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Written by Greg Paul

Fulfilling the story of myth and legend (26.5.15)

Today I’m going to share with you a tale of myths and legends…

The neighbouring town of Chazuta (the administrative heart of the District of Chazuta of which Aguano Muyuna is a part), once played host, many thousands of years ago, to an Incan city (this is not the myth, this is a fact), and the Incan’s used to travel up the river (to Aguano Muyuna) to bury their dead.

Several days ago I discovered that, two years ago, the villagers of Aguano Muyuna began discovering clay pots in the river bank (less than 100m from our home where I write this) – over time the river is shifting, and as it slowly erodes the river bank, it is unearthing these large clay pots. Inside these clay pots are bones. We asked the fisherman who first told us this tale, if the bodies had any unique features – he said that they were from very large bodies and had elongated skulls. Somewhat titillated by the possibility that we might indeed be living atop an Anunnaki burial site, we have been asking many people similar questions to get a clearer idea of the truth of this story. Everyone we have spoken to has independently corroborated the discoveries. In the early days, the villagers, not having any need for 5,000 year old bones, were simply casting them to the river, but one complete skeleton was retained and given to the University of Tarapoto, where it remains now. We have asked that the villagers alert us as and when the river unearths any more clay pots so that we can witness everything for ourselves.


The river bank, not 100m from our door, where the pots are regularly being discovered


And so to the myths…

The first myth foretells that at this precise point in history, at the closing of the great cycle, that travelers would arrive in Aguano Muyuna and would find these burial grounds, and that their discovery would mark the time at which peace in the world could be accomplished.

The second myth is a tale of the fore-tellers themselves who came here with tame tigers and went all the way up to the top of the mountain and foresaw peace in the world from the top of the mountain.

Yesterday, we went to the neighboring town of Chazuta, on entirely unrelated business, but whilst we were there took a look at three rather curious looking structures in the square in the centre of town – curious because their circular footprint and grass roofs look uncannily like the signature New Earth dome structures with which you are all familiar…



As we took a closer look, inside the structures were clay pots which had been unearthed during the building of the square… the purpose of these dome-like structures was to preserve the discoveries in-situ.

clay pot

Also whilst walking around Chazuta I saw everywhere the same symbol, which I am told is the logo of Chazuta… which also curiously appears similar, if not identical, to the cross of Malta.


One gets the sense that all these various stories are merging here at this particular point in space:time as one great story – a tale of humanity itself told across the ages…

Is Aguano Muyuna really the centre of an emerging paradigm of peace on earth?

Are those of us who have traveled here playing the role of the travelers whose return marks the time at which peace on earth will be realised?

Who knows – but either way it’s pretty cool that we’re living on top of an Anunnaki burial site!

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