NASA Streams HD Video From Space Station

Hello all you sky watchers!  Ever wanted to look for UFO’s from a spacecraft orbiting the planet?

Well now you can be on the lookout from 4 HD cameras attached to the International Space LIVE!  I am sure this will open up a HUGE can of worms if it really is “Live”.  If this is delayed it will give NASA time to shut it down if something of unknown origin passes in front of one of the cameras.

It will be interesting though to think of what can be found on this live stream and if it is really live we should expect to see many new UFO videos popping up on YouTube from the live feed.

Anyhow good luck! -JD

Here is a link to the information and live stream.

Four commercial HD cameras aboard the International Space Station stream live video of Earth from space.

“Have you ever wondered what Earth looks like from space in high definition? Just follow NASA’s new live video feed from the International Space Station (ISS) on Ustream.”


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