OM Swastiastu! – Peaceful Greetings

by Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, Co-Founding Chancellor of the NewEarth University

(Editor’s Note: Gratitude to the author for embellishing this brief article with a photo of her auspicious greeting captured by J.A.; and gratitude for the photographers at the World Health Sovereignty Summit during the 2019 NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia)


“OM Swastiastu!”

Stateside, as I remotely continue to fulfill my plethora of duties during this bizarre, unprecedented time (having worked online in measure throughout the years) occasionally I just pause… and smile.

It’s very good for the immune system to smile.

And, it’s important for our sanity to take a break. To stop and rest our mind, in peace, in a few moments of Grace – essential.

This brief respite usually arises in tandem with re-membering (while hearing clearly) the lovely traditional Hindu Balinese greeting-prayer-blessing which is indelibly imprinted in my heart-mind:

“OM Swastiastu!”

“May God Always Give A Blessing to You!”


During the June 2019, epic 7-day NewEarth Festival and World Health Sovereignty Summit at our inspiring NewEarth Haven in Bali, this auspicious greeting was always said at every turn – and returned – with a warm smile.

Though thousands of miles away now at my computer, through timeless space I am still, “there” with cosmic siStars and brothers of Oneness.

Renowned as the beautiful “Isle of Gods” province in the South Eastern Asian country of Indonesia, Bali has one of the most palpable ancient and spiritual cultures on Earth.

OM Swastiastu! is a ceremonial harmonious sign of respect for all in more formal settings – greeting your fellow Soul-family of siStars and brothers by saying that you truly hope they are blessed.

Or, simply at times the Sanskrit saying is translated as, “Peaceful Greetings from God.”

Some translate the greeting-prayer also as, “May God keep you safe and prosperous.”

Or consider, “May you always be endowed by God Almighty in peace and prosperity.”




The general (simplified, yet essential) meaning:

OM is the cosmic sacred character of the essence of God.

Swasti means safety, happiness and well-being or health, that good health may be upon you; or, one who is firmly established in spiritual health.

Astu means, hopefully.


“OM Swastiastu!”

“I hope good comes to you from God in all directions.”


Dear reader, you may be familiar with the very popular similar greeting, namaste, the gesture delivered with palms together at the heart as in prayer.

In Bali, an auspicious greeting-blessing is sometimes performed with palms even higher at the throat-level or forehead in great honor of the ancestors of the recipient.

Balinese spirituality is timeless and timely.


OM Swastiastu!

During these challenging times of the Great Reset of 2020, I wish you an ocean of peace.

May you have courage.

May you be strong in your heart and not cave into fear.

Please, please do not cave into fear.

There is only love OR fear… Choose wisely with LOVE: Love in The Greatest Degree.


Gratitude in Grace with Much Love,

OM Swastiastu!

Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash

Chancellor, NewEarth University


Visit the NewEarth University (NEU) to learn more about the greater bNewEarth movement and NewEarth Horizon (NewEarth Project); and, the NewEarth Festival and World Health Sovereignty Summit

held at our inspiring NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia



Esteemed, distinguished guests: the many Sultans and Kings of the vast Indonesian archipelago. (Center photo: The most honorable Kings of Kings, Raja Samu Samu VI addresses the 2019 NewEarth Festival)




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