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Kaleidoscope’s multi-faceted vision turns to Pre-natal Life during this edition with special guest, NewEarth University (NEU) Fellow, Laura Uplinger. Laura has been associated with NEU’s School of Health & Wellness for many years working in its seminal discipline, Conscious Birth & Dying.

Reflect on this: 27 months

27 months: 9 months prior to conception, 9 months in the womb, and 9 months being breastfed. This conscious paradigm could – and will, when enacted fully – change our world for the better.

Most people don’t realize yet that pregnancy is a most crucial stage of parenting and also a most neglected one for the last millennia. It is time now that we explore the fecund universe of Pre-Birth Parenting. Ecology, from the Greek oikos means house. Our first house is The Womb, and what we experienced there has a profound influence on the way we experience and treat ourselves, each other and our larger house, the Earth. When a couple embraces the adventure of parenting, even before physically conceiving their children, they step into a powerful dimension of their inner life.

Pre-Birth Parenting sets the stage for a myriad of possibilities and conscious choices that will nurture the inner strength of their children throughout many, many years. In this powerful program Laura Uplinger enlightens us on the great importance of Pre-natal Life. A champion in this field, Laura has been devoted to changing the world with her message and teachings on this subject.

Laura Uplinger is a proponent, educator, and life-long student in the field of conscious pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal parenting. Fluent in four languages, she bridges several cultures traveling between Europe and the Americas as a featured speaker for the public at large, teenagers, pregnant couples and birth professionals. In Brazil, she counsels pregnant women in favelas, mansions, and high-risk maternity wards. A student of the spiritual teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov since the 1970s, she dedicates her life to disclosing the relevance of imagination during pregnancy. She is the scriptwriter of an award-winning video: “A Gift for the Unborn Children”

Tune-in to this heart-felt and in-depth discussion with these two inspiring women of NewEarth, host Dr. Nancy Ash and her colleague / friend, Laura Uplinger.

Laura’s work: http://www.wondersofthewomb.com/a-cosmic-collaboration.htm

NewEarth University: https://newearth.university/ ~ InJoy the show!


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