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In a recent post I wrote that Free energy release was imminent.  We’ve all been hearing words like “imminent”, ”soon”, “two weeks” etc.  So much so that it becomes hard to believe the changes we’ve been so desperately waiting for will ever happen. However I must say in this particular instance when I said “imminent” I really meant “IMMINENT”.  As you may know this technology has been suppressed for well over a century.  There are projects in the works on so many different fronts that it’s just a matter of time until one or even several breakthrough to transform our world forever.  And as I mentioned in my post from earlier this month “This will help to end poverty, hunger, pollution from fossil fuels, the current global economic crisis, and the list goes on.” http://www.newearth.media/free-energy-release-is-imminent/ .  This will also bring down the global elite and their power over all the energy technologies. So please send your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes and protection to Hope and her family for this historic event.

I met Naima Feagin from the Fix the World Organization http://fixtheworldproject.net/ on Facebook sometime back in the beginning of 2012.  She’s among the many “awakened” individuals who at the time were connecting with others all around the globe.  She was an analyst like myself working for a major corporation until she decided to become a whistle blower and create a movement to bring down the corrupted power structures.  In September of 2012 she posted a blog under the pen name “HopeGirl” http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/ and titled “While you were asleep, the story of the 2012 Revolution” which to me was an absolutely brilliant summation of all the news, resources, and changes all of us going through an “awakening” were witnessing.

”The first post, “While you were asleep, the story of 2012 Revolution” highlighted the many different facets of hidden corruption in the current global economy. The blog went viral and received 15,000 reads in the first 4 days and brought with it a network of high level contacts”  

Then it was time to take action.  She followed up with another blog post reaching out to the world on what to do to fix our global problems.

“This resulted in close to 300 submissions from 37 countries that were compiled by 20 volunteers into a summary book titled “How to Fix the World.” It is essentially a buffet of solutions to every problem facing our world today. The success of this research project created an extensive global network of likeminded individuals, all working towards a common goal: the desire to implement alternative solutions to help the people in their communities on a grassroots level. In a world where many suffer from a collapsing economy and feel that their governments have failed them, “solutionaries” with brilliant ideas started “coming out of the woodwork” and found their way to FTW. What resulted was a magnificent collage of new discoveries and resources for alternative solutions to energy, health, community, food supply, environmental cleanup, education and much more. Fix the World (FTW) is a philanthropic organization with special access to an array of amazing projects, including new energy technology, flying cars, alternative cures for disease, ways to restore the local economy, and answers to food security and clean water. One of our goals is to use any profits from large revenue generating projects to fund other projects like alternative education, emotional healing, Eco villages and organic gardens that create happy healthy people and restore communities. These projects that could literally change our world for the better are about 90% ready for market. Many have been in development and testing for years with working prototypes and proven results.”

The Fix the World Organization has set up a crowd funded campaign http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/the-peoples-fund-to-change-the-planet-goes-live-today/ to bring about positive global changes in our economy, technology, environment, law, food and health, education, media, altruism, and spirituality.  I know that many people are very generous and donate to wonderful causes like feeding the poor.  My thought is that instead of donating to feed the poor, why not donate to a cause that could end world poverty?  I think many people around the world really need to focus on the root of the issues in today’s society.  Too many people are putting band aids on broken legs.  In other worlds, we need to pull up the weeds from the roots, if not the weeds will simply continue to sprout back up.

We are at a pivotal moment for humanity.  Many of the solutions of all the world’s problems are listed in black and white with the Fix the World Organization.  With support these projects can alter the course of our world and help usher in a new era of abundance, freedom and sovereignty, love and compassion, balance, and help set up a future for our children on a planet without pollution from fossil fuels and devastating nuclear power.  A world without the need of money and debt.  A world where people do not work in slavery their whole lives for the mere purpose of lining the pockets of a global elite.  Together we have the numbers and we need to stand up as one and say enough of the games.  The world as it stands now is in utter chaos and people are slaves to money.  Why not work towards the betterment of improving our communities and helping humanity to maintain peace and abundance and work at cleaning up the planet?  Who created these rules where most work towards the increase in profits of the large banks and corporations?  What purpose does that serve other than allow the global elite to maintain control and continue to accumulate more and more wealth?

The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

”You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be, and one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls upon you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid.

You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab or shoot or bomb your house. So you refuse to take a stand.

Well, you may go on and live until you are ninety, but you are just as dead at 38 as you would be at ninety. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.”

Hope saw this great opportunity and ran with it.  In her bravery and commitment she was not as concerned with fear, losing popularity or criticism. Instead she knew as many of us know in our hearts that it was time to help change the paradigm.  Thinking very little of herself she took action that I believe will one day help usher in a new golden age for humanity.  I respect and admire the hard work and dedication she’s been doing around the clock.  I also honor the transparency with this organization.  You can keep track of all the progress and updates basically in real time.  There are ways to track the uses of all donations on the website.

As Chief Editor of the New Earth Nation Media news   http://www.newearthproject.org/ , we will keep a close watch on Hope and her organization and will work closely together since our goals for both organizations are very similar.  There are several other groups such as the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement http://globalbem.com/ that Hope is working with.   This is a massive undertaking to change our planet.

So HopeGirl and the Fix the World have created a “Quantum Energy Generator” (QEG).  This was a crowd funded campaign by the people and for the people.  The QEG was built by her brilliant stepfather James Robitaille who had undergone several challenges, but never lost focus on this incredibly world changing technology.

Please remember to send love, light and protection to Hope and her family and all those involved in successfully bringing this technology to the planet, and especially those who are suffering around the world and desperately need this as a resource for their survival.

