Pathways to Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit: The Power of Love to Heal

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“Love is a force that can change our reality” – Richard Gordon

According to Sandra Ingerman, Mental Health Counselor and Author, elements for miraculous healings have a formula as follows: intention + union + love + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination. These are all the elements that I use when healing others but I had never consciously put it together as a formula. Most of my clients who come to me have some common patterns which often come from youth. These patterns are the negative imprints they have carried throughout their lives which are locking them up and keeping them from having true joy and peace. One of the first things I do is muscle test to see if the client totally loves and accepts herself and whether she believes that she is good enough. These are the beliefs that cause the most damage in our lives, so once we can recognize them we have the power to clear them. I use a system that assists the client with accessing his/her higher self to ask for the new desired belief to be imprinted in their consciousness.

Sometimes the client isn’t aware of their negative imprint or the trauma that created it, so I then utilize a variety of hypnotherapy techniques to help him/her access any hidden negative imprints and then make positive suggestions while the client is in a deeply relaxed state, to assist him/her with creating a new positive imprint in their subconscious.

While I guide the client through the process, I am totally present with the intention for her healing, I merge with the client’s energy field, feel a deep love and peace and I am totally focused on her imprinting their desired new belief. It is a moment of oneness which is so incredibly beautiful that it is intoxicating beyond words. There is no drug that I know of that is comparable to this feeling.

“When the spiritual masters of past and present times have performed miraculous healings, they have all been in a state of oneness where true love flows through from the power of the universe. Universal love is not a concept that can be understood or rationalized. Universal love is a formless energy that has no bounds,” says Sandra Ingerman.

We all have the capacity to tap into the field of Oneness and experience miraculous healing. Through our intention + union + love + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination we can heal ourselves. Panache Desai, a world renowned inspirational speaker who claims to be a direct channel of this Universal energy which he resonates to all beings, says that we no longer need techniques or tools for healing as we once did. Once we recognize that we are all One and hold the love vibration within us, we have the power to heal ourselves and others. Nothing else is required.

So how do we tap into this field of Oneness? Sandra’s Ingerman’s formula is an excellent way to do this. Many of the elements in her formula are the same as the one’s used in meditation. Through daily meditation practice utilizing her formula we can train our minds to let go of our stress, negative self talk and judgments of others – all the things that keep us separate and cut off from Oneness.

What would happen if we always lived from a space of love and gratitude? What would happen if we stopped trying to analyze and understand everything and just allowed ourselves to open up to the experience of love? What would it be like to totally love and accept ourselves exactly as we are and do the same for others?

It is such a joy for me to experience a client shift from not loving and accepting himself to totally loving and accepting himself in one session. I see a transformation before my eyes that is truly remarkable. Their whole energy changes and there is a shine in their eyes that wasn’t there when they first entered my office. This love is all we need to heal ourselves and move into the greatness of who we truly are. If everyone on our planet already totally loved and accepted themselves, what would our world be like? Would there still be war? Would we still destroy our environment? Would people continue to commit horrible acts against humanity?

I invite all of you to truly embrace the energy of love and feel the vibration of Oneness. Please give this energy to the earth, to your children, the animals, plants and even strangers who you briefly encounter in your day. Take time to do a ‘Loving Kindness’ meditation each day as this will help you to cultivate more love for yourself and all beings. We are all a tiny spec in this vast Universe, but together we are the field of Oneness. Now is the time for all of us to recognize how powerful we truly are!



Michele is a Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine practitioner, Transformational Coach, Teacher & Writer who specializes in transforming people’s lives using a variety of tools. She receives direct transmissions from her guides, enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues and assist them with resolution. She has lived on Bali for 11 years & incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique healing & coaching practice, providing a transformational healing experience for everyone she encounters


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