A Call to Protect Our Waters – Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival and Oceans Care Join Forces in Bali


Our body is made up of over 70% water, so we all naturally hold a relationship with it. It effects  our senses in a unique way, whether from the taste, a calming sound, resulting touch or even the familiar smell of the sea. You can naturally see why it is so important and needs to be clearly celebrated as an integral resource by having its own World Water Day.

Our Oceans are often referred as the heart and the lung of our planet. They play a vital role  in keeping our climate cool and provide us with necessary oxygen support. Currently our ecosystems are threatened by collapse and sea life is drastically in decline. The amount of pollution washed onto our beaches is only one indicator of how we have been neglecting our natural environment. Millions of species depend on the water ecosystem and its impacting capacity. Biodiversity is the key player for functioning ecosystems, and once this is threatened collapse is imminent. Sadly, this is already happening in our oceans today. Immediate change is needed.

How can we protect our waters?
The New Earth Nation’s inaugural festival, Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival, proposes to change this course of direction. They have partnered with organizations like Oceans Care (who have dedicated their lives to keep the oceans alive) in the hope to influence awareness and resolution. Their work is dedicated to protecting marine wildlife including dolphins, turtles and fish species and by addressing conservation of biodiversity. By working with international organizations such as UNEP and CITES, all over the world they actively incite change. They will be holding talks on how we can all work together to drive change for our oceans and to make protection of our waters a major priority. To attend, please visit www.newearthfestival.com/buy-tickets


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