Darling, Just Own It

 Note from the Editor: Lexi (Alex) Bishop has played a large role in volunteering with the New Earth Project and I have had the pleasure of co-creating with her in many of these tasks.  She is a very talented and gifted writer and her work will be featured on New Earth Media. – JD 


So, I really enjoy spending time with myself, a lot. So much so, that I would rather hang out with myself, then with most people… And those fellow beings who are also on the awakening path and the journey of self-realization, will laugh and say “Dude, I so know what you mean…”

The more I learn, realize, and become aware, the more that which once really excited and entertained me becomes so incredibly tasteless and boring. And of course, for my conscious ascension it is something I will learn to ‘get over’.  The lesson in this for me is to enjoy all things, tasteless and boring or ecstatic and wonderful, equally as if all were exactly that which I desire… However for now, I’m totally cool with spending my Saturday nights drooling over new discoveries in science, physics, consciousness, and human behavior… It turns me on.

If someone gives me a “poor me” story with the intent to receive a “Naww, you poor thing” response, I remind them that I destroyed my sympathy violin a few years ago, and to take their energy sucking story elsewhere (Oh, that’s why I don’t have any friends…)  In saying that, the more I study human nature, human behavior, the system, awake vs asleep, blah, blah, the more I can now define (mostly through an energetic feeling developed through immense amounts of meditation) who deserves the sound of the sympathy violin or not.

In the age of information, you have everything you could ever need and want at your fingertips, the ENTIRE world of knowledge exists on your smart phone (HELLO! That’s why it’s called a SMART PHONE!) When I realized this, like actually realized the power of knowledge, I began to study, and study hard. I’ve committed myself to a life of self-discovery and research, so I can uphold a certain vibratory resonance and state of BEing for the collective, and so I can learn and share, in a way that makes sense for everyone and not just those weirdo’s like me.

So the quote “Darling, just own it” sparked something with in me. Why? Because the amount of times I say that (in my head) during conversations with friends and family is almost immeasurable. So I’m going to share with you what that even means…. How your reality is created by YOU, and all that is happening in your life is a result of YOUR choices, and not some external force or fate….

“Wait, what did you say? Are you telling me, all those times when I felt miserable, that was my fault? My doing?” … Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Read on…


There are three ‘things’ that play a part here:

1 – Your conscious mind (you)

2 – Your subconscious (inner world)

3 – Your world, your version of reality (outer world) – Please note, there are 7.2 billion people on this earth, that means that there are 7.2 billion different versions of reality. Never assume that your reality is the only real and true reality, or the same as other peoples reality… because it’s not.

Your conscious mind is selective. It can look at something and say “This is good” “That is bad” “That is a bird” “That belongs to Mary” “That is right” “That is wrong” etc etc.

The beginning of all creation begins first with a conscious idea. That idea is then impressed onto the subconscious mind through a feeling.

Important note: The subconscious mind is not selective. This means, what you can consciously conceive to be right or wrong, hers or his, the subconscious can not. It doesn’t know you or me, it doesn’t know right or wrong, or separation, it’s ALL things, you are me and I am you and we are everything.

Once the conscious idea has generated a feeling, that feeling is accepted as true and real by the subconscious. The subconscious contemplates the idea as fact, existing within itself, and then proceeds to give it expression.

Creation is the result of the subconscious impression. The subconscious impression is a result of a feeling, the feeling is the result of a consciously chosen idea, that idea was chosen by you. You, by your thoughts and emotions, determine your reality. You are the creator.

Creation is limited only by your ideas and your thoughts.

Napoleon Hill said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. The simple (an amazing) quality of the subconscious (that it is not selective) means that even if consciously the idea is perceived as impossible, the subconscious will still bring it to expression. There is nothing impossible to the subconscious, thus nothing impossible to man.

There is a huge “BUT!” here… So listen up….

Once you generate the thought, or the idea, be consciously concerned only with the objective and the outcome.

How the outcome will come to manifest, or the ‘difficulties involved’ are not to be considered by you. If you think about the difficulties, road blocks, or barriers, these ideas generate the feeling of doubt/failure and will be impressed onto the subconscious. And because the subconscious is a non-selective faithful servant, it accepts the feelings of doubt as true, and proceeds to bring forth difficulties, road blocks and barriers into your outer world.