Hope is now in Morocco and working on providing fresh water to some of the villages and setting up a CICU (cottage industry community unit),

Here is the latest update from Hope and a look at some of the challenges the group has been presented with.  I am very thankful for the hard work and dedication these folks are providing to help free humanity.

Link: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/what-its-like-to-try-to-build-a-free-energy-device-in-an-underdeveloped-country/

“In an attempt to explain our silence for the last month, we wanted to write this short update for Fix the World and the QEG family.

We have been in an area in Morocco –an underdeveloped country – building a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) with at least 30 engineers, and a total of about 70 people from over 20 different countries. What we are doing here is a humanitarian project: to build a generator that will run a well and provide water to 300 poor people of this village. The excitement of opensourcing the QEG, and our open invitation to anyone who wanted to come join us, brought in a lot of amazing people with broad backgrounds and great forward-thinking ideas. Still, our goal remains the same; to help the people in this village.

For the rest of the world outside of this secluded village, we wanted to make sure we were able to clarify what “underdeveloped” really looks and feels like, and what our experience has been building here. We feel an explanation of the conditions we’ve had to endure for a project like this is important, since it is you – The People – who provide the impetus to keep going when everything around us looks insurmountable.

No Internet

Other than extremely sporadic moments of luck, we have basically had no means of communication with the outside world for over 3 weeks. Some members of the community here use “internet sticks” that work very slowly, very poorly and have daily limits of usage (when indeed they do decide to work). So basically we have had no internet, no means of reading anything online, watching Youtube videos, checking email, looking on Facebook, keeping up with Skype, etc. etc. One keeps trying though, and the frustration builds. On occasion, someone will get an internet connection and perhaps have about 10 minutes of time here or there, but for the majority of time we’ve had no luck.

The result of not having proper communication for almost a month is a mixed one. On one hand we don’t get to see much of the negative stuff flying around about our project, but on the other hand, we know with proper updating we could avoid misinterpretation of our actions. We’re only vaguely aware that gross mistruths are being spread, which is probably a good thing. We remain focused on the goal.

Local Communication Problems

Most of us here do not have phones, and we are pretty spread out in the village. In a world where a text message saying “Where are you? Can you meet me at the corner?” is not possible, simple communication is very difficult when you have to walk 1/2 a mile to find the person you’re looking for. The best you can do is hope the person you need to talk to happens to show up for the community dinner. In addition to this, there are many different languages being spoken here, including German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, English and Arabic, and translation can be a little tricky. This has made local communication incredibly scattered and disconnected, and often things get miscommunicated, especially when plans change (which happens a lot).

No Basic Supply Industry

We were able to find wood, bolts and capacitors in Morocco, but 90% of the basic parts and tools needed to build the QEG had to be brought here from other countries. Shipping costs are quite high since you will have to purchase overnight postage if you want your item in 3 weeks. These things caused huge delays and severely cut into our budget for the project (expenditure update coming soon!) In an effort to get the parts we needed on time, we bought plane tickets to fly people here carrying the parts in their suitcases. Also we had to deal with this country’s bureaucracy as Moroccan Customs wouldn’t release the QEG core for 2 weeks! We drove 12 hours round trip to Casablanca twice, and spent entire days fighting with customs to get them to release our property to us. It may not be practical to ship processed cores, so it will be wonderful to watch these problems be eliminated as the CICU (cottage industry community unit) here gets funded and grows.

Physical Comfort

As mentioned, there were about 70 people here just for the QEG build. Some of us were lucky and were able to get a bed or share an apartment, but most people slept on mats in a large shared room in the community house. In areas where there is indoor plumbing, there are usually problems and sometimes you have to walk up the hill to find a shower with pressure and hot water. Many Moroccan toilets are holes in the floor with a bucket of water for flushing. Unfortunately a handful of us, including HopeGirl, came down with dysentery and were sick for days. That is in addition to the general intestinal malaise that seems to linger….

The Villagers

The people who live here are mostly very poor, but not unhappy. They plant and harvest their own crops by hand, bent over in the fields all day. The villagers walk with their donkeys for a full day’s journey to the nearest town for supplies, normally a 15-30 minute car ride. The women pull water (and do all the back-breaking field work too) from the well and fill plastic bottles to bring home. Only about 50% of the villagers have any electricity at all. Most of the people here have no idea that the entire world now knows about Aouchtam due to the internet and the work that some of us are doing here. But everyone here knows there’s an important project going on – and they love us!

So, circumstances have caused considerable delays, expenditures and disinformation regarding our project here. Nonetheless, we are committed to seeing this through and dedicated to our goal. So many wonderful people have come together to make this happen, and we are in great spirits due to the glorious support we have from The People, despite the problems. Work here will continue on the QEG for the next one to two weeks… or until it is complete. Jamie and some of the engineers are remaining here in Morocco to do this. As for myself and my mother Valerie, we are leaving Morocco to go where we can have the reliable internet access we need to catch up on the rest of the work around the QEG and Fix The World.

Many updates are coming in the next 2 weeks including tons of instructional video footage to edit and upload. We have several blog posts to compose with lots of information. We have many emails to catch up on and future QEG builds to plan.

We want to thank our friends in the alternative media team that have been writing blog posts and sharing videos with the world whenever they could find an internet connection. Much more to come from the QEG team, please stay tuned!” – Hope

New Earth Nation Media news will continuously keep everyone updated on HopeGirl and the Fix the World Organization and remember to please donate to any one of the important projects.  And I want to thank Hope and all those involved in the organization  for their hard work and dedication towards making our world a better place for us and for our children’s future.




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