Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract Combination Very Effective at Killing Colon Cancer Cells, Study Reports


Written by Dena Schmidt

(NaturalHealth365) News about resveratrol in recent years has given red wine lovers something else to raise a glass to. Red wine is high in resveratrol, which has been linked with cancer-fighting properties. Although, in all honesty, you may be better off with a nutritional supplement and avoid all the alcohol consumption.

The source of resveratrol in red wine is, of course, the grapes. However, while the grape seeds and skins are strained and discarded in the wine making process, another potent healing compound can be derived from them: grape seed extract.

Resveratrol and grape seed extract reduce inflammation and kill cancer cells

Evidence is now showing that grape seed extract offers hope for people suffering from colon cancer, and that the combination of grape seed extract and resveratrol together could be particularly potent in combating cancer cells.

When looking at grape seed extract, researchers divided 52 mice with colon cancer tumors into three groups. There was a control group as well as one that was fed grape seed extract, and another group that was fed sulindac, an anti-inflammatory drug shown to significantly reduced tumor numbers in humans.

The incidence of tumors was suppressed 50 percent in the mice consuming the grape seed extract. This was similar to the suppression rate in the group consuming sulindac.

Resveratrol plus grape seed extract only kills cancer cells – not healthy cells

The American Cancer Society reports that colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of deaths from cancer in U.S. women, and the third leading fatal cancer in men.

Not only did the current research show that a combination of grape seed extract and resveratrol is highly effective at killing colon cancer; it turns out these compounds also do not affect healthy cells in a negative manner.

Since cancerous tumors are driven by stem cells, the researchers hope that stem cells specifically can be targeted by this new therapy. Many cancer stem cell types are very aggressive and can self-renew, differentiate and maintain their stem cell characteristics even after metastasis in some cases.

Natural compounds offer hope in treatment and prevention of colon cancer

When resveratrol and grape seed extract are taken separately, they are not as effective against cancer stem-cell suppression, especially in lower doses. The combination seems to improve the potency of each compound exponentially.

The study results were published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The hope is that these two natural compounds can be combined into a pill or other treatment to help colon cancer patients. In addition to providing hope for a cure, it could also be used as a preventative supplement.

The study results may also offer additional insights into why persons who favor plant-based diets have lower cancer rates overall. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits exposes the body to a wide range of beneficial compounds that can target cancer stem cells from multiple pathways.

Naturally, this type of diet also promotes bacterial diversity that can help with avoiding chronic diseases, including colon cancer.

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