The End of Days for the Global Elite


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The very meaning of power, greed, control, and evil is the driving force behind a so called group of individuals who have been running and controlling our world behind the scenes for millennia.  They’ve been called The Global Elite, The Cabal, The New World Order, The Powers that Be, The Illuminati, among many other terms.  These are people that are playing out their Divine role and are like a heroin addict.  But instead of an addiction to a drug, they spend their whole lives lusting for power and wealth.  And just as you can cut off the supply of heroin to the addict, we are on the verge of cutting off all power and wealth to these ruthless individuals.

They are the bloodlines and the families that have built up society and created the world we live in.  A world of suffering, money and debt, endless wars and violence, poverty and starvation.  And they have been destroying the planet we live in through the use of nuclear materials and radiation, fossil fuels, and the endless wars throughout humanity all waged for power, for money, and profit.  They are spraying Chemtrails throughout the planet, putting GMO chemicals in our food and Fluoride in our drinking water.  Suppressing free energy and healing technologies that can change the planet overnight. They are poisoning all of humanity with their control over the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Controlling the world leaders and governments and creating legislation that removes the true free will and sovereignty from all people.  They are controlling the news and all media to brainwash society into adhering to their beliefs and policies. 

One needs to look at the big picture and awaken to the fact that this is very real.  This is not something to chalk off as some silly conspiracy. If you research this topic you will discover these people are very real, very powerful, and extremely dangerous.  The society they have built is to allow them to own the world and make all of humanity work as slaves to only make them more powerful and wealthy.  They set up a system of money and debt for this very purpose.  Money is not and never has been a necessity.  Look at how the Native Americans and so many other indigenous cultures have lived for eternity.  These cultures didn’t have the problems our modern society faces like poverty for instance.  And so as you create extreme wealth, extreme poverty follows.  A world where people cannot have the basic needs of food, water, and shelter was created so that others could live like gods.

If you want to find out who is controlling our world you must first follow the money.  Look at who owns the major global banking institutions and the largest and wealthiest multination corporations and you have your answer.  The Bilderberg group, the Council of Foreign Relations, members of the Bohemian Grove, and many secret societies include the Cabal and their associates.  And not all of these people are bad and evil.  Some just can’t seem to find a way out.  And if you are looking at America and are upset with the President and Congress, as I’ve been throughout the years, you are placing blame on the wrong people.  They have no control and are mere puppets.  The puppet masters have arranged for the Americans to fight and bicker amongst each other over a divided two-party political system to keep away the focus on the real problems at hand.  But you must be aware of the soul contract this Cabal signed up for before incarnating and everything is playing out perfectly and in Divine order. 

There are currently two camps that are working for the benefit of humanity to bring down the Cabal.  The first camp is doing so by going into battle with this dangerous alliance.  An example is the so called White Hats, the White Knights, or the White Dragon Society.  And many are high ranking US military officials and some are in the Pentagon.  According to former Forbes Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief Benjamin Fulford as well as author, lecturer, film producer David Wilcock , there will be mass arrests of the Cabal sometime this year.  Both have numerous sources that are working to bring down the Cabal and continue on the fight to help free humanity. 

Then we have the whistle blowers as well in this camp of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning.  But the one whistle blower you never hear about on the mainstream media is Karen Hudes .  She is an attorney and former employee at the World Bank.  She’s working with several other whistle blowers at the World Bank to shine the light on the truth about the corruption around the globe on a mass scale against the people. And she is doing so open and transparent for the entire world to see.  According to Karen we are on the verge of bringing down the whole house of cards here in the very near future.

“There will be a global currency reset, but first the crooks have to get out of our way. There is more than enough gold for the entire world’s currencies, but other commodities can also be used….At this point it is the Jesuits and their bankers who are the ones who need to be scared, and not us.  We have absolutely no intention of fighting each other.  Their own greed has done them in.” Karen recently posted on her Facebook page.

Then we have the second camp.  These are the people that simply are done playing the game.  They are tired of fighting the Cabal and all the corruption and are going to destroy them by building a new society.  One that does not involve money, debt, poverty, war, violence and suffering.  A society of free energy and other advanced technologies that have not yet been made aware to the public.  One prime example of this camp is the New Earth Project .   They are building communities throughout the planet of a truly free and sovereign society.  The idea is that when enough people drop out in favor of the New Earth Nation, no one will be left to continue playing the games of the Cabal and their awful world.  We will change society from the inside out.

Others will cease playing the games by boycotting all the products and services of the Cabal.  Stop shopping at Walmart, stop banking with the large banks for example.  If enough of us can do this they will lose.  We must continue to expose the truth and corruption and shine our light.

I will write more in depth details of many of the topics discussed today in future posts.  But all signs are pointing to the downfall of the Cabal as a great wakening is occurring throughout the planet.  We are building momentum to finally take down the world controllers and usher in the new age of peace, prosperity, freedom and sovereignty, and abundance for all mankind.  We are indeed living in remarkable times.  We all must do our part and play our role to bring forth a better world.  As the final curtain falls we applaud the Cabal in their role as the villains and look forward to the next play.