NEO), stunning in substance and aesthetic. NEO emerged as an interactive digital platform for the dissemination of knowledge & wisdom committed to those navigating between the old-world and new-earth frequencies: https://view.joomag.com/neo-magazine-issue-4/0125220001488183512



NewEarth University: YOU

Do you love what you see at the NewEarth Project 2.0 and its large fractal the NewEarth University (NEU) and wish to serve? We invite dynamic, self-motivated people to merge their talents with our worldwide editorial, graphic, and multimedia teams. If you have experience and wish to be a part of bringing solutions to the world, please email us with a letter of introduction accompanied by your CV or resumé portfolio: [email protected]


We look forward to hearing from you. With love, the NewEarth Team