Astral 101: Auras

I wanted to share an old article that I wrote for Spirit Science in late 2011, I have come a long way since then but a lot of the information here is still relevant.  At the beginning of every article in my Astral 101 series, I would post a Lucid Lesson, which would cover an aspect of Lucid Dreaming. I hope you enjoy it!


Namaste, and welcome to issue eight of Astral 101.  I apologize in advance, because I said we would be getting into Spiritual Warfare.  I realized we need to look at a couple things first before we move on.  Hopefully we get to start it next week, but it will be a big topic; most likely a 3 week segment.  I just want to make sure we have all the basics down pat.

Today, as the title suggests, our main topic will be about getting an understanding of auras, specifically in relation to seeing them in the astral.   Before that, we will be listing a few things that can help with lucid dreaming, as some emails suggest people are still having trouble.  I just want to say that if you use discipline in following the techniques (writing in your dream journal and suggesting every night you will have a lucid dream) then it will happen.  Some of you may not have the time, so today’s lucid lesson will make it a bit easier on those individuals.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

Lucid Lesson


In the appendix of Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming, there are some miscellaneous conditions that can truly increase the chances of becoming lucid.  These are those conditions:

  1. Change in location:  It seems that sleeping in a different room, whether in the same house or when traveling, makes one a bit more “vigilant” or aware.  (I can attest to this, as whenever my girlfriend comes to sleepover and I go sleep on the couch, I occasionally have a lucid dream.  Changing sleep location will cause that inner awareness to spark up!)
  2. Change in life routine: Vacations and holiday periods all seem to increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming.  (This might have to do with a  change in stress levels, but that’s just my guess.)
  3. Yoga or energy practices: Many of us have noticed that the night after yoga class or other energizing practice (meditation) we have a spontaneous lucid dream.
  4. Excess physical, mental, or emotional effort during the day:  It appears that excess exertion may increase lucid dreams.  (I believe this causes the dreamer to go into a  deeper sleep, allowing the dream to be stable enough to be lucid)
  5. Normal exuberance: Periods of feeling in good spirits, content, and positive seem to affect the ability to become lucid.  (This could be the fact that lucid dreams can be maintained when there are no harsh emotions being experienced)
  6. Certain foods:  Some lucid dreamers have noticed an increase in lucid dreams after eating certain foods.  The writer Jane Roberts suggested foods like asparagus might be helpful, and a minor touch of caffeine before sleep may assist some people.  Years later, scientists discovered that a plant relative of asparagus contains a chemical useful for increasing awareness in those with Alzheimer’s.  (You are what you eat!)
  7. Vitamins such as B6 before bedtime:  Some studies indicate B6 may lead to enhanced memory retention.
  8. Weather changes:  I have personally noticed a strong connection with approaching storm systems and an increase in lucid dreaming.  Perhaps this is due to changes in air ionization or air pressure in the prairie landscape where I reside.  (What he said)
  9. Certain locales:  Though I would prefer to say that all places seem equal for lucid dreaming, I have had some incredible lucid dreams on various trips that visited ancient Native American sites.  It seems impossible to know whether the actual site, or my possible beliefs and expectations about the site, created this increase in lucid dreaming.  Others have suggested high altitudes promote lucid dreaming.  (Regardless of whether this is true or not, belief has such a strong hold on what we experience.  At some point, Waggoner says in his book that it’s easier to get a lucid dream on the full moon and a couple nights ago, on the full moon, I had a lucid dream!)

The conditions are not limited to this, and different things can work for different people.  If you truly have a desire to explore your vast unconscious mind, I’m sure trying these out wouldn’t hurt.  Now, on to the main topic.


The Aura


What exactly is an Aura?


Everything is vibration.  Whether it is light, sound, waves, orbits, everything is movement.  Life is no exception, as consciousness moves in a vibratory way.  Each soul has a different way of experiencing reality.  We produce and project our own personal vibrations in order to gain experience from the external world, much like how light bounces off of matter and brings information to our eyes.  This is what is known as our perspective.  Think of it like our own personal telescope lens, giving us an image only we can see.  This lens isn’t only for a means of experiencing, but from an outside perspective, presents who we are as a soul by the vibrations we give off.  This is what is known as the aura.

