The Truth – The dance into remembering

There is a stinging aroma in the winds – a piercing fragrance, which catches our attention off guard ever so often. It carries the smell of a flower just pollinated, a dewdrop evaporating in the first rays of morning Sun, the fur of a Dandelion being blown through the airs by a full-hearted child, half way across the planet. It is the smell of autumn, spring and every season. It is the dancing aroma of the hairs on your arms, your skin – your scent.

There is a melody coursing through the radio waves, telephone wires, and dancing in between buildings, flowing through the skies, which never stops and similarly has no beginning. The frequencies carry themselves up gracefully, passing over our hair, brushing your cheek, weaving between your fingers. It is the lizard slithering strongly over the gathered leaves, the flap of a Fish Eagle’s wings over the river, the slight moment of harmony as the wave breaks to the shore, and the wind settles to put the branches to sleep after they sing their incantations collectively down into the soil of the tree where they have roots. It is a sound we forget to hear, a frequency we faintly remember. It is a drum, a hum, our very heartbeat within our chest.

There is never silence, there is never still, and there is never singularity. You are a chorus being sung in unison with the entire Universe around you, harmonizing through every note and every step you set in the Mother’s soil. All this, makes her body, and your body – One.

This, your home planet of blue and green, as controlled and over-inhabited as she may now appear, was infinitely more pristine not long ago, when all organisms and life upon her completely flourished.

This, your Mother, so systematically worked with and within every living being. Meaning, that each micro-organism to every Mammoth, to each Whale, to each ancient tree, each cloud and every drop in the ocean, so intricately worked with and for one another, unceasing, forever moving. Each one endlessly a part of a cyclical dance, through each season, each day, each solar and lunar cosmic waltz.

She, in short, was and certainly still is, a gigantic organic network of gears, well-oiled through energetic structures flowing and perfect biology combined.

Forget not that, you too are now, and always will be a part of this divinely organic perfect system.

Welcome to Earth, my fellow Human gear!

We need you, keep turning, hook into my arms and let us now keep this once crystal clean Mother’s system of ours moving, turning, growing.

This is our song and dance into remembering.


Isabelle is a Crystal and Gemstone guru, free-lance writer and holistic, organic lifestyle enthusiast. She has taught Yoga at retreats along the coast of South Africa, and now still teaches crystal and gemstone workshops and healing in Cape Town. Through personal experience and applying holistic therapy to herself and others during her practice as a holistic Life Coach, she wrote her book ‘New Self, New Earth’ (,-New-Earth), which provides a delightful manual to living holistically as a modern day goddess. Visit her blog at, or for more info on workshops & the like: [email protected]


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