Contemplate only the outcome and the feeling of HAVING that outcome. The subconscious will then make it happen. It is then of course up to you to be aware, willing and open to see the opportunities the subconscious is giving you EVERY DAY in order to bring that outcome to its expression.

You know those wonderful synchronistic moments, those coincidences? That’s the subconscious at work…

I KNOW! It’s amazing right?!

What you desire on your outer world is not subconsciously accepted until you undertake and accept the feeling of the reality of owning and having that desire. Only through the feeling of that which is desired can anything be received and accepted by the subconscious and only through the acceptance can it be expressed.

Everything evolves from consciousness. Humans have the power to imagine, dream, think and feel; that combined with your freedom of choice gives you control over creation. You get to choose what you want to think and what you want to feel, hence you have control of what your reality consists of and what is created around you. You are the creator.

The key then lies in your thoughts and then your feelings.

What are you thinking? Are you even thinking? Or are you on autopilot, drifting through life (that’s 95% of Earth’s population by the way). How you think, is another topic… I will share that goodness with you another day.

For now, it’s important to note a very key point about your thoughts, ideas and feelings. “I am healthy” will generate a stronger feeling then “I will be healthy”. The feeling of “I will be” is to admit that you are not.

When contemplating the idea of becoming a rock star, do not think “One day, I will be a rock star” … because the subconscious will always only give you ‘becoming a rock star’ and you will forever only be ‘becoming’ and never ‘a’ rock star. Instead, contemplate “I AM a rock star” and feel what it is like to BE a rock star … The subconscious will receive this as true and bring it into expression in your outer world.

The subconscious never fails at bringing an expression to manifestation in your outer world. The subconscious can, must and WILL actualize anything that is conceived and felt by you. That is the job of this faithful servant. 

Albert Einstein “Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive”

It is imperative then, to learn how you think, so you can then learn to control and choose what you think. Because what you think will determine how you feel, and what you feel will determine what impression is made on the subconscious, and that impression will determine what is created and bought forth to expression in your reality.

When I learnt how to think (which was sometime during 2013… yes, I’ve only REALLY been actually THINKING for a little over a year…) I was absolutely astounded and on some level, disgusted that what I had learnt (and now teach) is NOT taught in schools. However, the more I investigated the education  system, I came to realize they don’t want you to know how to think, because then you wouldn’t consume, conform and drift. Again, that’s another can of worms for another day…

A very common trait of humans is to look externally for something that makes them feel good. There is this misconception that the more you have the happier you are. This is based off both truth and non-truth.

What I mean is; if you’re cold, naked, stuck in the woods at night time, lost and it’s raining, you’re not going to be very happy… Some kind person finds you, invites you into their home, gives you clothes, food and a fire to sit beside to keep warm, you’re going to go from unhappy to happy, very quickly with very little. That is all truth. The non-truth is, if [THIS MUCH] makes me [THIS] happy, then 10 times that amount must make me 10 times happier, and 100 times that makes me 100 times happier. If you have 2 million dollars, you are not twice as happy as what you would be if you have 1 million dollars. This is simply not the way to become happy.

To look outside of yourself for that which you do not feel (to look for something to make you feel happy when you feel sad), is absolutely useless. You can never find something that which you want; you can only find that which you are.

Yes, it is easier for you to attribute your feelings to moments and events in the outer world then it is to confess the conditions of your reality as a reflection of your feelings. However, it is eternally and infinitely true, that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means when something ‘bad’ is happening in your life, you can either a) choose to think negatively, and feeling less then desirable feelings, thus have created for you a gloomy and depressing reality or b) choose to accept it for what it is, think positively and assume great feelings and thus have created for you a bright, opportunistic abundant reality. Ever heard the saying ‘Fake it till you make it!’? Well, that’s when you put it into practice. It’s that easy. A change in impression is a change in expression.

What else does this mean for me…?

It means you are everything you wish to be already, your refusal of this is why you cannot see it yet.

So, darling, your reality is exactly as it is, because you made it this way.  You are the creator.

Own it.


Abundant love,

Lexi xx


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