An aura is the electro-magnetic energy field around us that reflects the subtle life vibrations of our being.  Every living thing has this, because to be alive, you must vibrate.  This aura is representative of what we are, who we are, our intentions, our thoughts, and our actions.  Essentially, it is a spiritual resume, and yet so much more.


What does an Aura look like?


In the astral, the aura appears almost like a wispy, smoky, energy bubble that emits from the astral body.  It is light that emits from the entity and it is unique to each individual.  Since we cannot discern the higher dimensional light spectrums, our third eyes translate the colors into their 3D equivalent.  Depending on the individual’s vibrations, the colors, density, and movement of the aura may be different.  Each color or vibration may be different as well.  There are many variations of the shape and the contents of the aura.  These includes different flecks of colors, spirals, distortions, and many other anomalies that can only intuitively make sense to the viewer.




Most people think that the aura they see in others, whether it’s in the astral or the physical, can define who that person is.  Although some aspects of this are true, the aura that most people are seeing is not the soul’s eternal life energy, but the temporary, changing energy field that is influenced by things such as chakra imbalances, environment, thoughts from peers, and other external sources.

Although there are many layers to the Aura, there are two main divides; the Communication Field, and the Identity Field.


The Communication Field

This portion of the auric field is more based on the light aspect of vibration.  It is experienced through our mind’s eye and encompasses the fields that reach outside of the astral body.  The purpose of this field is to interact with the external reality directly with a specific perception.  The color experienced from it is the sum of the chakra vibrations, the more dominant chakra’s appearing and having more influence on the overall color and the less dominant or closed chakra’s having less influence.  If all chakras are balanced, the aura appears white or opal (rainbow with white).  Watch Spirit Science 2- Chakras before moving on to read more.  The idea of this field is to come into direct contact with other fields.  When two of these auras come together, they both form a complimentary colour and don’t muddle each other’s auras (creating a good communication) or create a color clash (a bad communication).  White auras always create a good communication, as they are always balanced.  This is what forms our likes and dislikes as individuals, and also what colors and experiences we resonate with.  This auric field is photo-sensitive; it reacts and expands to light.  It is likened to a tree in the sense that life energy is drawn in through the roots/grounding and is fed through the body into the chakras/leaves that also use the energy from light.  In the astral, if you experience an individual with an aura color that feels bad to you, then that may mean that they have ill intentions towards you or just won’t resonate with you.  On the other hand, understand that this color is a more current and less eternal representation.  This means that something can appear to you as something good (in relevance to you), but may not actually be.  One can experience this field in the physical, but it resides in the astral.


The Identity Field

This field resides within the core of an individual and expresses the soul’s identity.  It is the eternal blueprint of the soul, who you truly are.  To tap into this, one must use a totally different way of experiencing.  This aura isn’t initially “seen” in the astral, and must be further inquired about.  This aura contains the sound aspect of vibration, in that you will hear it and feel it first.  You must look deep inside another astral entity to experience this.  It can also be experienced in the physical with focus.

There is no specific technique for this, but when focussing, it is good to repeat the mantra, “who are you?”  Eventually, a sound and a feeling should appear in your mind.  The trick here is to visualize this sound and feeling manifest into an image in your head.  It might be easy to start by even visualizing the sound as a wave and then creating where this wave comes from.  Your mind may have its own way of translating these vibrations into a color and shape, but with practise, this is a very accurate method.  Deciphering what these colors and shapes mean is entirely up to your own intuition.  Eventually, this whole process becomes instant, and experiencing the Identity Field will be just as easy as experiencing the Communication Field.  Just remember, it will always be accompanied by a sound.  If any of you remember the second lesson when I was talking about hearing your heart’s frequency, I was essentially trying to get you to tap in to your Identity Field.  This field is what connects you to your higherself.

