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The New Earth Media Portal is run by a dedicated team of talented volunteers with passion to bring you the latest developments happening in New Earth Nation and our changing world. Working in tandem with New Earth University, which is the learning arm of New Earth, our aim is to deliver up-to-date content: educational articles and videos that inspire and encourage you to open your mind and take affirmative action.



Commissioning Editor & Writer: Ryan Boyd

Ryan Boyd is a dynamic young man from Toronto, Ontario. He has a very creative imagination and is wise beyond his years.  After working with Spirit Science and Divine Society, he has come to write for and work with New Earth Media.

Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, philosopher, esoteric explorer and Reiki master who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the mind. He writes an article series called Ascend Academy, which outlines a flexible, pragmatic and engaging spiritual framework. Ryan intends to one day create a physical Ascend Academy curriculum within New Earth, containing the wisdom he and his peers have accumulated.


Video Editor: Guillermo Soto


He is a dreamer, filmmaker, media artist, peace activist (meditator) and environmental enthusiast.
He incessantly lives his passions and continually wanders awestruck and inspired into the unfamiliar vastness of the universe.



NewEarth Media Team: You


Do you love what you see and wish to join? We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated people to merge their talents with our worldwide editorial, graphic, and multimedia teams. If you have experience and wish to be a part of bringing solutions to the world, please contact: contact@newearthnation.org

We look forward to hearing from you.



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