Paying attention to these auric fields will promote a safe and informative experience while astral projecting.


Each aura color has a specific meaning, and this same color system is used with the chakras.  The stronger the color, the stronger the attribute related with the color.  The weaker the color, the less grasp the entity has on the concepts related to the color.  The idea is when the color is healthy the entity will have a correct understanding of the colors attributes.  The Identity Field cannot have a weak or strong aura, so its qualities will always be healthy.

The color Red is related to existence, survival, and instincts.  When this color is too dominant, the entity has reverted back to an animal like state, which, depending on its nature, can be hostile.   When the color is faded or weak, the entity may have had a loss of identity or the individual may not be grounded, which can lead to loss of morality.  When it is healthy, the entity is aware of its origins and is healthily grounded.

The color Orange is related to interaction with external reality, pleasure, and sex.  When this color is too dominant, the entity will become very magnetic, clinging to life forms with a profound sense of curiosity and interacting with anything.  When orange is faded or weak, the entity may have an appetite for destruction or have little interaction with other entities.  When orange is healthy, the entity understands its effect on the external and does not abuse it but cherishes its sacredness.

The color Yellow is related to power, protection, and ego.  When the color is too dominant, the entity will be very protective of itself.  When yellow is faded or weak, the entity may not be in very much control of its actions or will feel much doubt.  When yellow is healthy, the entity will be aware of its own individuality and power, but will be humble.

The color Green is associated to emotion, love, compassion, and creativity.  When the color is too dominant, the entity will be very selfless but will also be susceptible to pain from other’s hardships.  When green is faded or weak, the entity will have little emotion and be very selfish, but will not truly realize that it is loveable.  When green is healthy, the entity will understand that it, and every other form of creation is a being that deserves love.

The color Blue is associated with expression and communication.  When blue is too dominant, the entity’s energy field will sometimes be overpowering but communication will be extremely easy (although you’ll usually be on the receiving end).  When blue is faded or weak, the entity will be very closed off and hard to communicate with.  When blue is healthy, the entity will be able to communicate and listen equally with clear understanding.

The color Indigo is associated with awareness, intuition, and knowledge.  When indigo is too dominant, the entity will become a glutton for knowledge, possibly even secretly intruding into other’s energy fields to obtain information.  When indigo is faded or weak, the entity will be oblivious and unaware of a lot of things going on, especially on a spiritual level.  When indigo is healthy, the entity will be highly intuitive, bringing awareness to other’s as well.  This is what is known as an Indigo child.

The color Violet is associated with divinity, spirituality and connection to source.  When violet is too dominant, the individual’s intent will be to ascend, and will sometimes do selfish things to do so.  When violet is faded or weak, the individual will feel no connection to God and may even find no purpose for living (many atheists have a faded or weak violet).  When violet is healthy, the individual understands it has a purpose and wants to assist itself and others with ascension and becoming closer to Source.

The color Black is associated with void, chaos, and taking.  If there are flecks of black in an aura, they may be affected by a negative entity, or may be in a falling process.  If an entity has a very dark aura, they are most likely a negative entity.  If something in the astral is very black, it is not even an entity, for black is the absence of light or life.

The color Gray is associated with blockages in energy.  If there are gray flecks in an aura, their energy field is damaged and some energy cannot flow within it.  If a whole aura is gray, then the entity has blocked its energy off so that no others can see it.

The color White/Opal is associated with purity, balance, and giving.  If there are flecks of white/opal in the aura, the entity is very pure and giving.  If the aura is entirely white/opal, they are most likely an archangel, as an entire aura cannot be entirely white without the Identity Field being white or opal.

Metallic colors such as Silver, Gold, Emerald, and Sapphire are usually associated with angels as well, as they are specific colors combined with white.  They are probably angels that have specific roles to play.

If you have any questions related to auras, email me at [email protected] and I will promptly reply.   Thanks for reading everyone!

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